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Gene Transfer Technology Applied


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GMO 3-some

Gene Transfer Technology Applied

To give you a non-professional example, let’s imbed a melon gene into an onion to check out what happens. Going through the familiar backdoor, we take along a strand of melon genes that should grow bigger onions. The melon genes added to the modified genetic onion soup might grow an onion as big as a melon and as sweet, depending how concentrated the melon growth genes were.

Check out your vegetable shelf and notice if our gene transfer theory is proven right. You can find onions on the shelf four times as big as normal onions with a numbered sticker attached for lawyers. Those sweet advertised onions at 1.99 Dollar per pound no longer taste like onions. They have now become flavorless and no longer irritate your eyes, which is normal when you mix in a lot of water melon DNA fused together in the onion melon genetic soup. Market experts will call it “special organic grown Hawaii type” to fool you with a special four times bigger price tag attached. If you want to find out what the extra water in the onion will cost you just compare it to your gasoline prices a gallon multiplied in pound to equal $16 per gallon onion water if priced at $1.99 per pound. That’s not bad a profit, considering the oil company has to go to much more trouble to get the price you pay at the pump.

Check the second picture I photographed. It shows an elephant onion four feet tall that has grown from one of the tiny green table onions bought from the market some time ago with some roots left on. I planted it in my garden, and you can see that it has now grown as big as a bush.

Herb's GardenWe should ask the question, “What happened to the virus-bacteria tool used for transferring genetic onion material through the unchecked backdoor, which was not detected?” When one out of ten thousand viruses-bacterium may have survived, as TV programs tell us, you get a plant that kill a person eating the vegetable. That small or bigger risk is tolerated by the FDA government as the price for higher water volume fruits and vegetables harvested, which translates in higher profit as it is sold per pound yielding so many dollars per square foot of land.

That is just another way to sell water at a higher price. However, such deception has a price tag attached in the form of sacrificed quality and taste. It becomes a marketing trick like normal beer thinned down with water and packaged in a beautiful colored six-pack labeled Lite-beer. It makes more money compared to a quality concentrated natural brew that is more expensive. Consequently, uncontrolled gene manipulations make more money forced by the need to buy food we no longer have any choice and become a build-in money machine. That new way to make money will continue unabated using the public as a guinea pig, which is cheaper to circumvent to pay the lawyer fees as it will be rationalized when suit for causing death is part of conducting business and charged to the consumer anyway with higher prices. Check out the original potatoes, formerly priced at 25 cents/pound and now advertised at $1.69 a pound. They have been bleached with gas to make them whiter as the skin is now unnaturally green without it. They also have a numbered sticker in case you get sick. One can no longer make German Klöße, or real potato salad, so all Germans hate you for screwed-up gene potatoes that now fall apart with no starch to hold things together.

More Veiled Trouble!

However, the biggest threat of gene splicing lies where the antivirus intelligence program embedded within a cell is altered. Please notice that neither the FDA government officials nor the special Frankenstein interests will tell you that every cell violated by a strange unidentifiable foreign DNA codes from other organisms mixed together, lack the organized and well-fitted intelligence required for survival, so it becomes a deadly enemy to its own species. For example, scientists have managed to put many pharmacy chemical formulas of potent heart or kidney drugs into vegetable seeds or hens that lay pharmacy eggs . Consequently, those drugs can be extracted more cheaply after the fruit has grown and converted into cheap pills, which sell at 100,000 times profit. Checking out my heart conditioned prescribed pills from the pharmacy store I must now eat every day and getting in the process another heart attack finding out the sticker price of $3 per pill and need ten others daily to live a little longer after my operation. That is a whopping fortune taken out from my retirement. The senators do not care one hoot about it because the pharmacy industry pays them to protect them with legislation. It is like helping organized crime.

We know that every flower producing seed has two sex organs surrounded with inducements offered for bees to pollinate for free like color and fragrance odor contraption to attract slave bees to do some pollen transfer work with nectar as a payoff. The bees also wind and rain becomes carrier of pollen, which transfer a package like a sperm for the other flower waiting to fertilize an egg and make complete a cycle for creating an offspring’s of the same kind we recognize as seed or fruit.

However, when an intelligence altered immune system receives a computer virus damaged information pollen, then Humpty Dumpty will fall off the wall and can never be repaired forever. The altered pharmacy pollen carried by the bees is imbedded now into another foreign sex organ of another species no longer checked out or rejected and protected by a front policemen desk or analogue to my antivirus software in my computer. It enters smoothly like Internet virus information into an unprotected computer with devastating results. In the future, you will eat strange vegetables never seen before, which will grow naturally and be sold as organic.

Creation of Franken Fruits?

Allow me to give two examples to understand what is already happening in nature. Let’s take a corn plant with modified pollen that now has a damaged immune system. Those GMOs are transferred by the bees with one bee later searching around a pear tree to collect the nectar of a pear flower. The damaged genetic information can now be passed on genetic altered information from modified corn pollen stuck on bees belly can now be accepted by the host pear tree flower sex organ. The modified pollen unchecked by a confused or absent policeman no longer checking against original creation data information disappeared and cannot find it as it was just modified by Frankenstein gene technician as that combination data no longer exist, will now enter the pear flower unhindered in its sex opening receptacles to reproduce an ugly pear-corn fruit grown on trees.

In a worse case scenario acceptance of screwed up pollen is possible now embedded with a pharmacy chemical gene formula implanted of a heart drug never to be eaten by a healthy person as that data in the cell library never existed before and therefore the immune execution tasks force could not kill it. The new cell information not check out by an front desk policeman examine now becomes a poison and works against originally embedded intelligence data since creation and will accepted by the new mixed genes cell and thinks it is coming from original species family, but here is the kicker lacks the intelligence protection data, which was modified by an evil foreigners coming through the back window.

I am not a geneticist and reading this may seem preposterous but explain to me why I see on my pear tree some branches growing indescribable horrible looking fruit I cannot describe. I worked on a ranch and have a garden with many fruit tress for 60 years and have never seen such aberration fruit ever if you could call it fruit and invite you next season on my ranch to check it out. It is scary to think if every orchard trees would now grow sick looking aberrations never existed before along natural looking fruit to the next branches of familiar pear tree. The better looking fruit is sold in the market to notice check it out like an apple-pear or is it pear-apple fruit at twice the price?

I can only explain what I see on my pear tree that the pollen immune cell wall was damaged by genetic manipulation with a violated prevention system like an antivirus software in your computer no longer rejects a foreign pollen, which previously never could have crossed a species barrier but now can unhindered without protection cross combine with another species and will create havoc in our food supply, which has existed for thousands of years in our world unchanged. A damaged antivirus system no longer recognizes what was original created and a foreign invader entering and checking it out against a list and comparing stored information since creation thinking it is their own. That scenario is not understood by evolution fairytale believing scientist because erroneously they assume that cells can evolve with a reproductive intelligent system set-up of over hundred percent violating the entropy laws they think must selectively exist especially for them and believe against the law of physics can be bypassed because they want to make more money.

Watch out for many new invented and distorted larger fruit for sale on your vegetable counter soon coming never seen before. But a greater horrendous problem was created by genetic manipulation that a modified cell cannot distinguish between uncontaminated original to pharmacy manipulated gene pollen, which are therefore transferable to other original pure vegetable in surrounding areas destroying original seeds. Soon we will no longer find original seed, which have become extinct as only contaminated modified seed is propagated with deadly pharmacy genes imbedded and people will be dieing like flies from implanted uncontrolled pharmacy gene drugs no longer eliminated by the immune killer squad deadly pollen flying with the wind and weather contaminating all of nature with lethal consequences. Just think. Modified (pharmacy) eggs have already been sold in the market without the public knowing what was embedded in them. The news recently blamed contamination of the eggs, but the government collected 300,000 chickens from many families who were not even commercially producing eggs.

Read God’s answer in Revelation about what will happen to a civilization that allows such evil to be perpetrated. Pay attention to the selected magazine articles, and think about what you read with a two-rail perspective.

Now let’s read some magazine articles and learn about science and religion rejected by ignorant rebellious monorail Frankenstein scientist believing in evolution religion fairy tales. I will use headings to help you find the contents should you want to show it to your friends. Since I mentioned about bees, one more story about them will hopefully increase your understanding about gene transfer, then there is more about vegetable modifications later.

Honey Bees disappearing Alarm!

Bees pollinate agricultural crops from many fruits and nuts to the mainstay vegetables we take for granted. Almost everything is threatened if the bees disappear, which will open the gates for the pale green horse rider to come with the balance in his hand as prophesied in Revelation chapter 6. Mankind will wake up when food prices go through the roof. Most will not survive. Extinction caused by gene manipulators will run its course as the apocalypse prophesied is ready to appear. Check it out with some recent magazine articles and compare it with other magazine stories later mentioned to evaluate how late it is on world destruction apocalypse clock.

Realize that dangerous scientific experimentation with nature will usually fail to the detriment of the environment. For example, the modified killer bees let lose accidentally in South America now kill hundreds of people every year from South America to Texas. Now comes the news that since October 2006, beekeepers in 27 states from California to Florida are on the edge of business collapse. Once again the focus is on genetically altered bees, which seem to disappear en masse. Once again, public relations spokesmen try to blame a virus. We have heard this excuse before in the spinach cover-up fiasco. Regarding the bees, some airheads blamed their disappearance on parasitic mites, chemical fungus and even raising the question of radiation in mobile phones – some of the most baseless theories ever to come from brain-dead science. By now we should know the difference. Don’t be deceived by special interest meetings on Capitol Hill that interjected red herring misinformation in March 2007. Don’t be confused by that purposeful, clever disinformation by so-called experts with a PhD degrees who successfully misled senators. But do listen to what was stated at the end of that senate committee investigation by an honest scientist, “If bees disappear, humanity will follow four years later as massive amounts of crops will not be pollinated.”

Living on a ranch in California, I feed humming birds. Last year (2006), I regularly counted 50 birds fighting to get at the sugar water cocktail before evening sunset. This year (2007), they seem to have totally disappeared. I suspect that they have been eating nectar from gene-contaminated flowers, and the hummingbirds have disappeared along with the butterflies. Have you even seen ordinary houseflies lately? Have they become already extinct by the same evil perpetrated by greedy American global corporations covered up by the FDA that lies to senators?

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

When big money is threatened, only then do we hear about the rapid and inexplicable die-off and disappearance of honeybees. It sends shudders down the 15 billion dollar agricultural industry connected with pollination. A congressional hearing was held in March 2007 to explore the reasons for Colony Collapse Disorder, as the syndrome is dubbed now, as well as how it threatens America’s agricultural vitality. Scientists are at loss and cannot explain the disappearance of honeybees. Wild theories from monorail experts muddy the water, and the article concluded that nobody knows exactly why. A French ecotoxicologist, Axel Decourtye, is getting closer by looking into chemical causes. He focuses on insecticides like neonicotinoids and imidaclopirids, but we should look deeper into how those insecticides are systemically imbedded into cell structures.

Let’s look at what I found out reading magazine stories to get another view at the problem from a two-rail perspective. Within the cell’s body we can think that there exist various arteries to flow into outlets some producing nectar, others sex hormones or special odors for initiating sex to provide for the next generation. In nature, the plants often need to attract some mail carriers to help in the pollination process such as bees, butterflies or other insects, which will transfer the DNA information held in the package we call pollen.

Pollens are made of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein possessing built-in intelligence information only matching a certain species. Just like your car key only matches your car to get it started. Therefore, most pollen will travel by wind or bee curriers via the male plants over to the female plants. Originally, nature was very diversified. Before birds and fish were created on the fifth day, as reported in Genesis, wind distributed the pollen as it came from plants whose flowers manufactured light pollen (usually no nectar) such as grasses, corn, oats and conifers (pines). When food was created for humanity, pollen became heavier with more intelligence and required mail carrier help like bees, which where created later.

However, genetically modified pollen with damaged antivirus intelligence information of a gene tailored cell, works like a laptop computer virus, which now becomes toxic to the environment of the whole system. Do not send a friendly E-mail message to your friend with a virus imbedded in your computer as it will destroy your friend’s computer too. A genetically modified cell with misfired safety regulation intelligence is passed on through the bees digest system eating genetic contaminated nectar, which is converted by the bee excreting damaged lethal gene structured honey stored in hives. Remember the honey is now deficient and lacks the original antivirus information embedded in the cell nucleus and therefore has become fatal to many insects perhaps even man if you eat too much of it, which formally was good food. The system now collapses with a domino effect on its surrounding environment as other species are all connected one existing on top of the other and depending on each other to share what nature provides. Cause and effect laws are now upset with humanity. The consequences follow as predicted thousands of years ago in Revelation 6’s prophecy of the green pale rider coming with guaranteed death to people as bees and birds do today.

I will explain it again because it is the crux of the problem in GMO process. At the cell level, pollen DNA is checked out by a policeman intelligence program on the front door previously explained within the cell environment. What came in through the backdoor injected by Frankenstein technicians genetics is also accepted like belonging to the cell species family but is lacking the protection intelligence information, which was spliced out by gene technology and would have been rejected on the cell level by the front door desk policeman. When a gene strand package arrives from unknown species, the police on the front door are checking the DNA records for a match in the databank. If that strange gene strands does not match previous acceptable stored original information will usually be rejected as a foreign intruder according to the entropy laws and call in the immune extermination squad responding for protecting of the local species family community to do their assigned jobs. However, what came through the back door is like analogue an infested virus program in our laptop computer.

So coming through the genetic backdoor manipulated by scientists will not interfere with the operation of the cell because it got away from the selective process to be checked out for strange unrecognizable intelligence information data not belonging to the species family. It will be left alone to mix with other cells and is not killed by the immune death squad. But that foreign DNA strand will now take advantage and multiply as the cell is duped to think it belongs to the same species family but now grows differently into another direction. The previously good food becomes now genetically poisoned lacking the control mechanism to counter foreigners and eliminate what is lethal to the system what does not belong and death now occurs for the total system according to the Second Law of Thermodynamic just like your new virus messes up your clean laptop computer bought from the store now becomes junk if connected to an E-mail transmitted virus coming through the backdoor. Or analogue your sick duck is eaten by the garbage collector never to procreate or your honey bees no longer slave away so that we may eat fruit and vegetable to live another day. Please tell the FDA and GMO scientists to cut off the branch you sit on and watch the effect of being stupid.

In my opinion, corporate special interests are the biggest criminals ever - surpassing Hitler and Stalin, as they will be responsible starving billions people in the near future. I see the proof in my neighborhood, or explain the absence of humming birds and many insects that I no longer can observe. They all eat the same genetically damaged food like the nectar lacking the antivirus software in their cell computer environment. Senators and scientists are perplexed because they don’t live on a ranch and wonder why we observe such massive bee death. They miss the simple logic to ask what they have been eating, and they do not look at the DNA cell structure level.

Just observing life around my vineyard pond, I noticed big changes of its mini-environment. No longer hearing crickets and bull frog in the evening and the absence of catfish and swallows no longer hunting for surface insects as bats in the barn have disappeared, I wondered of why in this spring 2007 so much of dusty pollen is covering the pond like a carpet. I expected like in previous years a massive algae growth, which must be removed to keep the intake water pipe from clogging to irrigate the vineyard. Now later to discover no algae growth at all as the water for mysterious reason is crystal clear from the green algae cover having disappeared costing labor on the ranch to remove it.

The pollen dust seems to be culprit now has poisoned the pond environment with genetically modified pollen becoming deadly to its surroundings with modified the algae growth. But just in time, I read again in Popular Science Magazine telling of modified algae’s valuable use to America in converting it to bio-fuel to make us independent from the Arabs oil price oppression. But what was not mentioned like a genie out from the bottle the danger if those modified algae species should leave the protective tank environment producing diesel oil for you oversized RV car and appear in our waterways around the US or the world? A thought too horrible to contemplate, being reminded of killer bees fiasco and worry of another disaster looming on the genetic monster sky, like black clouds announcing a storm similar to New Orleans' destruction.

Getting back to honey and bees disappearing is analogous to scientists playing around with genes like a bull in a china store, which do a lot of damage in the environment without first knowing and understanding its secrets. Now thousands of hives boxes are empty of life but still full of cell intelligence modified honey left behind. Monorail educated scientist baffled cannot understand why other wild bees and other insects always looking for a free meal never touch the honey stored in those dead hives? All we can do with left over honey in the dead hives sell it to a comatose public with a nice label marked “organic grown” and make some money while there is still some honey left to sell. Hopefully, you will not die from it like humming birds, which have a smaller body looking at weight to size ratio like other insect I no longer see eating honey nectar either.

It seems that bees are smarter then our university-educated scientist in front of influential senators who are paid off by hiding illegal money wrapped in aluminum foil in their home freezer or others getting it from offshore bank accounts transferred by special interest. Some senators are now so brazenly seen on TV in June 2007 to take off with family and friends to famous $10,000 a day hotel resorts on government luxury jets all paid expenses to a whopping $120,000 for a so called three-hour conference meeting during a four-day junket paid by the comatose, not caring taxpayer. I would be ashamed as a trusted representative of the people to send in the bills and sign my name belonging to privileged senator club with prepaid unlimited visa card paid by a generous obese pork government and that is why I am not a senator.

The greedy scientists, like a bull in the china store, should have kept gene research in the laboratory and not modified all our food now sold in our food store with a sticker marked accepted by the FDA to protect his Bahamas offshore bank account. Genetic research by itself is not evil but atheistic scientists possessed by Satan are driven to destroy God’s creation headed now for extinctions. Satan from the beginning wanted to demolish God’s creation looking back in history remember Noah and demonically indwells people to teach them his rebellion to become tools of destruction.

If you think that I am a religious fanatic gone amok then please check out the latest gene research of deadly virus and bacteria collected in thousand newly assembled bombs stored recently in the American military arsenal to kill all life on earth an hundred times over and costing billions of your tax money. The newest most deadly gene bio-bomb material came from recently dug up graves from the Middle Age scourge and extracted DNA of deadly virus’s human remains buried by the millions who died in the plagues. They have now genetically resurrected the deadliest virus ever modified to be come more deadly and mass produced it for the new bio bombs multiplied in sealed containers and stored for later use.

How evil can you get in genetic manipulation to modify ancient deadly diseases resurrected from the grave to become more poisonous to be used against humanity with modern method of distribution to be more effective? Read what is recorded in the Bible terrible to copy in this report what will happen in about 2015 [Zechariah 14:12] not too far off in the future looking like a modern gene decease well known by science with a genetic cell intelligence altered GMO made more potent. Horror of horrors think if perhaps reading what is documented in the Bible came from humanity reengineered flesh-eating bacteria without antidotes from the Middle-Age death camp resurrected in our gene laboratories and gets embedded into our modified vegetables without being rejected by a front desk policemen. Then perhaps you will understand my introduction of this Babushka Genetic book.

The bottom line spells out that governments and consumers need to become educated and informed to control the criminal genetics scientist hiding behind a corporate curtain exterminating our food grown for thousands of years and with it our animal world! And if you only worry about your body and health, you the consumer should demand that our government tell the truth and do their job in the interest of the public safety rather then ignore when people get sick or not even be alarmed at the many business failures needlessly suffered by organic farmers, which now worry about pollination.

I hope some would read and understand between the lines of my collected magazine report and forget the experts giving a snow job to those who signs the checks for another government consulting contract ending in the offshore Bahamas bank accounts. When food becomes 10 times more expensive then we will notice the Bible prophecy pale green rider has arrived, only then we will we discern that we violated God and made him angry and deny existing, worse replace him with a children evolution stories told in our schools that a frog becomes a hansom prince if kissed by a genetic educated scientist.

Check out the monkey evolution fairytale only painted for lack of evidence on many museum walls not matching fossil facts. If we as a society keep insulting the creator for so many years and think we could get away with genetic crimes committed against him and humanity then watch out and read apocalypse prophesied and find out what will happen. Observe, therefore, this modern Jonah's latest date announced 21 December 2008 and find out why it aligns with scientific projection four years later as stated at that congressional meeting on Capitol Hill March 2007 and count the years from honest scientist foretold when bees die we will follow four years later and also counting the time from disappearing bees to match the 666 cycle clock of the apocalypse Hebrew Alphabet number system you can learn about reading the other Babushka books.

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Algae Power with Bioboost, The Fuel Cell - Your are looking for clean fuel that grows anywhere, needs only sunlight and water, and could produce enough oil to free the US from petroleum addiction? Popular Science, August 2007, 32 Hot Products – Facts in algae can be made into biodiesel, a renewable substitute for diesel fuel.

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