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Cloning Animals


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Cloning Animals

The danger of clowned animals is now before the court in a lawsuit against the FDR. I copied the court order at the end of this report for you to get a taste of what is going on in that area. I just was highlighting some paragraphs to get the drift of the conflict against a mighty government no longer controlled by “we the people.” We are no longer free.

The available science shows that cloning presents serious food safety risks, animal welfare concerns, and unresolved ethical issues that require strict agency oversight. Currently, FDA has no mandatory rules prohibiting the sale of cloned animals or food products from cloned animals .

10 A recent survey conducted by the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology reported that 66 percent of American consumers are uncomfortable with animal cloning and less then a quarter (23 percent) of consumers believe that animal cloning is safe.

13 Announcements, like these, claim the success and benefits of cloning. Yet, there is no method to verify the veracity of these claims because cloning is not regulated by FDA and the scientific data from these experiments are not published or publicly analyzed .

19 consumers have a right to know if their food is a product of a cloned animal or progeny of an animal clone. FDA has no requirement for providing consumers with this information.

Cloning animals for commercial livestock production will increase animal cruelty because the process inherently involves needless suffering of surrogates and the deformed and sick offspring that often result from cloning.

Animal cloning also is antithetical to some peoples’ moral and religious beliefs. FDA should institute a mandatory moratorium on food or feed from cloned animals until full analysis of the ethical issues has occurred.

25 The NAS report was released in August 2002. The NAS acknowledged the lack of scientific evidence related to food safety and the paucity of data on the safety of food from cloned animals, stating “[t]here are to date no published comparative analytical data assessing the composition of meat and milk products of somatic cell clones, their offspring, and conventionally bred individuals.”

30 Currently, it is largely unknown whether eating cloned animal products is safe because there have been few studies and no long-term evidence demonstrating the safety.

35 Surviving clones often have compromised immune systems and if used in intense animal confinement settings may consistently require the use of antibiotics.

36 This potential for increased use of antibiotics represents yet another food safety issue, which FDA must address in considering whether to approve the employment of this technology. The suffering experienced by surrogate mothers is another concern. Surrogate animals are subjected to repeated surgical operations to implant the cloned embryos and extract the cloned fetuses. Most cloned animals exhibit a condition known as “large-offspring syndrome,”, which results in overly stressful deliveries for the surrogate mothers .

While the agency fails to regulate cloned animals, research and production of cloned animals continues in a regulatory vacuum, and animal cloners are reportedly considering ignoring FDA’s voluntary prohibition and touting the benefits of cloned animals for human consumption. For example, in 2005, the Associated Press reported that the cloning company ViaGen had cloned pigs and beef cattle “ready to efficiently produce juicier steaks and tastier chops.”

43 (1) The constituent steps Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer each meet the FFDCA’s definition of a drug. FDA should find that each of the three steps of somatic cell nuclear transfer meets the FFDCA’s definition of drug 44. The three component steps of SCNT are:

i. Enucleation: scientists remove the nucleus (containing the DNA or genetic material) from a cell of an unfertilized egg

ii. Fusion: using an electrical stimulus, they fuse that enucleated cell with the nucleus obtained from a somatic cell (any cell in the body other then the reproductive cells). The product of this fusion is a reprogrammed cell.

iii. Implantation: the reprogrammed egg cell is implanted into a surrogate mother. The resulting phenotype is allegedly identical to the nucleus donor and cannot be achieved through traditional breeding because SCNT attempts to take genetic material from solely one animal.45 The product of each of these cell manipulations constitute a drug because each is intended to affect the “function or structure” of an animal. 40 Id.

Note : The court ruled in favor of the FDA. Revelation chapter 6 is on their way climaxing on 10. September 2015 guaranteed.

FDA and Consumers, Wake Up! Vegetables Poisoned!

The consumer should demand that our own government to do their job to reveal the facts in the interest of the public safety and not ignoring people getting sick just like it happen now to bees and animals dieing in the wild and becoming extinct furthermore be alarmed of many organic farmers business failing. The willful suppression of information by the FDA not enforcing Federal labeling laws, are they affright to tell the public by hiding information as the very food producing conglomerates will not tell you about what they now produce? Will they tell you why spinach sold in the food market [December 2006 TV-News coverage] killed so many people and blamed it on E-coli bacteria coming from nearby grazing cows.

But could have been caused by genetic research using those deadly bacteria accidentally left over from the modification process to get larger spinach plants now contaminating other fruit or vegetable as well, or dangerous pharmacy drugs imbedded by pollen from a neighboring field? In the later case these pharmacies drug laden vegetable should never to be eaten by people for obvious reason any medical doctor would be appalled. Is that perhaps why Mexican farmers I saw on TV tending the many fields in California next to the contaminated spinach field showed now being on a TV special program to cover-up a crime to be dressed with protective head gear, gloves, special shoes and was amazed to see fancy toilet facilities with special soaps and disposable in every field to make you think that all Mexican laborer are save working among genetic modified vegetables? Is growing simple salad now so dangerous to grow to be germfree protected in a bunny dress? Why was the spinach field ploughed under so quickly and replaced with cover crops seen on TV, destroying the evidence before the camera crew and government agency had a chance to check it out?

Are farm workers exposed to E-coli bacteria working in vegetable fields without a breathing mask and not being informed of the danger being surrounded in the workplace violating OSHA laws? How many farm workers died and became permanent sick needing organ transplant working unprotected in vegetable fields not recorded by the health department because they are not legal workers living and working in America?

Why does the FDA not enforce the existing Federal labeling laws on the books, which require every substance imbedded in the product must be labeled and tell the farmer and the employees not educated in GMO danger of the risk when growing such vegetables. Check out your grocery store like a cookie label and notice about 30 chemicals ingredients I have no idea why they are in a cookie. So what is the difference if 95% unlabeled fruits and vegetable including meat products now sold in the US with other ingredients embedded is not treaded the same way? Would the consumer buy the product if they find out that leftover viruses and E-coli bacteria could have survived during a gene process imbedded in vegetable or fruit? It is easier to play Russian Rolette then trust an evolution fairy tale believing genetic scientist who believes a frog can turn into monkeys (prince) ignoring what was original created by a creator for our benefit. Only an uninformed consumer can be told lies without consequence. I avoid vegetables, which have a little sticker with a number, which has become impossible to find an alternative, which was only meant for lawyers or maybe the health department to identify when massive sickness or death should occur like the spinach event aired on TV to withdraw it from the shelves. Will they tell you that it may contain a higher concentration permitted of systemic chemicals imbedded like pesticide, herbicide, growth hormones, antibodies and so many more like pharmacy genes we do not want to know anything about?

E-coli Bacteria Criminally, Purposely Transferred into Vegetables?

Please read a short E-mail NEWS coverage to tell you where GMO is heading to replace God to create life. I mentioned that E-coli bacteria where used in genetic modification, which resulted in death eating spinach. The industry paid for a TV program to cover up their crime to blame it on cows in the hill not connected with the contaminated spinach field. Searching to understand gene technology and reading magazines article collected for my GMO Babushka book to inform the public I came across with this information, which will proof my theory as a neophyte in GMO to be correct. Now I discovered what I all along suspected but now revealed in this news report I copied. You be the judge, and hopefully now educated a little more how GMO works.

Church points to the most popular synthetic biology method under study, genetically modifying existing organisms, such as E. coli bacteria, to make them do such things as churn out medications”....My ending to clarify the sentence.... pharmacy genes now imbedded in eggs and vegetables we eat and sold in the market made only possible with E-coli bacteria as some survived the process and killed people embedded in spinach or eating modified drugged eggs?

Also, notice the analogy used as a PC and reprogramming it into a Mackintosh computer code cell system. Seeing GMO from a dual rail perspective gives us a much better understanding what Frankenstein black magic do behind our back. The E-coli death caused in the Spinach fiasco should be prosecuted and charge the scientist with criminal homicide as they caused 28 deaths eating spinach vegetable contaminated with E-coli they introduced in the vegetable knowing full well that E-coli bacteria not always is eliminated by the cell intelligence immune system and can break out again in some plants among ten thousand in one acre modified spinach grown obviously not mentioned on the special TV program to keep the public ignorant and comatose. When we buy genetic modified fruit nobody cares and wonders why are fruit labeled with a sticker but blame yourself. I have been told to have a constitution “we the People...” but why reelect your senators and congressmen not controlling the Special Interests, is it because of their big donations to get re-elected? Why not make the difference and save this world for your children by voting them out -all of them, period. Its too late already as genetic modification once in the environment will take hundred of years to die out like it takes thousand of years to baby watch a nuclear waste produced in this generation more trouble for the next.

You should really become acquainted with a deadly E. coli Bacterium. It is a favorite toy for scientist playing around like a bull in the China shop. Read the article “Microcosm: E.coli and a New Science of life,” by Carl Zimmer in Science News Magazine, May 24, 2008.

Notice how the angel of death in diseases, now genetically mixed up with natural lively organisms, always fascinates the scientist experimenting with it. The deadly E. coli bacterium demonstrates vigorous life in the Petri dish. You can read how Mr. Zimmer compared E. coli at work in his Petri dish to familiar aspects of “humanity and all life.”

How perverse! No wonder E. coli was the species atheistic scientists first used to decipher the genetic code and to learn how genes switch on and off. It has also been a model for studying how creatures sense and swim, cooperate, wage war and allocate resources. Experiments with E. coli ushered in modern advances in molecular biology and then synthetic biology. “If scientists can genetically engineer E. coli, why not any animal?” Zimmer asked. “There is no essence that defines a species.”

A bull charging through a China shop does not reason and consider how or why the owner laid out his shop and stocked it with the valuable selection he hopes to sell. Neither do most modern genetic technicians stop to think about why God created a complex biological web of life with embedded intelligence in every cell structure. Divine intelligence must be revealed. Humans must be humble enough to ask for it.

The mass genetic modification of biological organisms driven by multinational greed is messing up our environmental China shop worse than a bull does. The world we live in is full of precious biological life forms, each embedded with a mystery, as every medical doctor worth his salt would tell an atheistic scientist. They are looking in the wrong places to solve food production problems.

Smashing atoms with 100 billion dollar cyclotrons as big around as a city will never decipher the secrets of nature. It is dangerously stupid to use E. coli bacteria to manufacture synthetic life: whatever progress made will be harmful or unsustainable at best. Long-lasting good will never come from it. It is like smashing atoms to smithereens and then scraping the fractured pieces off the cloud chamber walls to figure out the original pizza pie recipe. Deadly bacteria will not produce life but death. Just watch the news on TV with an open mind.

We must stop GMO scientists hiding in universities and corporations who are engaged in an uncontrolled race toward getting another gene patented to legally charge a fee if someone would have fruit or vegetables grown on his garden plot if you sold some fruit to the neighbors even if accidental gene was embedded by wind or weather. The industry is no longer interested in basic research as their behavior crossed the criminal line with a lot of dead people laying in their path with thousands waiting for an organ transplant destroyed eating vegetables. I witness programs on TV with an uncontrolled frenzy to assault nature. Check it out what their aim is; quote: “its part of a broader field called "synthetic biology" or "synthetic genomics" that aims to build new organisms that work in ways totally different then nature intended.

Modern GMO scientists to not believe in two entropy laws of physics and want to supplement it with another one replacing it with GMO technology “a first step toward making synthetic life” circumventing basic physical entropy laws. Their aim is nothing more in creating plastic artificial food with modified taste receptacles to proof that the religious idea “God” is obsolete as man will therefore become God. Read Revelation chapter 6 how God responds to this challenge from another rail perspective as humanity must suffer, which tolerates crimes perpetrated against humanity and nature according to God’s laws “cause-effect” indisputable existing since creation.

Talk about identity theft: Scientists changed one species of bacteria into another by performing a complete gene swap. By Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer WASHINGTON:

It's a step in the quest to one day create artificial organisms, part of a bigger project to custom-design microbes that could produce cleaner fuels. But the way it was performed, dubbed a "genome transplant," has genetics specialists buzzing.

"This is equivalent to changing a Macintosh computer to a PC by inserting a new piece of software," declared genome-mapping pioneer J. Craig Venter, senior author of the new research published Thursday by the journal Science.

For years, scientists have moved single genes and even large chunks of DNA from one species to another. But Venter's team transplanted an entire genome, all of an organism's genes, from one bacterium into another in one fell swoop.

These weren't complex bacteria, but cousins from a family of small, simple microbes known as Mycoplasma. Nor do the researchers know exactly how the transplant took hold. But somehow the new genes cleanly replaced the old and started working correctly — not very often, but in just enough cells to prove the concept.

The experiment "is a landmark in biological engineering," said Dr. Barbara Jasny, a deputy editor of Science. Beyond pushing scientific boundaries, why would switching a goat germ into a cattle germ be useful?

That's not the real aim. It's part of a broader field called "synthetic biology" or "synthetic genomics" that aims to build new organisms that work in ways totally different then nature intended — and scientists are divided about whether the Venter approach will really play a big role.

"There are people doing some important synthetic engineering efforts with other approaches," cautioned Dr. David Relman, a microbiologist and infectious disease specialist at Stanford University. "This is a different one that is a little more daring, and perhaps dramatic."

"One could wonder whether this method will be used for more then a tiny research community," added Dr. George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School. "Most people find it easier to work with pieces" of DNA.

Church points to the most popular synthetic biology method under study, genetically modifying existing organisms, such as E. coli bacteria, to make them do such things as churn out medications.

In contrast, Venter's self-named institute in Rockville, Md., is trying to create an artificial chromosome — the structure that carries DNA — that contains industrially useful genes such as ones that could help produce alternative fuels.

That work is far from complete, but to make it work, they'd have to put the artificial chromosome into a living cell and it would have to jump-start that host. Thursday's experiment was designed just to prove an entire-genome switch is possible, with regular bacteria DNA.

The Venter team picked two Mycoplasma species, simple germs that contain a single chromosome and lack the cell walls that form barriers in other bacteria. First, they added genes to turn the donor bacteria an easy-to-spot bright blue, and to make it resist an antibiotic used to kill off any host germ that retained its own genes.

Then they stripped off the donor chromosome's proteins, to see if naked DNA alone could "reboot" a foreign cell. Blue germs appeared within days of dropping the genome into lab dishes containing the second bacteria. Not many — only about one in every 150,000 cells took up the donor genome and grew, but they bore no evidence of the original DNA.

"That's extremely inefficient," acknowledged lead scientist John Glass, a Venter Institute microbiologist. "We think we can steadily improve this."

"Synthetic genomics still remains to be proven, but now we are much closer to knowing it's actually theoretically possible," added Venter.

It's not clear that the method would work on larger, more complicated bacteria, other specialists cautioned. Nor does the work automatically mean an artificial chromosome alone could activate a living cell.

"It's going to be much more complicated to do with synthetic organisms," said Dr. Jonathen Eisen, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Davis. Still, "it's a great first step" (My ending ... for God’s wrath.);_ylt=Ar1SgPAMNu_nkeJkdzBtx1obr7sF

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Dinner for Two: Cloned or Original? by Paul Elias, Associated Press.

Dr. George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School.

By Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer.

Deadly bacteria?

Using deadly bacteria?

The front door policeman is missing recognizing deadly germs and other bacteria?

Watch God’s finger in the sky. Keep reading.

Does Dr. Jonathen Eisen, an evolutionary biologist believe in fairytales that a frog kissed becomes a prince against entropy laws?

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