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Terminator Genes -
Satan’s Ultimate Insult to God


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Terminator Genes - Satan’s Ultimate Insult to God

The gene technology corporations will not tell you about terminator genes imbedded in seeds to make the next generation planting cycle extinct when you buy the seeds. That spells out big profit for the corporation as you have to buy again for the next year season seeds for your garden since the previous years seed saved will not germinate. Or is it damage control of a pharmacy gene process running amuck?

When scientists wanted to curtail potential death unavoidable at this time working with E-coli bacteria used as a tool in modification process, which makes transferring DNA possible, they imbedded terminator genes in seeds to limit the exposure maybe for health problems. However, that process would also prevent that seed from growing into another plant? Logically therefore seeds with modified sex reproduction spliced out will then become extinct in the next generation as the farmer is forced to buy it through the same corporation as his seed usually saved for the previous crop will not germinate. The seed company now becomes very wealthy who controls the world seed bank as the farmer is forced to buy seed again for the next season. That scenario is a dangerous situation provided they do not become bankrupted like Enron Corporation.

But if the farmer is too poor to buy seeds for the next year and never did before like thousands in the third World, what option is left for them? India last year had a huge failure in rice and therefore starvation for many families. Our American seed corporation does not care as they are caught on one side to curtail death caused by E-coli bacterium modification or death by starvation. Money won out but political in the world America will be hated more, which one day will erupt on our soil.

To insert terminator genes into seeds is the highest evil ever perpetrated in history and a crime against humanity as it affects everybody around the globe.

Denying the cause and effect laws or the laws of entropy is working against the scientist. They believe that they are exempt from moral laws imbedded in the human race and physics when dabbling in genetics and tell you;” do not worry to eat the bigger fruit as it is good for the special interest economy with gigantic factories corporation making more money. Forget about old-fashioned organic farmers disappearing, which are only a fly in the soup and should be eliminated as troublemakers. We can already see globally the effects in the third world as local rice production was reduced in India, but they could not understand its reason not being educated that rice seeds next time around will not grow again with terminator genes imbedded coming from America. Now farmers learned the hard way what American corporation did and will plead in the future with terrorist to help them to destroy America so we can live another season.

What is outright criminal to perpetrate a lie and sell fruit and vegetable not labeled according to federal laws and without testing it on laboratory rats first and then to say that it is save for human consumption and in addition teach stupid evolution fairy tales as science in our schools to make the future generation of kids compliable never to question what the FDA, politician and deranged scientist dish up, will become the crime of the century destroying our civilization.

Short Genetic Flashback to Ancient Times

To expand our horizon in GMO technology from a dual rail perspective let me divert a little back in humanity’s history, which always was a mystery for me to see if we can learn something from the past not allowed to teach in our schools for obvious reasons. The unanswered question seeing evidence of genetic modification in ancient records fascinated many without much success as our modern education establishment is brainwashed in the wrong direction believing in fairy tales and theories of million years of evolution and can therefore not recognize what is buried in ancient scrolls or seen on stonewalls. Genetic research is so strange for many but can plainly be seen recorded in the Bible–Genesis report or in most ancient books mentioned written by Jashar or Enoch and would just thoroughly investigate it and study stonewalls or Egyptian tombs embossed from ancient times alongside with the tools available in science.

Let’s examine, what humanity was doing playing God before the Atlantis civilization vanished as mans nature has not changed comparing our gene technology in magazine articles with pictures of ancient craft of a civilization before the Flood time. Information embedded in stones as a medium like an Aztec calendar clock is more durable over thousand of years to convey ideas and should not think of them as primitive like our modern scientist believing in evolution myth but take it serious what they communicate and find the reason of why would they too be so fascinated in changing nature. Even when we examining art objects from ancient time in museums or found in antique stores, we should judge them with the possibility seeing them with the eyes of GMO, which could have been practiced in ancient times. As a previous inventor of high tech instruments like your computer disk drive still useful in your laptop computer came about as from previous inventions with concepts laid out by others then developed further reflect a higher level to be useful. The first disc drive I was working on in the 1960s was bigger then a wash-machine and needed a forklift to move it. Now it weight less then a pound and getting smaller with a thousand times more capacity but still in principal the same only more efficient. So strange ideas do not exist in a vacuum as they may tell of realities we are only ignorant about.

For an example, I bought a wooden figure in an obscure antique country store and made a photograph, which I copied for my front page Babushka GMO book to show that we are not alone of thinking along a genetically altering path indicating what may have been fashionable in ancient times alive seeing only extinction on this earth as reference. Notice that ancient wooden Aztec figure looks like a Mermaid with fish tail. It has short wings not for flying but indicating that is comes from Nephalim genes with half human-half fish and is female with protruding breasts and across her sex organs, there is a male buck with horns indicating fertility. I believe this art object is 300 years old seeing woodworm holes and judging by the paint, it may be much older. Why do I find ancient art object everywhere around the world in different cultures all sharing GMO ideas, which must have embedded previous reality like my old disk drive invented first by others.

Following the trail of recessive genes and finding it at our doorstep looking at our four different ethnic races in humanity later appearing after Noah’s time with white-black-red and yellow skin color pointing out GMO laws embedded and practiced in ancient times. We have learned that recessive genes will emerge in later generation’s, which was faithful recorded by ancient Hebrews history books among other cultures well documented mentioning giants appearing again like Goliad and his brothers Gath two times bigger if you heard about David slingshot story. Even earlier in time 500 years before, Israel in Moses time (1400 BC) sent 12 spies reporting what they saw in the land of Canaan, seeing giants two times bigger scaring everybody except two spies Caleb and Joshua and brought along huge recessive gene modified fruits and grapes so big and needed two persons to carry.

Joshua, 40 yeas later, reflects on his experience in the book of Jashar (Joshua 10:13, 2.Samuel 1:18) on meeting giants of the Anakim tribe and must have research the ancient records of the descendants of Ham telling of Nephalim people via Noah-Ham-which is Noah’s grand son Canaan, which was cursed why? Was it found out to have recessive genes in his lineage of preFlood giants or people emerging with different skin color as the Hebrew mentioned a word connected with Canaan “uncovered” and to Noah’s greatest shock and surprise to find out that his family was not 100% genetic pure from Adam. Being stunned to notice that one wife of his son still had embedded recessive genes aberration from the Nephalim-extraterrestrial tribe genetic mix-up time causing the flood instigated by God. We see in history later a super tribe emerging and becoming the Rephaites and Anakites, the descendants of Ham the son of Noah known as giants ending in Sodom Gomorrah Abrahams time frame?

It could have been the reason for destruction of that society developing into another genetic aberration developing for humanity not allowed by God to exist, which is reflected in Gomorrah’s behavior who wanted to have sex with visiting angels to procreate a master race forbidden that even two daughters offered by Lot for sex were refused? I learned that modified recessive genes from previous gene manipulations will break forth hundred years later with accompanying different behavior abilities connecting with the early rootstock, which is proof of previous GMO human-animal experimentation from before Noah’s days. That points out even Noah’s descendents becoming the second civilization no longer was genetic pure from Adam seeing defective recessive genes later in his great grandchildren and now seeing different race of humanity emerging with evolving in four distinct skin-color thousand years later according to the Second law of Thermodynamic. It was high time in 2288 BC from my perspective for God to save his creation delayed by his great mercy stretched to the very last minute to make a genetic extinction path of gene modification gone out of control to end.

So Genesis eyewitness and other ancient cultures tell us of gene technology story of an ark-submarine boat as means of saving original genetically pure animals including Noah’s family with lots of clean genetic seeds stored as a gift for future people being born on the other side of that apocalypse. Before 2288 BC, it was big business changing genetic manipulation even changing humans into genetic aberrations like mermaid half fish, half lion, half horse half bird exploitation seen on ancient stonewalls and statuettes we wonder about and think of it as religious mysteries interpreted by mono rail specialist biased in an evolution religion.

At the end of this GMO report you can read another story from another author highlighting the other rail of my dual railroad perspective with more information on this subject. If God had not sent the flood it would have destroyed all of God’s original creation and you and I would not be on this planet to tell you about as we all would have turned perhaps into monkeys as modern scientists only paint it on museum walls lacking fossilize bone examples. Finding questionable fossils of half monkey half man like “Lucy” could rather point to the same gene experiments as embossed in Egyptian and Babylon graves if you just ignore million age theories with comes with their package. The Lucy fossilized remains were discovered in 1974 in the remote, desert-like Afar region in northeastern Ethiopia. Lucy is classified as an Australopithecus afarensis, which lived alleged in Africa between about 4 million and 3 million years ago, and is the earliest known hominid. Most scientists believe afarensis stood upright and walked on two feet, but they argue about whether it had ape-like agility in trees. The loss of that ability would suggest crossing a threshold toward a more human existence.

Discovered Human Giant Bones

The Bible recorded that giants existed, descendants of the Anak or from Cain’s’ son, Enoch, who lived before the Flood. Genesis 14:5 references families of giants in Abraham’s day: Rephaim, Emim and Zuzim. When Moses lived, the Israelites defeated Og, King of Bashan. We read this interesting fact:

(For only Og king of Bashan was left of the remnant of the Rephaim Behold, his bedstead was an iron bedstead; it is in Rabbah of the sons of Ammon. Its length was nine cubits and its width four cubits by ordinary cubit.) (Deuteronomy 3:11)

A cubit is about 18 inches, so that was a pretty big bed! Another outbreak of recessive giant genes occurred in David’s time, which made him famous by killing Goliath. Goliath also had brothers recorded to be over 9 feet tall.

Fossil bones were found in different locations that witness to the existence of very large human beings. You will not learn about these people from the corrupt education priesthood. Instead, they teach about “Lucie,” which is an artificial assemblage of small bone pieces gathered from distant locations and put together for a posed publicity picture. It does not bother their consciences to promote 3 foot tall animal bones as a human ancestor. The ignorant public is willingly deceived by the manipulated “evidence” for an atheistic evolution religion that denies science shamelessly.

The picture below shows a model of fossilized bones collected from a different location. You should check it out and decide for yourself if they are authentic. This museum is open to the public. You could write your own Babushka book! Also, check out the sandstone muck human footprints imprinted in a dinosaur track exhibit also in Texas.

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museaum

A big fruit mystery arose when I read in Numbers 13:23 that the 12 spies with Joshua and Caleb as their leaders came back from checking out the Canaanite giants carrying huge single cluster of grapes from the valley of Eshcol carried by two people. They called the inhabitants the descendants of Anak and referred to themselves like grasshoppers in comparison. As proof, they brought these unnaturally large grapes.

At first I could not fit this story into my understanding of science, but God opened my mind to the answer. We must read the ancient Hebrew text very carefully and notice that Noah must have been an Italian, I am sure. Most Italians in my neighborhood own vineyards planted by their immigrant ancestors wherever they settled.

Noah must have saved some rootstock from before the Flood, which he planted soon after leaving the ark. That rootstock was from prehistoric grapes much bigger in size due to the higher oxygen levels that existed before the Flood as proved from ancient amber samples. I wish I had some of those cuttings for my vineyard in California. I might make some money for a change! With a truck transporting super grapes would be no problem.
Not understanding nature from ancient times linked with the parabolic time dimension makes investigation of old fossil cells a mystery. Why are they bigger than anything we can find today?

Many imagine that the universe must be billions of NASA years old. They measure data from our present time but do not consider if the speed of light is not constant, which would make our time dimension getting shorter as clearly stated in the Bible and proven by ancient gold-bronze clocks exhibited in museums.

The Biblical creation model makes much better sense when you have objective facts. The Bible tells us about ancient genetic technology in Genesis and other ancient books you can read. These stories are verified with a new discovery deciphering ancient mystery clocks like a Chinese bronze clock and others, the most famous being the Antikythera bronze clock now deciphered.

Check out the clock Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. Do not just put away this unheard story from your mind simply because it does not match the fairytales taught in schools. Test it out with true science for yourself!

Chinese Bronze Clock

Notice in the picture below that the center is embedded with a modern computer 8-bit binary code of dashes and dots, which are like “zeros” and “ones” in this Bronze Age, 4,000-year old clock. How did the ancient know about our computer language?

Chinese Bronze ClockTo be successful in genetic manipulation, computers are needed. Can we therefore connect ancient science with modern science into a common picture not possible 10 years ago? To conclude God’s Wrath being kindled had to destroy all genetic aberration previous messed up by humanity including fallen extra terrestrial beings we call angels passing on their knowledge from Satan’s other side for humanity’s destruction. Read the oldest book on earth of Jasher and Enoch to get the picture of previous GMO, which is another witness from ancient times to become informed.

New York's Days are Numbered

New York

Now coming to our time after thousand years previously enjoying original uncontaminated and unscrewed genetic vegetables or animals’ food saved from Noah’s time not modified by the Nephalim Atlantis civilization humanity again is confronted with Satan’s genetic modification trick to destroy again what God created you can also read about in the third Babushka Calendar book. That first genetic mix-up crime resulting and ended up in extreme violence causing God to respond with his wrath and send an asteroid 5 February 2287 to destroy genetic aberrations on the earth, which would thereafter wobble like pendulum screwing up ancient calendars you can checkout in museums bronze-gold clocks now deciphered. Here is just another proof why there was a major flood catastrophe destruction and learn about from another ancient witness measuring time not they way we do today but invented mechanical devises measuring a wobble of our earth caused by an asteroid matching the Noah’s Flood period, which can therefore be dated applying our Gregorian calendar converted.

Today our technology is getting close what was then done before, as a few years ago I remember before congress the questions where asked if modification of a human fetus would be allowed where gene technology could progress to a point violating existing abortion laws to integrate with genetic research. It was suggested before senators to harvest human transplant organs from fetuses harvested genetically modified to have something like a baby without arms and legs in a special cubical developed, which would be killed when the organ was needed. Would they consider it human under the existing abortion laws? We have forgotten that was the time of drug induced birth defect experiments gone the wrong way seeing babies born without arms and some without legs on TV. If the senators would have said it is OK then we would be at the doorstep of what was done in Noah’s time. Presently to circumvent abortion laws we use fetus stem cells imbedded now in pigs with ever increasing percentage now 20% human genes and doing it through the familiar backdoor method. It is just a slice of salami at a time to have it all. I hope the human pork belly will not be ground-up in sausage, which would make me a half a cannibal another gene aberration without knowing it. Check out your recent magazine articles referenced later. Although scientists have learned a great deal about the human genome, the overwhelming majority of DNA remains a complete mystery. For all the new advances made in genetics, we are constantly discovering how complex the DNA really is and how much more we have to learn.

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Terminator Genes: Here’s Another Fine Mess Biotechnology Has Gotten Us Into, Karen Wright, Discover Magazine, August 2003., Jalanjalan NE Second Ave 33137 Miami Fl. 3921 (305-572-9998)

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