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The Fourth Babushka Mini-Egg: Genetic Modification Exposed

A Russian babushka egg consists of multiple eggs, each with scaled, identical patterns repeated to the smallest egg. My four books on the Internet conform to the same structural logic of Russian babushka eggs. They describe the history of humanity from beginning to end interwoven with prophetic and historic chronologies that interconnect with human and extraterrestrial knowledge based on a two-railed railroad track worldview – with science and religion being the two rails.

My first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, is the first babushka egg. This book describes our world from the broad perspective of God’s Plan for Humanity revealed through a cuckoo clock structure of 7,000 Hebrew-year cycles. In the historical context of these 7,000 Zayin (z in Hebrew) cycles, historic and prophetic events form scaled, identical, Babushka-egg patterns that permit forward projections in time based on the past. Human history moves through broad cycles in concert with Satan’s perspective and experience. Analysis of these patterns produces another dual view of what has happened and will happen on earth:

  1. to all humankind and
  2. to the fallen angels (demons) and Satan.

The second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, looks at why people from all nations suffer through hard experience from the Daleth (d in Hebrew) dimension perspective. This book compares historical and prophetic events to invisible spectral lines embedded in the design of human history from the beginning of Creation. It is analogous to the spectrum of the seven rainbow colors, which show the scaled elements from the big cosmos egg of the universe, now identified as spectral line signatures found in the periodic tables of the elements. Historic and prophetic Bible events behave similarly, where the Heh dimension of heaven breaks through the Daleth dimension. These occurrences are like when the Shekinah glory of God entered or left the Temple in Jerusalem, or God talked to people through prophets. The invisible spectral line signatures of history and prophecy form patterns like clock gears, which can be analyzed to check against each other in order to provide multiple confirmations of the calendar dates for future events.

Examining the cycles of divine encounters with mankind over a range of 7,000 years reveals the purpose for humanity in a scaled-down version captured in the last seven years of this age. It focuses on the main purpose to reveal a birthing process of the saints during what the Bible calls the First Resurrection. Prior to the First Resurrection, the Bible states that an Apocalypse or Great Tribulation will spread over all of the earth. I use the analogy of a placenta to stand for the corrupted atheistic world, which is cast aside as a by-product of the Saints’ resurrection birth to eternal life.

Mystery of Tammuz 17 became the second egg. Understanding the first, big egg reveals the second. As a clockmaker, I noticed the pattern of clock gears within the Heh dimension, God-man encounter projections, which are present like the invisible spectral lines found in digitized light. I used what I call the Hebrew Alphabet Number System to decipher these patterns of history and prophecy. Then, I discovered that they also appear in mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums. For hundreds of years, the purposeful function of these mystery clocks, pyramids and outdoor observatories of standing stones like Stonehenge, have not been well understood by scientists. This study became my third book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

This third, and smaller yet Babushka egg, takes mostly a scientific perspective. Some ageless questions are asked and answered with a new hypothesis about the earth’s movements through the heavens. Since we have so many different calendars in the world, time was measured differently in different cultures throughout human history. Ancient peoples usually counted the sequences of solstice-equinox-solstice-equinox to make one year and not 365 or some other number of days in a solar year. Throughout much of early antiquity, that sequence of earth observed solar movements did not take 365 days to complete. Now for the first time we can understand the pre-Flood world calendar, which I discovered built into the Mayan-Aztec 260-day calendar structure.

Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries deciphers seven mystery clocks from around the world that function as witnesses for the other two book Babushka eggs. They verify two dimensions differentiating between the Heh [the other side or man’s spiritual side] and Daleth [in this world–in this time] dimensions of reality and the universe. The clocks discussed come from China and India to Europe and Mesoamerica, including the Greek Antikythera bronze, 32-gear mechanism dated to 80 BC, which remains a scientific mystery after over a hundred years of study. Therefore, the third egg becomes a bridge between the 7,000 Hebrew cycles to seven years comparison starting with Noah’s Flood. What was puzzling to notice identical dates of 21 December 2288 BC of Noah’s apocalypse connected with exact Hebrew gear cycles ending in the coming prophesied Apocalypse of 21 December 2008-2012-2015. It is like a hammock supported by two nails. Having found a Bible timetable adjusted to our modern, Gregorian calendar, it becomes possible to extrapolate beyond the present and into the future. Using the time cycle, biblical gear calculations does not make anyone a prophet. With this methodology, determining the dates of future prophetic events is more like forecasting the economic cycles or the weather.

The fourth Babushka egg, Genetic Modification Exposed, establishes another witness and answers the question “why” will there be an Apocalypse. It reveals additional spectral signatures from a genetic perspective that is not taught in universities. I now expose it to connect some missing gaps in our gene technology knowledge in a manner that raises the question, “How can such bad ideas get by the congressional investigations that took place in Washington DC during March 2007?”

The Atlantis world before Noah was destroyed because of gross manipulation of genes. We can examine many ancient records to find the evidence - if you are a serious scientist and not brainwashed with an illogical evolution theory. My books were meant only to provide information to educate some from a two-rail perspective that is based upon a more balanced worldview.

All seven Babushka eggs come together in one unifying concept expressed in a two-rail perspective from a 4,000-year old book, the Bible, mostly rejected by humanity. The GMO story started out with a letter send to the Board of Supervisor in Mendocino California in November 2006 and later reprinted slightly edited in the Anderson Valley Advertiser News paper Mendocino California. Since that time, I have collected 6 months of scientific magazine articles appearing nationwide through May 2007. I use this scientific data to measure humanity’s progress towards Armageddon and let you now how late it is on God’s clock.

I was shocked by new developments in the GMO, Franken foods world. These abuses of Creation will and must usher in the Apocalypse to save humanity from extinction. Soon there will be no nourishing food left as the process of gene modification in the animal-vegetable kingdom is now well under way. If God does not intervene with an Apocalypse to save some people of each nation, then we have no hope. One lone, honest scientist predicted before a March 2007 congressional committee meeting of senators matches my biblical worldview laid out in four books with a lot of scientific and Biblical information. You be the judge.

Russian Babushka Egg Reflection on the Coming Apocalypse

To fully understand the coming Apocalypse requires spiritual maturity. A child not yet educated cannot delineate truth from fiction, but that observation begs the question of why it is so difficult for most educated university graduates to understand the Bible. It becomes obvious that a spiritual book dealing with the spiritual side of humanity needs the help of the Holy Spirit who wrote the book. To get connected with that tutor, you must first read the Bible and follow its trail.

On our journey we must watch out for confused theologians and scientists who have been educated in atheistic education system that can only provide a monorail perspective. Academic balance and wisdom recommend that we get acquainted with the two dimensional, Heh-Daleth, dual-track railroad worldview, which is a mystery to most educated people. The reason for being lopsided out of balance is given in the Bible. It tells us that denying the existence of the Creator short circuits wisdom and makes it difficult to delineate fact from fiction.

The consequences of rejecting God’s existence result in being already judged and punished. It creates a domino effect being forced to believe in the capital lie of Satan condemned like him to eternal death. The cause and effect law operating in our world dictates that man can never being forgiven by an un-person, which does not exist in my vocabulary logically cannot possible communicate his existence as superior intelligent gentleman.

Therefore, God has chosen only to correspond to a spiritual dead person through his existence in physical laws embedded in nature. He also created a historic-prophetic time clock with a range of about 7,500 Aztec calendar cycles that can be converted to 7,000 Hebrew cycles. When a person denies the existence of the other side, he or she cannot be connected with that other side, so one remains unconnected, dumb like an animals living without the intelligent spirit activated. The third eye, spiritually perceptive eye linked to the other side is expressed in the in Hebrew alphabet by the letter, Ayin. Using a two-rail worldview may restore the Ayin sight and lead to the Source of our existence. We may begin to understand why we were created after the angels in the first place. God’s purpose for our births on a materially defined globe located at the edge of the universe is the only place exhibiting life. These are facts we cannot ignore.

However, for those in the middle who believe that God exists, He invites them to keep searching and follow the trail. He guarantees the goal of discovery to become part of the invisible family of God, who are known as the Saints. They will become visibly born immortal at the First Resurrection, which takes place after the Apocalypse’s 7th trumpet. By my analogy, the birth placenta represents all evil perpetrated during the present 6,000 years Zayin Age will be discarded and burned. A new civilization of godly people will emerge to live under a divine government guaranteeing 1,000 years of justice and peace.

God has announced the ending of our civilization as it was in the days of Noah with a future date imbedded in four babushka eggs that gives us warning. Methuselah and Noah seemed to be failures because their prophetic warnings only resulted in 8 survivors of the Genesis Flood. God’s mercies promised to Adam are now extended to 6½ billion people. He has sent another messenger much as he sent Jonah to Nineveh.

Now seven Babushka books witness and explain God’s Plan for Humanity on the Internet in a way never expressed before - a dual railroad track perspective of science and religion to give better balance. If you started out with the first book, you will notice that I use an analogy like a Russian Babushka egg, which has identical eggs imbedded within each other. That is now carried forward and became six books for mysterious reasons I had no control over. All explain the same story-message but on different levels. These Babushka books proclaim God’s perspective on the purpose for human life through history and prophecy using science, ancient oracles and prehistoric bronze-gold clocks still not figured out on how they work.

What we will learn from the Babushka books is that the new age for human civilization is called the Kingdom of God [Teth Age] in contrast with the kingdom of darkness [Zayin Age]. The last two books testify against the most evil generation that has ever lived during those 6,000 years. This one is the GMO report initiated as a warning for governments on the local to congressional levels. The other is about ancient bronze-gold clocks.

The word Methuselah means, “When he dies, it will happen.”

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