Reflections on Global Warming

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Section 1 - Introduction


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Why Global Warming?

In the beginning of 2010, the global warming science community was rocked by scandal when it was discovered that they were falsifying data, which was noticed on the Internet. It fueled heated debates and shattered the confidence of a divided science establishment.

It seems that money again is the modifier, which will follow the path of entropy laws in physics, which has forgotten that Humpty Dumpty will eventually fall and will irreversibly be broken. Lies have short legs.  It is only a matter of time when corrupted politicians, aided by atheistic science, will be driven to push the nuclear button to start the chain reaction that will end in an Apocalypse and we all have heard about Armageddon by reading the Bible prophecy.

Global Warming became a political football with so many diversified opinions. It seems that much is no longer based on science as we watch the spectacle in the UN and listen to some university discussions. As a successful inventor/scientist, who is educated in old-fashioned physics and typically balances science with metaphysics, I cannot keep quiet when I hear fairytales postulated and sold as a solution to mankind.

Our present 21st century civilization has rejected a 6000-year-old human history book and expelled it from every classroom. It has now become a crime and is no longer allowed in open forum. It’s no wonder we have become confused and degenerated. Watching the many discussions on TV usually ends in quicksand that creates a noisy upheaval, which reminds me of a disturbed turkey farm. Why reject the oldest history book which has recorded climate changes across 6000 years and replace it with an evolution religion, and force our students to accept unscientific opinions invented by the establishment that speculates billions of years which has never been proven.

I do not belong to that crowd and I am still capable of thinking logically, as my previous inventions made many billionaires in the heydays of Silicon Valley. Before my retirement I created thousands of jobs and was even a president of my own hi-tech company for 20 years. Therefore, I should qualify in order to present you with an alternative explanation about a Global Warming concept that is forbidden in universities.

The evidences I give regarding Global Warming are not just my opinion, but they are backed up by facts and documented by many witnesses, which we cannot deny, unless our interest is only driven toward getting more grants from the government. For those who love old-fashioned science, these few pages are like a discovery journey and it’s free on the Internet, which cannot be controlled by the establishment.  

I present science on a dual balanced rail by combining physics and metaphysics at a higher perspective, recognizing mankind’s knowledge that I did not invent, but was curious enough to explore it further. If you want learn about the metaphysical domain that is rejected by science and how it regulates physics, keep reading. As an added bonus, I clear up some theological confusion by revealing better explanations for questionable Bible interpretations based on God’s Plan for Mankind, never preached in church.

First we will be investigating Global Warming from the prehistoric writings of history and use an interesting tool that not even theologians know about. On an obscure library shelf I discovered the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which can help us find out what the climate was during Adam’s time (4004 BC) as recorded in Genesis. I use science to connect HANS with Noah’s boat story (2288 BC) and the Mayan-Aztec calendar. We should now add to this information the many ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks, exhibited globally in many museums.

Many scientists have forgotten that Hebrew was the first language spoken by mankind, and it was not confused at the Tower of Babel. That turned my interest to investigate further where I discovered that ancient civilizations built a number of mystery clocks, exhibited globally in various museums and which scientists still puzzle over. Finally, as a hi-tech inventor, I cracked their secret codes after one hundred years of being on public display.

These clocks tell us that the earth had a previous axis wobble caused by an asteroid that created a gigantic flood beginning on 5 February 2287 BC. I support this model by math and run the calendar backwards in the planetarium projection sky.

The earth axis wobble produced a mini-ice age, 3 miles thick on the poles, which modern scientists dated back to 60 million years ago. That speculation was never proven as it is just an opinion. We should look at numerous factors to be better informed, which is now presented in seven Babushka egg concept books that are still free on the Internet, which cannot be forbidden by the atheistic, university priesthood. Galileo would have been happy if he had access to the Internet. Instead, he had to suffer house arrest for the rest of his life for revealing newly discovered facts that were in conflict with the establishment.

This ancient wobble declined exponentially requiring the creation of new calendars, which emerged after Noah’s time. It was first recorded by the Hebrews in Genesis and verified by the Aztecs.

A shifting earth axis was never observed before the flood, and it confused many Aztec priests. We see the evidence of them adapting to a changing sky by building 5 pyramids on top of each other, exhibited at the outdoor museum in Mexico City.

The wobble journey was measured by various ancient clocks that defined an exponentially declining calendar, which was first corrected by Julius Caesar who added 62 days to a year, but the earth axis movement still kept going a little slower and seemingly fizzled out about Jesus’ time, where our calendar is divided at BC/AD.

Yet, there is still a small remnant movement left over that is stretched over thousands of years. It was corrected by Pope Gregory who added 14 days per year in the Middle Ages. It will ultimately stop the earth axis at 23½°, according to the Aztec calendar on 21 December 2012 our time.

If we think logically, a changing earth axis wobble could cause Global Warming, but it must be linked with a new discovery, which is the fact that the speed of light and gravity is changing, decelerating and increasing again, when measured from BC/AD. This is a hot button for scientists, as it questions Einstein’s theories.

Check out Princeton University recently when they measured light once more discovered it was 300 times faster, which behavior I had previously postulated in a Babushka egg concept book; therefore, they should give my theories some credibility.

More feathers seem to be ruffled in the establishment, as so many scientists are greatly perplexed, unable to explain why when they noticed that the Standard Kilogram in Paris and its six global sisters have become obese in 135 years, which would change most of Newton’s Laws. That confusion can only be solved by investigating a dozen ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks, exhibited in various museums as scientists have not figured out what they measure, but it is now revealed in Babushka egg concept books for the first time.

Those ancient clocks are now decoded to measure a declining earth axis wobble which therefore will be changing a Time Dimension linked to a changing light and even gravity seems to be changed. The laws of physics are all connected, but they should be applied, since we see the evidence buried in geology and artifacts. This is another part of my story, which is the investigation of mankind’s historical calendar linked to new science discoveries. For the first time tourists who see the clock high up on the bell-tower in Prague, built by Emperor Charles V in the Middle Ages, will now know what it measures.

One ancient clock is specially made from bronze. It was fished out of the ocean a hundred years ago and still remains a mystery. It is dated 100 years by a faulty carbon dating method to the time before Christ. The Antikythera clock is much older, if you understand the design. It is exhibited in Athens and has 32 bronze gears that survived the salt water. It measured gravity before the time of Christ. This is the most important information to check out and it can be compared to gravity that we measure today.

To understand how that clock works, which is proven with gears (as gears to not lie) and designed to measure gravity over 2000 years ago, it could give us the answer to Global Warming. Remember gravity is what keeps the earth around the sun at a very precise distance and even a small change will either boil us or freeze our butts.

That perplexes many scientists but I connect it to why the Standard Platinum Kilogram PIS and its six sister copies have changed weight, comparing it with gravity of ancient times with our time. That would reveal that the light speed in a teeter-totter relationship has changed, if you believe that thermodynamic entropy laws are valid, which are denied by an atheistic ‘evolution’ religion. They can no longer think logically, therefore they will never figure out why the climate is changing.  

We will discover that in ancient times, the light-time dimension was influenced by a teeter-totter relationship to gravity that will affect global weather changes. It is explained in more detail in my book, What is the Time Dimension? Numerous factors showed up that demanded explanation in another Babushka book.

Stating that light is not constant is guaranteed to become a hot button controversy because it is in conflict with evolution fairytales, which should be investigated closer with the tools available in our modern high technology. Understanding the new discoveries exposed in Babushka books will uncover evolution as only a scientifically impossible opinion.  
In addition, I will apply the ancient knowledge decoded with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which are like hieroglyphs with an embedded science concept. That surprised me as an inventor.

We see many programs now on TV that show the effects of an apocalypse, prophesied in the Bible. The Aztec religion ended their calendar on 21 December 2012 and pointed to a future civilization speeding toward total destruction, ending with a firestorm.

Being a Bible student, I link the apocalypse, which is now even dated to our modern lifestyle that is governed by an unscientific politically correct world viewpoint and is basically morphed into what has been known to mankind for 6000 years as “good” and “evil” into a “third point” world view.

Ever since Adam became mankind, we have understood the difference of what good and evil is, until our civilization changed it into a new lifestyle where everything is relative, which is a totally new concept that has emerged into a third point world view. That will have horrendous consequences globally as God the Creator is on the other side of that equation.

An atheistic evolution religion was invented and started by a German philosopher named Hegel-Marx and is now enforced globally by an atheistic priesthood of lawyers and judges controlling our universities and educating our children with fairytales that no longer conform to science. Logic is denied in our schools, and what’s worse is that they are even rejecting the only historical book of mankind ever to be written across a 6000-year old time period, the Bible, which is still the best seller, having been translated into 430 languages, which will have consequences in this generation.

Witness the destruction of our civilization that is in danger of total extinction. Our environment is steadily collapsing now accelerating with no future for our grandchildren. Physics teaches us that when we turn off a light, it will have a consequence. This remains unchanged by opinions because obviously it will be dark, according to Newton’s laws.

Extinction follows the same action. If we out-fish the ocean there will be no more fish for our grandchildren. Put poison and chemicals in the water; there will be no more clean water; change the seeds genetically and splice out the reproductive genes and we will experience a collapse in the environment resulting in no more harvest for our grandchildren. All has consequence, according to Newton’s law.

The list is endless. If we snuff out life in the environment like honeybees and wildlife and cut down every big tree in the forest, we will doom our civilization or forget Newton. It’s like cutting off the branch you sit upon; it will have consequences, based on entropy laws. This you know, if you are still educated and able to think logically.

However, God who created mankind will have the last word and will save His creation once more. Collected in the Bible are His oracles that have the Plan for Mankind embedded in them, which is designed with a schedule, if we understand God’s clock.  That is now explained in a series of Babushka egg concept books that will broaden a science horizon.

In a few years, Global Warming may no longer be an issue, which I state as I point to a 52 Km rock in space that is traveling around the sun in an 825-day orbit. It has been predicted that it will collide with earth, that is, if you believe what was published in 2006 on the front pages of magazines, which has now been forgotten, but must be crosschecked by the witnesses of metaphysics who gave many Bible prophecies, thus validating it.

Therefore, we should pay attention to Bible prophecy, which comes with a schedule and is verified by various scientific facts. You can find out that information free on the Internet. A modern day Jonah came to the global town square announcing that God’s Wrath will yet again be poured out like Sodom and Gomorrah, where only a few will survive, having been forewarned. Even theologians will perish with the atheistic world system, who should have listened to God’s warning, just like Noah’s relatives who missed the boat.

Nonetheless, if you want to know the real reason for Global Warming, I collected a number of facts from the knowledge pool of science literature, but it must be linked to the Bible in order to logically understand climate change. The confusion of Global Warming can be avoided by applying the laws of metaphysics for a fully rounded 360° perspective, as time will have run out shortly for our civilization. If you want to know what will happen in the next five years, investigate the information collected in Babushka egg concept books not permitted in the atheistic university. Galileo had the same trouble.

Global Warming Defined

Global Warming will remain a hot button to the very end and it degenerate to the lowest political level. It seems it functions only when money is exchanged from one pocket to the other and they are still not able to figure it out, because our schools teach evolution fairytales, controlled by a powerful, atheistic lawyer priesthood that is married to the atheistic Supreme Court of America.

Our country and even other countries globally are embroiled in a third point philosophy in the 21st century and are now ruled by a 1.7% atheist minority, having changed a 200-year old Constitution in America. It has bypassed a comatose congress which will have ramifications, based on the laws of physics. Therefore, it will transform our society that was once the envy of the world.

Entropy laws are the foundation of physics but are no longer taught in our schools, seemingly forgotten, as they are in conflict with an evolution religion. Therefore they have even legally forbidden metaphysic science because they do not understand it and consider it some strange religion. The consequence of a third point belief system confuses logical thinking. Just a few years ago, this was not possible, but it is now demonstrated in the US Military. They have forbidden chaplains at the open grave of soldiers, who have died for their country, to end the prayer in Jesus’ name. To mention that name is illegal in the Military. It must be dangerous as it is now outlawed in America because chaplains will be court marshaled and lose their rank and pension.

However, if you are old-fashioned educated and really interested in understanding the reason for Global Warming, keep reading. This is not allowed in universities that believe that entropy laws of physics can be denigrated into a pagan government religion, which has been decreed by the US Supreme Court of Law. Only a 150-year-old atheistic, unscientific evolutionary religion is legally allowed to be taught in our schools, which will destroy our civilization because it is not based on reality.

Look around and discover the consequences of a third point viewpoint belief system that is enforced by a police force starting from kindergarten. Show me where the honeybees, butterflies and decimated wildlife are?

Where are the fish in the polluted ocean and global destruction ending in total deforestation? Where do we find clean water or can you even breathe clean air anymore? Many consequences pile up which no longer find solutions. That, my friend, is reality linked to a third point thinking process. We only hear lies from our government that controls the media. They are in denial of the metaphysical.

There is much confusion in science about Global Warming, as most scientists haven’t got a clue what is happening to our earth and need clarification to get answers as to why the ice is melting. They blame it on CO-gas as a pretense to tax those who still have some money. But taxes suck the blood of a nation and never do anything except feed an ignorant bureaucracy.

In my story, I will teach physics and metaphysics that are not allowed in universities, as I cannot find a single book in any library to compare what I postulate. I should call my book “Look here” and you tell me what you see. If it matches your understanding of science, send me an e-mail and tell me so.

Here is the roadmap to understanding Global Warming. Climate-change theories have various perspectives such as looking at everything from the cosmos or solar system, or focusing on our earth down to the atom level. All are linked and work together in science. We need to understand each other and what we mean, and apply it where it fits.

Yet all the laws of nature are subject to a Time Dimension. You can get a better understanding from facts that are assembled in this Babushka concept book. Time is also related to light, as it is positioned exactly in the very middle of the frequency spectrum, a very narrow frequency sliver, where everybody thinks it is constant with a speed of 186,000 mi/sec. That is an assumption not yet proven, if you apply the thermodynamic entropy laws in physics. But since frequencies are married to a time base, let’s first define its nature.

  1. Time as a concept has various aspects, which will have different meanings, depending on its application. For example if the doctor tells you that your condition is not good and gives you one day to live, that is one time concept we all understand.
  2. Then from the metaphysics in the Bible which states that 1000 years is as one day to the Lord, which calendar did He use?
  3. Science postulates that the Big Bang allegedly was 13.7 billion years ago. Who invented that time base? It is only an opinion, as we do not have any proof.
  4. Inside the atom are tiny wheels turning like a clock that reveal how quickly a nuclei of atoms rearrange into molecules during a reaction measured in a Fenton-second 15–* pulse (= a millionth of a billionth). That is a time dimension too; a little tiny one I admit, but it is stated by Dr. Ahmed Zewail at Caltech, who received the Nobel Prize in 1999 for telling us.
  5. My cuckoo clock model extraordinaire, mentioned in my Babushka book, is linked to 7000 years of humankind, a historical calendar that can therefore date the Apocalypse and has caused a great disturbance amongst theologians.
  6. New discoveries in science are encoded now in many ancient mystery clocks that are exhibited in museums. They measure an earth axis wobble of a different time base, which could end up frustrating scientists, leaving them wondering for a hundred years, since it is wrapped in mysteries.
  7. Since everybody knows that the earth is tilted 23.5° but do not know why, we should investigate the Precession of Equinoxes, which is yet another time base that only the ancient Aztecs knew about.

These different conceptual viewpoints all connect with the laws of physics and metaphysics and are linked to a universal denominator, a Time Dimension bound up in physics that is all associated with Global Warming.

A proper time dimension understanding therefore could end confusion and must be sorted out to reveal what the truth really is, since our universities are teaching so many fairytales like 13.7 billion years, thinking these tales are science. That could be the end of the heated debates about climate changes based on millions of years, which are conducted without common sense, as observed when watching the many UN meetings of many upfront candidates who seem comatose or brain-dead.

Unifying a Clock for Global Warming

In trying to understand climate changes, we have a lot of confusion in science, which brainwashed our generation with evolutionary fairytales that made us blind to many evidences that are seen in geology, ancient artifacts and writings from witnesses in ancient times. The biggest lie perpetrated on the public is a billion year dating system sold as science. That is why I dedicated the 7th Babushka book on what a Time Dimension is.

Before I give my reflections on Global Warming, I want to comment on an article in Discovery Magazine. In this article, various scientists use fictitious time estimates from radioisotopes that alternately give dates ranging from a billion to hundred thousand years in one breath. I think readers should give thought to this, since science has learned that Carbon-14 dating cannot consistently measure anything since the 1948 Pacific nuclear tests, which made this method of dating obsolete by polluting almost everything with radiation. No instrument is clean enough to measure such small amounts of decay of any substance.

That line of thinking will never come to an agreement on global warming. Starting with wrong assumptions and testing with obsolete methods can never lead to sound conclusions. But money, not true science, usually wins, as two camps seem to be better financed by the government; one tells time by uranium and the other uses potassium isotopes. Both are wrong, if you understand true science.

Most scientists are educated in an evolutionary fairytale religion and don’t realize that they are duped by a prevailing, controlling, atheistic priesthood that dictates what is taught globally in all schools and universities. Open debate is no longer allowed; therefore, any discussion not approved by their brand of science is forbidden and either rejected as speculation or religion.

One editor of a magazine seems to capture the problem and summed it up in Discovery Magazine, December 2007, page 52:

...These cycles occur because Earth’s orbit and orientation to the sun shift, slowly but steadily, causing recurring changes in sunlight and climate pattern. Yet rarely does anyone check whether dates derived from these different techniques agree. It’s as if every scientist is reading from his or her own watch, but nobody’s watch is synchronized with anyone else’s.

Creating one super accurate chronology of the Earth’s past could create hopes to eliminate such problems by giving everyone the same starting point…

Our goal is to produce a better timescale so we can go out and start asking a whole new set of questions.”

In this short story, you can get a new understanding of climate changes from a dual-rail perspective, in which time can be calibrated to a corrected Gregorian calendar. Please notice that there are many mysterious ancient bronze–gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world, which have now been deciphered to explain what they mean. Some are even made from stone, like the Aztec calendar clock in Mexico City’s outdoor museum which tells us what was the calendar before the asteroid hit the earth in Noah’s time 2287 BC.

These ancient clocks are now decoded after hundreds of years of failed scientific investigation. With this new start on a more accurate chronology; earth history can be more easily dated and explored by every true scientist who is not controlled by an atheistic university priesthood of scholars, who try to put some order in the Global Warming puzzle, which can be properly dated, too.

Therefore Noah’s story divides climate changes and should have started the global calendar BC/AD from the moment the asteroid hit the earth, causing an axis wobble. That will be proven, if you want to understand Climate Change from the Babushka egg concept perspective, which is not allowed in universities.

This new chronological system explains a recent earth wobble caused by an asteroid on 5 February 2287, proven if the planetarium sky is played back. They match ancient cultures’ three dial mystery clocks, including the famous Greek bronze Antikythera calculator with 32 gears, dated at about 100 BC. Or visit Prague. In the center of that town is a huge clock built by Emperor Charles V in the 15th century; yet nobody could figure out what it measured.

But we need to look further to widen a 360° panoramic horizon and include some concepts that are embedded in physics and metaphysics. It is all related to Global Warming; otherwise, you can join the UN global warming club that’s making a lot of noise. It’s like visiting a turkey farm and throw in my Global Warming Babushka book, if you do not like it, which would create the same sound effect.

Global Warming is complex and we need to look around at the laws of physics influencing it. Let’s go down the list to make is simple:

  1. What was the climate before Noah’s time in 2288 BC, according to the new BC/AD divide that dug out information from geology, ancient clocks and the Bible?
  2. Ancient clocks exhibited in various museums tell us of an earth axis-wobble, which has global climate consequence. Not convinced? Read the introduction once more.
  3. The effect of light not being constant is a big problem for scientists, which needs more explaining later. However, light changes can also be determined by the effect of DNA cell structures embedded in our bio-world. When examining this on the cell level, growing food should be linked historically to a tropical climate that existed before the Atlantis civilization, which is imprinted in geology. I will quote some examples from my 7th Babushka book, which will make better sense if you read all the lessons about the light-gravity-time discourse. It will make it quite clear why dinosaurs are so big.
  4. Light changes also influence gravity and vice versa in a teeter-totter relationship to magnetism, which is linked to the moon, manipulating climate on earth. No kidding.
  5. Since we are mortals, we should be better informed about “What is a Time Dimension”. We should know how it is influencing physics. What are the forces recognized from another metaphysical perspective, which we need to be familiar with in order for it to make sense? It could even explain our mortality from a scientific perspective.
  6. Then our lesson will end with how life is embedded within Donut atoms; a new theory expanding to galaxies far-out in the cosmos, converging to the Jod dimension. We come around full circle, explaining science by reading only the opening paragraph in Genesis. “God created the Heaven and Earth”, which has Global Warming concepts embedded in it, which will surprise you as it has me.

As a retired successful inventor/scientist who created thousands of jobs and made many billionaires in the heydays of Silicon Valley high technology center, I should be allowed to have an opinion in opposition to what is now taught in our schools and should not be silenced like Galileo.

Concepts in science and the laws of nature link to each other like a smaller egg fitting inside the bigger one. Similarly, I connect science’s discoveries to the metaphysical perspective, where the smallest science egg must match the big metaphysic egg, like galaxies photographed with the Hubble telescope must conform to the same laws of physics replicated inside every atom.

The Bible announced the end of our civilization with God’s Wrath arriving shortly, just in time to save mankind from total destruction. It will be a historical repeat much like the Atlantis civilization which perished on 5 February 2287 BC, as dated by ancient bronze-gold-stone clocks that are exhibited globally in our museums, where you can inspect them.

That is not a fairytale; you should find out the mystery as it is now decoded. It is linked to Bible prophecy and the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which resolves many mysteries in science when it is crosschecked with the metaphysical, which is denied by the establishment. Galileo had the same problem and was forced to be silent, but history will be repeated again. Watch the railroad time dimension schedule that you can learn about in these short pages, which are forbidden by American laws to be taught in our schools.

Babushka books are designed to supplement what is no longer taught in school or theological institutions, to lift the curtain of confusion, as time is up – no more. The Apocalypse has started and will end 2015.

This book will show you many new discoveries in science, which will highlight false thinking and hopefully change our horizon, broadening it to a 360° perspective that is always on a dual rail, which is needed for balance in physics and metaphysics. 

Reflections on Global Warming is continued in an expanded viewpoint and linked to a new theory found in the 6th Babushka Book, A New Donut Atom Story, and stretched to include What is the Time Dimension? An invisible Galactic-Atomic Force Connecting Gravity with Magnetism linked to the Strong - Weak force, the 7th Babushka book.

That is a lot of information, which is impossible to apply in this story, but it can be checked out free to broaden the knowledge horizon.

The Earth Project, by Erika Check Hayden, Discovery Magazine, December 2007, page 52.


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