Genetic Modification Exposed!

The Prophetic Dangers of GMOs

By Herbert R. Stollorz, hi-tech inventor and vintner

The reckless, uncontrolled explosion of GMO technology has created an urgency to share my analysis of a few selected magazine articles that expose how GMOs affect every society on this planet. I am not an expert in genetics, but I have learned lessons from nature that I have applied over the years to solving hi-tech problems with new inventions. I hope that you will grasp the importance of what I report in these pages.

In today’s age of electronic multimedia, we have become conditioned to information overload. It has become increasingly difficult to discern between what is distraction news and what is important, life-impacting news. Often we do not pay attention to some of the most important things that are happening in the world - unless we see a big fire on our own block that gets our attention. In fact, the very survival of the human race is at stake, and no one will be able to ignore the very serious threats that will soon shake your daily life, if something has not already done so. Honestly, unless your personal well-being has already been upset or inconvenienced by the rapid changes taking place in the world today, I doubt you will bother to read this short book. That’s too bad because, know it or not, we are all under serious attack by a flood of technological changes in agriculture commonly known as GMOs.

I believe that the time is short. We may be literally running out of time. It is possible that you and I will not survive to see the next generation. Looking back on my own life, I have witnessed nuclear explosions and lived through the destruction of World War II, yet a bigger fire now burns out control that will affect every human being on this earth.

Please forgive an old retired scientist from Germany seeing what is urgent. My English is not the best, and I do not have time or funding for a professional editor to smooth out this report. Hopefully, someone more gifted will also write to warn people of the coming events we all must face. Since most people do not object to eating genetically modified food, I would hope that reader will forgive my genetically modified English, which is not always so perfect. Just realize that here you will get my honest opinions and concerns, copied and collected from science and news magazine articles that I want to pass on for what they are worth. (Click here to continue reading.)

Some of the main subheads of this short book include:


Reflections on Global Warming 2010

Global WArming MapIn the beginning of 2010, the global warming science community was rocked by scandal when it was discovered that they were falsifying data, which was noticed on the Internet. It fueled heated debates and shattered the confidence of a divided science establishment.

It seems that money again is the modifier, which will follow the path of entropy laws in physics, which has forgotten that Humpty Dumpty will eventually fall and will irreversibly be broken. Lies have short legs.  It is only a matter of time when corrupted politicians, aided by atheistic science, will be driven to push the nuclear button to start the chain reaction that will end in an Apocalypse and we all have heard about Armageddon by reading the Bible prophecy.

Global Warming became a political football with so many diversified opinions. It seems that much is no longer based on science as we watch the spectacle in the UN and listen to some university discussions. As a successful inventor/scientist, who is educated in old-fashioned physics and typically balances science with metaphysics, I cannot keep quiet when I hear fairytales postulated and sold as a solution to mankind.

Our present 21st century civilization has rejected a 6000-year-old human history book and expelled it from every classroom. It has now become a crime and is no longer allowed in open forum. It’s no wonder we have become confused and degenerated. Watching the many discussions on TV usually ends in quicksand that creates a noisy upheaval, which reminds me of a disturbed turkey farm. Why reject the oldest history book which has recorded climate changes across 6000 years and replace it with an evolution religion, and force our students to accept unscientific opinions invented by the establishment that speculates billions of years which has never been proven.

I do not belong to that crowd and I am still capable of thinking logically, as my previous inventions made many billionaires in the heydays of Silicon Valley. Before my retirement I created thousands of jobs and was even a president of my own hi-tech company for 20 years. Therefore, I should qualify in order to present you with an alternative explanation about a Global Warming concept that is forbidden in universities.

The evidences I give regarding Global Warming are not just my opinion, but they are backed up by facts and documented by many witnesses, which we cannot deny, unless our interest is only driven toward getting more grants from the government. For those who love old-fashioned science, these few pages are like a discovery journey and it’s free on the Internet, which cannot be controlled by the establishment.  

I present science on a dual balanced rail by combining physics and metaphysics at a higher perspective, recognizing mankind’s knowledge that I did not invent, but was curious enough to explore it further. If you want learn about the metaphysical domain that is rejected by science and how it regulates physics, keep reading. As an added bonus, I clear up some theological confusion by revealing better explanations for questionable Bible interpretations based on God’s Plan for Mankind, never preached in church. (Click here to continue reading.)

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