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A Scary Update, April 2007: A Warning to 21st Century World


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When I investigated just six months of magazine and TV news reports, I concluded that Genetic Science is accelerating at an exponential pace towards the extinction of all original seeds. What is perhaps debatable today will be known as facts by the next generation as the 21st century civilization curse. Relentlessly continuing on its uncontrolled path of destruction, greedy GMO engineers will totally devastate our world in about ten years. Over just the last six months of published information, I read about massive extinctions in the insect world. When I checked the meats and vegetables at the market, I found them so screwed up that I can no longer recognize what I am eating. Nothing looks or tastes like it used to.

Soon we will have a Nurnberg trial repeat, but this time it will be GMO criminals standing before a world council raising their hands and swearing to tell the truth saying, “So help me God.” But this time God will be the judge, and like in Noah’s days, he will poor out his wrath on all the world because other men have caused the starvation of over 2 billion people due to genetic manipulation of foods. That is the significance of the green pale rider prophesied in Revelation.

The opening of the seven seals in heaven [Revelation 6:1-7] will signal the end to what man is allowed doing to the environment, which is destroying the earth. That is what causes the four apocalyptic riders to appear. Do not think that this scenario is farfetched, but just read the next magazine article published. Apply your own common sense, if you still care about this world. God’s answer will be to save humanity following seal number six and seven. Check it out.

I need to comment briefly on my previous Babushka books. Please notice that my books about the coming prophesied apocalypse and God’s plan for humanity were written from the perspective of a dual rail railroad. I use that analogy to connect science with the Bible. This approach allows us to see our modern world from a two-sided perspective, the physical and spiritual dimension, which is more balanced than theologians or scientists expressing only a one-sided monorail, biased opinion. So again, I will give you a dual perspective, frowned on by many in lofty close-minded places, to highlight some unusual concepts not allowed to be discussed in universities as they connect with Bible references. I wish we had a forum where science could be freely discussed to exchange ideas without the interference of entrenched atheistic university priesthood forbidding and restricting like in Galileo’s time what does not fit their entrenched (evolution) religion, which blinds you to true scientific discovery. My opinions may therefore appear scientifically clouded as I am only a layman philosophically struggling to understand the many environmental problems I no longer can ignore but could cross-reference it with the spiritual dimension the other rail for a balanced answer.

Picture the ancient city of Jericho mentioned in the Bible as a 1300 BC stronghold with fortifications impenetrable to bow and arrow technology. Nobody in their right mind would have guessed what happened next as the city’s walls came tumbling down, burying hundreds of Amorites without survivors. The tumbling and collapsing walls of Jericho come to my mind when reading about GMO related magazine articles. A civilization in rebellion like Sodom and Gomorra will not listen to God’s final message to a society gone totally corrupt, which allowed food programmed to last for thousand generations, created for humanity, to become extinct. Therefore, as a modern society humanity we will now have to face God’s anger again like in Noah’s days and experience our fortified walls falling as we ignore the ancient warning us with Satan gloating:

God this time I won! My GMO friends screwed up your world and spoiled it so good that your 1,000 years of prophesied peace and prosperity predicted for the earth is history. It can never happen. Therefore, you Almighty God, became as fallible like us, yet you send many of us unjustly into hell.

Before that happens, wait for God’s Answer: 2008-2015


What are GMOs?

In this report looking at a two-rail perspective, I quote plenty of published magazine articles. Follow my path to understand what goes on in our environment and begin to recognize a trend where Agricultural Special Interests of greed, found mostly in American corporations, is grossly misleading the public to keep them comatose as they cover-up what is happening behind your back. To start my investigative report, I will share with you about some genetic science that I learned from magazine articles. I believe we should reinvestigate the last four E-coli outbreak [December 2006 reported in May 20, 2007], which smells of a perfect cover-up example for uncontrolled pharmacy genes imbedded in modified vegetables, that the Frankenstein GMO industry does not want you to know about.

Based on information fed to them by the self-regulating GMO industry, the media blamed the outbreak on cow viruses from a neighboring feedlot, but they will not tell you that a virus-bacteria tool method used in genetic manipulations could have survived the build-in immune system of a modified vegetable spinach cell. Nor will they explain that perhaps stray pharmacy pollen adapted itself within the vegetable spinach cell wall from nearby experimental crops of another vegetable species. It is just another uncontrolled, next-door, gene-pollen transfer event, which has broken down the original barrier between distinct species’ cell walls. Natural design prevented a cross species muddle, GMO technology gets around that, so we end up with modified bees that have killed hundreds of people.

If you do not understand what I am saying yet, let’s learn about the danger of gene-splicing. I condense it here for the average person to grasp.

Basically, modern GMOs allow foreign pollens to be accepted within a vegetable species because the naturally intelligent cell immune system has been violated by human scientific techniques. These “advances” in bioscience are producing catastrophic results, causing strange diseases and death to many people and leading to the extinction or permanent disappearance of original, natural seeds.

Just read the above paragraph again. It is just a headline of what I will explain with a simple analogies that I invented for unaware people who do not understand GMO technology and its consequences to the environment. Stop anybody on the street and ask them, “Have you heard about deadly gene transfers?” Then watch their face of unbelief.

The fundamentals of gene-splicing are not allowed to be taught in universities from the biblical perspective. “Bioethics” are corrupt as a result.

Let me explain complicated gene laws by using analogies even unprofessional people can understand. I compare a living cell or pollen with a laptop computer that most of us have bought or become familiar with. Analogies usually come from fixed historic facts and cannot be massaged or twisted like experts giving a snow job to Washington’s senatorial or congressional investigations, such as the ones in March 2007. The senators were mis- and over-informed by the GMO industry to purposely to confuse them. Senators have a difficult time when confronted by special interests and must sort out truth from fiction. Being alerted to the GMO issues, though not a gene professional, I use data from published magazine articles, which is a better source of information. The Senators should have done the same rather inviting the fox into the henhouse to explain GMOs.

But even magazine articles written from a monorail perspective must be crosschecked by applying it with physical laws, which must overlay and conform to the two laws of entropy. So understanding just those two laws and being familiar with simple laptop computer technology, we can apply it to gene manipulation and its problems to get some results. By comparing the similarities, we can unravel the GMO mystery with these physical laws in nature that God created from the other rail viewpoint. Denying God does not stop the physical laws from performing according to the intelligent design embedded in atomic structures and living cells. We can verify these laws and their operations by physical science.

In this booklet, we will investigate gene transfer from a two-rail perspective. At the end, you should understand a little about the process how it is done and figure out the consequences for yourself. We must always ask about the life threatening “ifs.” One can’t assume just the positive without researching the possible negative effects on society. That is, if you are a sane and law abiding person. Our GMO scientists have failed to ask the “if” questions and should be criminally prosecuted for screwing up humanity’s food. Our civilization is threatened with becoming extinct by causing the death and diseases of so many people.

The Cell as a Computer Analogy

Once we modify a vegetable and its imbedded cell-structure, I discovered that it behaves similar to a computer virus, which eventually will mess up your good software. Your computer bought from the store was programmed with authorized software from the factory, which works flawlessly to your satisfaction. If not satisfied and have a problem, we usually return it to the store and get another one as we expect to buy something working perfect. In genetically controlled nature, we have an overabundance of perfect working computers lying around and only need to pick up another good one if the one we have is not working. Nature has a very efficient system of recycling damaged goods by returning damaged genetic cell-computer goods to predators roaming around like garbage collectors.

Nature’s warranty system is always hungry and on the search to remove deficient aberrations that are not performing to factory specifications. Predators eat the weak, sick and defective genetically animals so that only the best members of the species procreate. That is the system as it was originally invented. After thousands of years of factory reproductions, the duck I see on my pond is the same duck Adam saw on his pond because the imperfect and genetically deficient ducks were eaten up. This is why our world is filled with millions of perfectly operating bio-computers after thousands of years. Us happy people just watched the ducks on the pond and never gave it a thought about how it works so well.

Applying this analogy to gene transfer, we can draw parallels and compare the modern scientific technology of modifying genetic material to a computer virus. I read somewhere that the biological agents used by the scientists (viruses and bacteria) have the natural capability of boring a hole into an impenetrable hard cell wall like a machine shop drill. Once inside, the virus can mess up the cell’s genetic intelligence code. Scientists cleverly use that penetration ability of a virus to piggyback in specifically selected, foreign genetic/DNA strands to the cell’s interior. It becomes a mail carrier with a package attached that enters a forbidden area through naturally impassable cell walls designed by God to safeguard his creation. Following our laptop computer analogy, when a computer virus bypasses the protective software firewall, it creates havoc with your clean working system once its unauthorized entrance has made it to the inside of the computer’s operations or program data where it takes over to use your computer to do its dirty work.

Continuing with our laptop computer analogy with a living cell, go back to the manufacturing factory’s starting point – to the plants and vegetables that appear on the third day of creation recorded in the Bible. A cell, like a computer, was originally programmed with embedded antiviral intelligence code, or software, within its cell body structure. The job of this software is to protect the cell’s internal data and eliminate any invaders that try to get inside the hardware perimeter. The cell’s immune system was designed to kill foreign intruders to protect the species family. Billions of biological agents, like viruses and bacteria, are killed daily; otherwise, most of us would have died by now. As applied to plants and food crops, the natural defenses prevent sexual success with foreign species’ pollen so that the procreation of harmful, abnormal seed does not take place.

Similarly, the laptop computer equipped with antivirus protection from the store rejects anything not compatible with it that comes from an unfamiliar, foreign software source. However, if an unauthorized piece of software penetrates the computer’s security firewall, which functions like the protective walls of a plant’s reproductive cells, then your laptop computer becomes totally useless junk. We throw it out on to the extinction garbage heap and need to go back to the store to repeat the cycle by buying a new computer. In nature, the predator garbage collectors eat the genetically defective (infected) animal that is not up to standard for the procreation of a genetically sound copy/model for the next generation.

How Gene Transfer Works - First Law of Entropy

In the case of a gene transfer, when a technician piggybacks foreign (from a different species) genetic material on a virus, he forcefully transfers unnatural, untested, poorly understood and in some manner incompatible genetic material into the nucleus through the back door of the cell wall. Nothing coming through that back door of the cell wall will be recognized as an enemy intruder for some strange reason. The cell’s nucleus decides that this foreign genetic material is from the species family and so it is allowed to grow up within the cell. A deadly E-coli bacterium therefore can be useful in genetic experimentations since they do have a simply structured nucleus.

Let’s first understand the normal process of keeping the system operative for thousand of years. This system reminds me of when a person wants to enter a security building. He will at once be confronted at the front desk by a security policeman to check credentials. The security policeman at the front door crosschecks his qualifications with onboard intelligence data stored in the cell library. That data comes from nature’s factory-embedded security information like your computer was outfitted with security software. Natural cells have had this kind of security data infused since the third day of creation - before Adam was born.

Front desk screening is the vital first step in a secured process of procreation. Foreign pollens are not admitted into a plant’s databanks. No permission is given for them to enter and have sex with the species’ heirloom genetic treasures acquired over thousands of years of survival. Entrance is accepted or denied based on matching it with the species family’, existing security signatures from of the original factory-creation library as designed by the original inventor of the embedded protection software; therefore, foreign pollens cannot cross-fertilize with another species to produced strange, infertile fruit or seed that does not conform to what was originally programmed. Your laptop computer from the factory works similarly. Its firewall and antiviral software protect the core information operations. Left internally alone, the natural world’s genetic control system guarantees that millions of healthy and nutritious baby cells will be born in the future, all belonging to the same species. Most cross-species mixing was prevented by this complex protection system beginning with the security policeman on the front desk. But when someone forces entry through the back door like a criminal, it changes matters significantly, which we will find out next.

Enough of digressions. Let’s get back to checking out modern scientist magic tricks. When foreign genes are inserted through a cell’s back door into a certain species’ control center unchecked because the security process was bypassed, it causes havoc in every aspect of the cell’s entire life system. We have now an incidence where cells of one species do not match because they belong biologically to another species; however, once inside a secured command area (the cell’s nucleus), these foreign genes can do some horrible damage from inside (like terrorists), which can render any species cell building open to further attack.

Cell Mutations (Second Law of Entropy)

Focusing on the inside of a cell, we will notice that the “cell people” of a species family within a secured cell building are usually unconcerned about security issues. They will manufacture other cells or procreate by merging species’ natural genetic material with anything that walks around within the secured cell building. They simply do not care and will tolerate new, strange intruders accepting them as belonging to the species family. They trust the security immune killer squad system employed as front door policemen, which conforms to the established rules of the First Law of Entropy that has worked superbly for thousands years, transferring species specific genetic material from one generation to the next. Natural systems make sure that unidentified pollen coming from an unknown source does not enter or have sex so that the integrity of the species family is preserved. That is why your computer worked perfectly as purchased from the factory until it was hit with a virus from the Internet. That was not your choice. You were unaware of its entrance into your data system through an Internet backdoor.

However, if the immune system killer squad is bypassed and not alerted to kill the intruders coming through a drilled back door of a cell wall, that failure to identify a stranger will cause revolution in the cell house computer that will screw up the protection intelligence with devastating results. The cell will move towards self-destructive extinction on the way toward total “kaput” according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. If any foreign DNA - not belonging to the species - enters artificially through the otherwise impenetrable backdoor cell wall, it is connected to the cell’s life support system and shares the food energy provided. This genetic mixing modifies the plant from inside out, and this is how modified fruits and vegetables are made by modern science.

The same process used by deadly viruses or bacteria to infect otherwise healthy organisms, works well to transfer DNA from one species to another. Of course, it requires the skilled efforts and modern tools of a Frankenstein geneticist, but the reality is that the use of this process results in the destruction of the cell’s natural immune system. Later in its developing stage, it will find an opportunity to procreate in a person causing death such as happened to some who ate contaminated California GMO spinach, for example. The cell guards are totally ignorant of the illegal entrance made by a scientist’s breach of the back door, so they fail to identify the foreign intruder and do not call out the immune execution squad to do its designed job.

Double Trouble

However modern gene scientists always need dangerous virus-bacteria drills like a deadly E-coli bacterium for penetrating a cell wall to experiment with foreign DNA strands. The penetration risk was too high, leaving open the chance of killing a person who ate that fruit because the virus-bacteria was not killed by the cell immune killer death squad. Once safely inside, the deadly disease organisms keep procreating within the genetically modified fruit or vegetable, which would raise a stormy outcry by the public if they found out about it. Why?

Consequently, a systematic war was instigated by the Frankenstein scientists against the front policemen guarding the species building and his immune executioner death squad friends. He must now be eliminated with his immunity helping friends to do away the nasty thousand-year-old genetic reference databank that has worked since creation to keep hundreds of viruses-bacterium and foreign pollen from penetration. In addition, they needed to eradicate possible virus-bacteria previously useful as tools in the genetic transfer but are no longer needed to mix and match anything in the genetic candy store without causing death.

So the genetic scientists succeeded in splicing out that what contains to the security system eliminating the front desk policemen and his weapon of checking out our modern gene manipulation with other words killed the judge. That process is called “cloning” you can learn more about it on the end of this report reading about a petition against the United States of Food and Drug Administration with 7 organizations of over 50 million people getting scared and now suing.

Now it became easy as seen on educational TV channel [6-21-07), which showed Monsanto’s genetic research institution in Africa slicing a little bit of fruit from one vegetable and neatly align it with another slice in a Petri dish. Now combining the easy way, as there no longer exist the nasty policemen on the front desk and his immune execution killer friends sabotaging our new age to come with newly developed fruit and vegetable. To silence a numbed consciousness of so many employed gene technicians making good salaries, a gospel is preached to them that their work is wonderful because it is providing food for millions of starving people. But management does not mention making excessive profit in the process by eliminating the competition by buying up all seed producing companies in the world with the money they made, or by fraudulent lawsuits against small producers and farmers who try to save their seed. At present they are rapidly screwing up every seed they get their hands on making innumerable natural species extinct. Fortunately, we can still watch an unbiased TV program and have a little more balanced understanding of the mess being created by big, publicly funded corporations.

That TV program showed organic garden and farming developments not needing Frankenstein changed vegetables. True organic farmers planted some newly discovered special plants repelling some secret odor next to bug infested rows showing that bugs and worms can be controlled the natural way increasing tonnage of fruit without the embedded pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones for a larger harvest. So why do we allow the genetic terrorist Monsanto corporation to screw up our food genetically and chemically by systemically embedding pesticides in the food we must eat to live. We no longer have a choice in our stores. Maybe we should emigrate to another planet as earth becomes totally polluted with greed by a few American corporations, or we can watch God’s wrath end it all as described in my other Babushka books.

Big Time Trouble Brewing!

Monsanto’s engineers have now created a bigger problem where pollen of one species arriving at the doorstep of another will no longer be crosschecked at the front desk by the species cell policemen. The scientists have messed with the genetic data banks so that cell security can’t examine intruders against a list of friends and enemies. Any foreigners, like deadly bacteria and viruses who want to enter without being cross-examined, can now bypass the original computer data system created uniquely for the purpose of keeping species distinct.

Damaged embedded genetic intelligence of a species is no longer protected from foreign aberrations, which can now have unhindered sex and procreate to produce fruits or vegetables never seen before. That means that any stray dog can now enter and mess up the species kennel of valuable pure breeds. Dangerously poisoned modified pharmacy pollens are now entering good eating fruit and vegetable flower pollination receptacles. They will grow up like a hidden poisoned time bomb producing lethal new seeds not appearing dangerous on the outside, hence is unidentifiable on your vegetable shelf in the market. Just like a pharmacy pollens or pharmacy drugs embedded in eggs that can be reproduced by chickens every time they lay an egg. It seems that each passing month produces another way to kill you slowly without warning through genetically modified foods like the spinach crisis in California.

That is the reason why they stick numbers on every vegetable. This makes it possible for lawyers to argue to defend the corporations and the government when death occurs. Because of those stickers, the FDA cannot be sued in court for not applying Federal labeling laws arguing that the laws are un-enforceable to examine every fruit and vegetable, or every egg on the shelf, for embedded poison genes. It is not their fault when poisoned pollens just happen to float by blown by the winds. Not so lucky for you, if you are the one who happened to buy that fruit and eat it with dangerous drugs pharmacy genes imbedded. Modified genes are found in many varieties of vegetables as well as in chickens. GMOs are possible causes for the massive die-outs of insects such as honeybees. FDA and atheistic university professors are not interested in enforcing the laws on the books. Playing the game of politics for big money gets you elected and employed with prepaid visa cards not traceable. Check out the under-the-table benefits given to senators that have been stored in home freezers. Look at how many congressmen travel round world to receive huge grants, yet the taxpayer pays the bills.

From the gene mixing perspective, it is now easy to mix and match genes to create different variations of bigger fruit and vegetables, but it leaves the door wide open for dangerous virus-bacteria and pharmacy drugs pollen to be embedded, which could kill a person if permitted to procreate in one person and then be passed to another. Worse things will happen. It leaves the door so dangerously wide open that it will not only kill one person at a time like eating spinach seen on TV, but kill millions people in the future from eating contaminated vegetables as referenced in Bible prophesy. (Revelation Chapter 6)

Remember the dam just cracked showing a little water indicating a breach in the concrete structure with devastating consequence a little later according to physics and entropy laws. Once pharmacy pollen has been introduced in the environment without a police force immune intelligence system watching for virus-bacteria to prevent its spread, it will take hundreds of years to die out and only in the absences of farmers. Soon everybody will become aware of our criminal Frankenstein GMO scientists secretly screwing up our food supply. All will be educated at the same time to understand the black magic of GMO technology from Satan that is done behind closed laboratory doors. It may be already too late, just as the dam was broken around New Orleans. That city will never recover.

The first sign of a dam’s fracture can be noticed on the TV–NEWS coverage that announced the mysterious deaths of people appearing everywhere in every country. Thousands are ailing in hospitals with unknown sicknesses that perplex even the medical profession. Not to mention the massive die-out in the animal kingdom bordering on extinction. These are facts that you can observe for yourself. Let me know if you see a butterfly or even a housefly. My fly swatter hangs on the wall unused for many years. Recent TV coverage has frightened scientists, overcoming their apprehension of losing their jobs to come out to tell the truth as shown at the congressional meeting held in March 2007 that I write about later.

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Dan Ferber, “Something Funny Down on the Pharm,” Popular Science Magazine , April 2003.

Dr. George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School tells of E-cola bacteria modifying genes.

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