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GMO Contaminated Food - the Crime of the Century


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Investigate Spinach E.coli Outbreaks

The public ignoring a recent December 2006 food contamination outbreak in California of a huge spinach field quarantined as later was found out strange unknown indefinable diseases many people died from with explanations that it came from nearby feedlot and in addition to all these chemical ingredients absorbed not mentioned blamed it on the deadly E-coli bacteria allegedly coming from nearby cows. We are too dumb to know about GMO technologies and the factories who produce this horrible Frankenstein food will not tell you as they are married in a satanic unholy union with our own government the FDA, which supports this unhealthy screwed up food, as big money flows in the government pension funds and reelect our corrupted senators and congressman. Here is an update six months later in April 2007 to what has occurred since watching the news on TV about what is further happening in our genetic Frankenstein world:

Finally, after three month out break of E-coli #0157 CNN aired a TV program (5-20-07) with the headline:

Danger Poisoned Food Eating Vegetables

I would give the program another headline, “How to pacify people not to question the Special Interest Corporations producing GMO vegetable when people get sick or die.” The program showed the county and university specialist crawling all over testing the water, soil, equipment and looked up the hill in the far distant seeing cows. They checked out the farm hands that must wear masks and gloves in the fields, inspected the excellent toilet facilities with special soaps clean water and towels and searched for hundred legal special laws violation on the books a grower must keep records to avoid expensive lawyers.

This is a typical damage control publicity stunt like a red herring distracting a hunting dog on a path to get you off the immoral trail. Then to make you feel sympathetic interviewed a family with a four year old sick little girl needing a kidney transplant in the future, which was then followed by people suing the packagers in court for eight death of eating spinach to get even, with over 230 cases recorded in over 26 States of infested vegetable.

To top it up mentioned twenty other outbreaks by now forgotten since 1995 and the Center of Safety Department lamenting and remarked –“sorry the system is broke and does not do their job”. Then they mentioned that the laws mostly are depending on voluntary compliance.

However what was not mention and is the real reason why they would grow bigger vegetables at a faster rate like spinach twice the size to achieve the lofty goals of higher profit. They forgot to mentioning that GMO veggies’ are now bigger, tasteless and containing unusually more water, are mixed and matched with animal and vegetable genes imbedded with systemic pesticide, herbicide, growth hormones added color and most of all could have contained survived virus-bacteria used as a tool for making the modifying GMO process possible the public knows nothing about.


Closing the program mentioned and now forgotten a peanut butter - mushroom fiasco, 60 million pet foods recalls with alleged 16 dead pets but estimate in the thousand. The little girl’s mother bewildered searching the vegetable shelf’s for food her little girl can no longer tolerate to eat. Desperately and frustrated cried out and said: What can we eat? Twinkies?

Not knowing that Twinkies according to Discover Magazine I came across reading and telling us about artificial butter tastes, which comes from a chemical “Diacetyl”, which is manufactured in an obscure Chinese chemical companies and a well-known German multinational corporation and always labeled “harmful if swallowed” both ironic and ominous for a food ingredient not controlled by the FDR. Will it stop the big conglomerate to add it to food like Twinkies even if it is shipped with big letters on the container, “Dangerous poison - Do not eat.”

Certified Wine Tasting

Chardonnay wine is mentioned in the Discover Magazine and using artificial butter “Diacetyl” embedded in Twinkies to give that special butter taste. I noticed mention that the same chemicals a mere touch of a drop in a bottle of wine it would also enhance Chardonnay wine with smoothness slippery butterscotch flavor a notch higher. So small amounts of this chemical can be detected with a spectral analyzer instrument. The artificial substance “Diacetyl” is related to acetic acid, an acetylene welding gas so powerful bad smelling that some companies that deal with it do so in dedicated separate buildings. The “Di” in the name refers to its molecular structure and the “acetyl” part shows it is related to poisoned acetic acid. To prove my point at a recent wine-testing event a two-buck chuck wine made it to the top to get the gold metal price as the best tasting wine produced in 2007.

That news has concerned me as I grow grapes too. My retirement funds were invested in a modest vineyard, and I am fearful now of losing my investment due to these unmanaged GMO issues. Just this week I witnesses a major wine tasting event put on by California’s leading wine producers. A board of distinguished judges tasted dozens of wines with expensive labels to award a gold medal to the winner. In restaurants, a glass of wine is 6-10 dollars. This is too high for every day drinking, but is OK for a special occasion if one can afford it. As a former scientist still reading technical magazines, I have some concerns I want to pass along to you. Every Olympic athlete and professional sports player is tested with a spectral analyzer for drugs in order to compete. We should do the same for wine judging. In other words, wines should be spectrally analyzed to be free of chemical additives like Twinkies “Diacetyl” or glycol (anti-freeze) found in Austrian wines some years ago in order to qualify for county competitions.

Let human judges make the final determination of taste excellence, but let the county guarantee a level playing field. I think it is obvious how something like that could give an unfair advantage to a mediocre quality wine. In fact, I suggest that we go all the way and require the listing of all unnatural additives on wine labels as well as state whether the wines are GMO free. Frankly, I think all of the food sold in supermarkets should be required to state whether they contain GMOs or not. Consequently my suggestions would be first to analyze all wine for testing to pass a profile test with the spectral analyzer to identify the chemical food-color-taste additive or drugs just like we do it to our athletes. That would tell us the difference between a two buck chuck and classic wine. So why not get all the way and tell us on the label what chemicals and GMO structure is embedded in our food sold in supermarkets?

The Spinach investigation broadcast ended with another food safety option by showing vegetables radiated with nuclear bomb material to kill off all living microbes or bacteria to make it safe as an alternate choice. Typical to mislead you and the public showed a person eating radiated and non radiated salad. Then asked the question dutifully answered for morons. Quote: I do not taste any difference! How about conducting a radiation test, and using a spectral analyzer investigating DNA damage and so many other cell aberrations with specialized computer equipment? What would an animal-vegetable gene look like after the exposure to radiation und give the public the result of experimental rats tested first rather showing a man eating and asking can he taste the difference?

Taste Bud Manipulation

Talking about taste buds and the latest in our chemical wonderland world one more article will inform us what is coming soon. I will quote a few sentences well expressed: “The tongue is home to more then 10,000 taste buds, each buds consists of a bundle of cells that detect chemical food and drink. New flavor enhancers bind to these cells to magnify the brain’s perception of taste, such as sweet and salty. This effect will enable manufacturers to reduce sugar and sodium in their products without compromising flavor.”

A good sales pitch is made up of something good for you to cover up the real purpose like how to take your money without you knowing it. To sum up the article designed to fool you comes in another variant of what we eat as they patented a new approach of engineered artificial flavors to chemically modify your taste buds with artificial induced chemicals to fool your taste receptors. Special chemicals on contact with your tongue bind the receptor with a chemical layer, which transmits to the brain an interpretation that it is eating as wonderful particular food even if it is garbage. Therefore any food can be laced to taste for instance like cream similar to ice cream but totally is not cream in substance of an individual flavor. Is it synthetic flavor from the chemist invented and patented to taste like normal grown food? In closing the article mentioned that we‘re not limited to artificial ingredients and certainly don’t have a project aiming at completely synthetic food. Really, not yet perhaps as other corporation will?

I don’t believe what I read promised as one thing is certain that some will take off from that new science and make artificial food controlling your taste buds. Your brain tongue receptors are now fooled and will interpret a certain taste by comparing it with the programmed original taste data stored and embedded in your brain memory since your childhood to recognize good food if you are a person over 50 year old. The new generations already used to junk food additives no longer know what grandmas real Jewish chicken soup tasted as chickens have been modified no longer taste chicken as grandma died always complaining if you remember it. Now it is getting worse being duped to accept inferior junk food or artificial food to taste like the original if you are old enough to remember the good old uncomplicated days as the brain cannot delineate what it senses. Soon we will have forgotten what original vegetable-meat tasted like being fed chemicals from chemists and no longer know the difference between artificial foods produced. As GMO food looses their flavors, some chemist sure must now come to rescue and compensate what was lost. Please keep reading the other magazine article I collected to make you more educated or perhaps get that sick tasteless feeling. Something is wrong in this modern plastic world now accepting tasting junk and like it. Huxley’s brave new world has arrived.

GMO Contaminated Food - the Crime of the Century

It is outright criminal to perpetrate a lie by selling fruits and vegetables not labeled or tested for safety, as applied to humans, first. The abused mentioned in my letter combine to create a massive conspiracy against humanity that is fast becoming the crime of the century that will lead to the destruction of our civilization.

Since the beginning of the 21 st Century, we again reached the technical ability to change God’s original design. Looking from the scientific aspect, humanity is not far from permanently and totally damaging God’s creation through genetic manipulation - just like it was before the flood of Noah. Believe it or not, most vegetables have already been 95% genetically altered for the worse. It is highly possible that the original seed varieties will become extinct within the next 10 years as many already have.

Agribusiness corporations freely mix vegetable and animals genes indiscriminately like fish genes in tomatoes. This practice will permanently change natural gene structures around the globe until all original seeds are destroyed forever. True to the original oracle’s contract, God will again send an asteroid like in Noah’s time. He will do so in order to curtail man’s Frankenstinian madness. The event that will end this insanity is called the Apocalypse. I stumbled on 2008-2015 as the years of its duration and wrote two books to explain my discovery and methods of analysis and cross checking. It is for you to prove it for yourself.

After the Spinach TV show avoiding mentioning the real reason of GMO changes in our food, I remembered another broadcast coverage reported on TV coming from China.

Numbered Fruits and Vegetables

Do not simply believe what I write here. Check out genetic research reports I referenced that are printed by honest scientists warning us of the known and unknown risks of GMOs. Then compare it with what you find displayed in your neighborhood supermarket both vegetables and meats. Notice that every vegetable and fruit is now identified with labeled number. Why?

The only logical conclusion is that these numbers are there to defend sellers against lawsuits when someone gets sick or dies from eating genetically modified agricultural products. We need to label embedded foreign genes and chemicals like all additives and ingredients are listed on the labels of baked goods or cans of processed food according to Federal law. The agriculture industry does not want to tell us the genetic composition of what they produce because they fear the outcries by consumers. But will send a lawyer immediately if found even one patented gene in your fruit or vegetable pad and asked for a license fee. The lowest fee is $3,500 Dollars for one gene of many, which is cheaper to pay up then spend it defending it in court. My question is; have our GMO food products been adequately tested on generations of laboratory rats before selling it to the public? What about the genetically imbedded pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and the host of flavoring or color-enhancing chemicals? Should the public be the guinea pigs or laboratory rats?

It seems that it must be cheaper to pay off legal fees to defend against the lawsuits of sick or dead persons rather testing a harvest for all imbedded chemicals and foreign genes. Am I the only voice in the wilderness among so many honest scientists? I don’t think so, and I don’t make up these concerns. I share them as I read about it in magazines.

Taco corn soybeans

Another outbreak of death and disease coming from China was reported on TV [4-24-07]. It was again traced back to American produced seed with GMO contaminated corn and soybeans and/or other animal feed. Now so-called special interest experts are trying to figure out how widespread that contamination is. This latest headline follows on the heels of other outbreaks like recent deaths attributed to contaminated spinach we discussed above. California is a hotbed of GMO produced food products to the point that other states have banned the products of some huge pork producers until a remedy is found.

Remember the contaminated Taco Bell corn products two years ago? On page 205 of my first book I mentioned a company called ProdiGene produced “Pharm corn” that contaminated a soybean silo. Tony Laos, CEO of ProdiGene, signed an out-of-court settlement between his company and the USDA in, which he agreed to undergo a stricter agency oversight, to pay $250,000 fine and to buy back 500,000 bushels of contaminated soybeans from the co-op. Then I heard after that reported about cat food sold to China connected with deaths of mysterious brain diseases even turn up all the way in Canada. Could it be connected with contaminated GMO modified grain from America?

I am sure that nobody will be charged with criminal neglect even though some rich people in China eat cats in fancy restaurants. I usually discover that when polluted grain or food is identified in this country will be cheaply sold to China rather then disposed of. Once in China, these contaminated products cannot be tracked due to its massive population four times bigger then the US. Our government controlled by special interest is like asking the fox to watch the henhouse. After that came the NEWS especially in California the hotbed of GMO and other states quarantined some huge pork producers until a remedy is found (May2007) with identical cat food contamination syndrome causing death.


Recently, my wife threw away an apple. I looked in the wastebasket to discover the reason why a good-looking apple was thrown out. I discovered an irregular red colored shape within the white flesh and wondered if it contained pharmacy genes I should not eat. Carefully tasting it reminded me of strawberries.

Then I found a fruit from the crossbreeding of apples with pears in the supermarket. I will not buy it having checked out some magazine articles. Read some of the scientific journals and become informed of the Frankenstein foods we are now creating never seen before on the vegetable shelf in the market. I ask, “Why fish genes in tomatoes? What could be its purpose?”


I could get on unendingly with recent News coverage around the world, which did not report the cause of the bird virus influence’s, SARS, mad cow diseases or suppressed outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and now infected elk-dear population in Canada and million chickens destroyed from pour farmers by the government. Why destroy 300,000 birds in one area in Asia, a third world countries not being controlled by a health department? Where they contaminated with pharmacy drugs raised from eggs without the population knowing it? The government failed to tell the reason.

Quote: “The Scottish scientist has genetically engineered hens that can not only produce useful drugs in their eggs but also reliable pass on this characteristic to new generation of chickens !” And quoting another Frankenstein scientist from Laval University: “You could perhaps change the flavor [eggs] or add something interesting for health.” Are you volunteering for his experiments? How many more chickens will be destroyed by the government and forceful removed from poor farmers in the future? These occurrences are the result created by scientist as they failed to put adequate controls on their experiments, like the killer bees let loose and now reported honeybees disappearing at an alarming rate.

Will they follow the frogs and now even flies I no longer see? We should think that they would first test the seeds before they sell it as food in the market with dangerous complex chemicals embedded and find the deadly pharmacies genes accidental transferred by modified pollens carried and implanted by wind and weather in grain food and now even worry about eating eggs and chicken contaminated with pharmacy drugs we cannot even taste or see? Are we totally gone crazy to allow those scientists to poison us and let them walk around to sell their products without FDA approval, rather locking them up as criminals? The wild and domestic animals die now in nature on a massive scale. Are we next? Would that mean profit loss, which is usually passed on to penalize an ignorant consumer rather the CEOs of gene corporations?

If I where a beef rancher and wondered about a declining market I would become educated in modified beef before the public backlash accelerates to a total decline of beef in America. In Californian, the hotbed of GMO, ignorant cattle ranchers increasingly becomes frustrated and cannot understand why export to Asia, chiefly Japan, South Korea and Europe is hindered as cattle ranchers share concerns about slipping markets.

Modified Beef

President Busch speech on May 24, 2007 fully aware of the beef industry problem spoke about the trade deficit imbalance with China and wanted to encourage the Chinese to buy beef from America to help balance the budget. Why would he sell beef to foreigners when I, as an American, stopped buying beef because it is no longer beef? If we would produce good beef, we would have people standing in line to get it. Or I would not have to fly to Mexico occasionally to get a good steak. This is just another reason to observe why the Europeans, Chinese and Japanese will not buy our beef from America even if President Busch would plead on his knees to enhance the government payment balance deficit. I rather think it was a pitch for the beef industries special interest, which would not have a problem selling beef if there were still some original cows left around with white fat as red fat you can check out the meat counter will not taste beef to me. It becomes lately too expensive for me to go to Mexico for a good steak no longer available in my country.

Let’s explain a few more facts you as the consumer can identify with to convince even a skeptic and I would advice my fellow farmers to pay attention why we have a declining beef market. If you asked a small farmer, usually ignorant about GMO, will show you with pride a fantastic good looking stately bull for his herd with promises of big dollar return? But what are the facts you can read in my Ag-Alert weekly newspaper California Agriculture, January 31, 2007 stating big worries in a declining beef market as consumer becomes more educated, avoiding beef with red fat no longer tasting beef especially if you are a Jew eating unclean animals genes imbedded and think it is kosher.

Here are few examples where the beef industry is heading:

GMO science can now embed dead meat from other animal species in a cloned cow FDA approved, which will alter its flavor when you taste its meat. Cloned cows? Slimy dead alligator meat particles imbedded, which will change the taste of beef? How about a skunk meat to make it smell interesting? Have these scientists totally become insane and still get paid government sponsored salaries in the universities rather locking them up in an institution for the mentally challenged? Did they eat too many “Diacetyl” Twinkies?

Reading another magazine shocked me to my bones describing artificial factory-grown meat becomes now fast-food reality. Giant sheets of grayish meat cells grown synthetically in factory racks using pig stem cells with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins blasted in the mixture dispersed through its veins, can now be produced by meat producing companies especially sausage makers getting in line to exploit that technology. As a previous German sausage snapper I already no longer buying sausage is like a final death sentence executed. I thought stem cells where used in cancer research but ending up eating it grown on racks and call it meat?

Or read about big worries in a declining beef market Ag-Alert weekly newspaper California Agriculture [January 31, 2007], as consumer become more educated avoiding beef with red fat no longer tasting beef?

The previously mentioned magazine stated that beef is now cloned to get the perfect steak on the market. Somebody’s Frankenstein hyper taste buds will become the standard in America as everybody can only buy prevailing processed ground-up flavored colored beef usually sold to McDonald’s food chain to make you get used to it. In other words, Genes from various animals can now be inserted in cloned cows raised in feedlots to give it a twist of different taste as animals genetically modified in addition are fed bio-chemicals with growth hormones, dangerous compounds you don’t want to know about.

Sure enough to read about in Popular Science Magazine that sausage maker put a lot of chemicals in their products, which will last edible 24 years as found out by Garbologist. Some drill wells 20-90 feet deep in landfills and pull up garbage deposited to study and sort out what people bought years ago and examine what did not decompose. That gives information to recycle future products perhaps make plastic computers out of corn-wood fibers. To their amazement found hot dogs lasting up to 24 years in a dump correlated with cat litter trash. What a nice thought being confronted watching a ballgame in America eating a traditional hot dog to last 24 years and speculate why cancer is on the increase. Why are hot dog treated like embalmed Egyptian mummies prevented to decompose and avoided by maggots or microbes in a dump heaven to last that long. That reminded me of a four-grain bread package forgotten in my refrigerator for 6 month, which is still good to eat and did not see any signs of mildew, fungus or yeast bacteria gone funny. Is it too embalmed with ancient fluid to last to the next war starvation cycle experienced 60 years ago in Germany under Russian communist occupation?

To give you a healthier choice that takes a little work, try buying pure organic, not modified beef and make your own sandwich with a kosher pickle while watching a ballgame. I read on the Internet that somebody is now selling original beef on the Internet in Europe. It makes good business sense and could become very successful in America as I would line up to be the first customer saving money to go to Mexico when the urge becomes strong for a good steak. There is a chance to make a million if you are inclined to be an entrepreneur.

Why is American beef so dangerous to eat can be answered very simple? The beef industry still feed animal byproducts mixed for cows in feed lots knowing full well that the cow cannot metabolize as a pure vegetarian meat byproducts, which will cause therefore mad cow diseases no longer reported. Now I read in the Science News July 2006 issue that “Mad cow disease might linger longer.” If a rancher sees a sick cow in his herd of cattle, he no longer tells the authorities and probably just quietly will bury it without telling anybody not to have his total herd confiscated by the government without compensation as seen in Canada and many US feedlots.

The new finding implies that related human illness caused by eating beef from cattle with mad cow disease could lie dormant for many years. Then it is stated further that people eating contaminated beef can cause Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, which kills brain cells and is fatal further down in time. A buried sick cow therefore covered up quietly to avoid confiscation causing profit losses cannot be traced to the source years later. Think about it when you see red beef fat on your grocery display and wonder of its implication. Why not ask the butcher for white fat meat hopefully not GMO modified beef? Will he get the message when you no longer buy the product? I doubt it as most meat cutter probably never went through high school and requires now a PhD or being born 60 years ago to know the difference. I feel sorry for Jews being ignorant of kosher beef while eating unclean animals embedded violating YHWH command. Think about it when you see unusual red fat even on lamb and pork on your grocery display the telling evidence of GMO and dangerous cloning practices. Why not ask the butcher for white fat embedded meat hopefully not GMO modified beef still original? Can he find you meat with white fat? Will he even get the message when you no longer buy the product?


Also noticed that pork fat genes has been displaced with something like red colored looking horse genes to make the beacon look leaner as you can checkout your meat counter yourself. Bacon it also more looking like beef jerky now needs to be fried with butter as only a brown chemical gunk will cook out and must wash the frying pan before I cook the eggs. You need butter to fry your pork sausage as most of the red meat you see through the casing looking like horse or zebra genes not allowed in the United States to be eaten but genetically imbedded is OK according to the FDA, which ruled that the law of labeling does not apply in genetically modified products.

Recent news paper clippings (June 2007) tell of the latest research of 20% human genes in pork and sheep with the goal to have compatible human-pig or sheep organ transfer made possible for humans. What guaranties do we have that the rest of those pork bellies will not end up ground-up as sausage to make some extra profit what the university do not want besides the organ ordered and make me now become a cannibal like being a misled Jew violating their religious belief eating unbeknownst un-kosher polluted meat now a quarter human flesh in hamburgers? Or like (pharmacy?) genetic changed chicken eaten by people ended up being confiscated by the government in a massive search seen on TV. I feel the pain for poor farmers terrible upset in Asia blaming it again on viruses a comatose excuse not raising questions.

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Cloning Animals

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