Reflections on Global Warming

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Section 2 - Evidence


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The Evidence Trail

Truth and fairytales are part of our world just like good and evil, life and death, finite and infinite, physics and metaphysics, all cooked into one soup. We must sort it all out with our mind, the center of our intelligence that is still not defined, but remains a mystery for science.

However, our mind is subject to mortality where it is destined to end all knowledge for each of us, or it will be continued with what we can learn from the caterpillar that enters the cocoon only to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, or perhaps as it is illustrated as a seed wherewith Jesus said it must die in order to produce much fruit. He proved the principle for us by dying too and has billions of followers reproducing seeds ever since.

Although Global Warming has no boundaries, it cannot be controlled by corrupted politicians. Let’s assemble to find out what we agree on from a scientific perspective and sort out what is questionable in order to better understand what the many fundamental reasons are regarding why the climate is changing, where we are all affected by it.

Climate change can cause famine, collapse of real estate and businesses, and also trigger many other environmental changes that just keep adding on more, until we have our own version. Do we have answers for the following questions that are all connected to Global Warming? 

  1. Our population increased (7) seven times in the last century. Why?
  2. The population curve started exponentially vertical about 150 years ago, which was very small around BC/AD. Why?
  3. Food that is grown is linked to nature and environments. Do they match population trends?
  4. Our polar ice, which measured one mile thick was estimated three times thicker 4000 years ago and is linked to core samples of ice evaluated in embedded trace elements. Can we find the reason for ice melting only on Polar Regions, or are there other places on earth that we should look?
  5. Using the computer fertility rate and proceeding forward from the beginning of the human race, should surprise honest scientists. Why does it match to the 6000 years that the Bible teaches about, when Adam got kicked out of the Garden of Eden in 4004 BC?
  6. That is proven by a science witness named Professor Edward Hull, who published a 14 ft long Wall Chart of World History, which is printed. Many editions are found in Barns and Nobel bookstores. Why is history denied in so many British universities?
  7. The Bible is a history book of mankind, the oldest book on earth and goes back 6000 years; it is still the best seller and translated in hundreds of languages. If you want to know about global warming, you should look a little closer at what ancient people said about the weather in their time, across many centuries, which is aligned with Professor Edward Hull’s world calendar and should not be forbidden to be read in public schools.
  8. Science only really started in the Middle Ages and electricity was invented a little over 100 years ago; from the hi-tech atom bomb to sputnik and the space station 70 years ago. Why do they believe unscientific monkey fairytales since 1970 and back to the Middle Ages?
  9. Evidence of massive tropical animal bones in Alaska or underneath the North Polar Region was found under permafrost. It’s denied. Why?
  10. Declining earth magnetism, with the North Pole moving 40 km/year. Who cares? What are the consequences?
  11. The first human civilization started in the Garden of Eden near the Tigris and Euphrates River. Why is it connected to global warming?
  12. After Atlantis disappeared (2287 BC), a second bronze civilization emerged along a narrow corridor, as we follow the trail of pyramids and ancient foundation ruins. Now totally bare of vegetation and only covered by sand, it’s linked to the frozen iceman found high up the Austrian Alps. Why is this not linked together, but instead it is ignored?
  13. There are dozens of ancient clocks exhibited in museums, plus one built recently by the Emperor Charles V. in Prague high up on a tower, which is now a tourist attraction. None are deciphered with modern technology until lately, which is described in the Babushka egg concept books.
  14. Noah is known to be a historic person with a family; having built an ark filled with animals. This was duplicated by the Norwegian government, who built a cement Ark, closed its steel vault doors in 2008, only to open it after some mystery asteroid appeared? Both had foreknowledge.
  15. Fossil bone cells are much bigger than bone cells measured today. Human skeletons, 12-36 ft long, were found in a Turkey grave. They have a cell structure of 6:1, and dinosaurs compared to our elephants have a ratio of 10:1. That could prove a climate change in ancient times.
  16. The speed of light has been investigated by science and found not to be constant. It has been measured and proven to have been faster or slower. This presented many facts and could be the reason for Global Warming.
  17. Why is the gravity measured in ancient clocks different today?
  18. The Platinum World Standard Kilogram (IPS), guarded in the basement vault around Paris, has become fat after 135 years? Who changed it? Why?
  19. The Egyptian dynasties show 350 years off from different perspectives. Should we ask Julius Caesar why he changed the calendar?
  20. Explain the mystery; when you pass a magnet through a copper wire loop, it creates a pulse. More wire loops add more pulses that create electricity. Where does the energy come from?
  21. Why is magnetism only possible when elements are solid? However, observing the sun through a color spectral filter, we can see magnetism affecting earth. Why?
  22. How is life embedded in the atom, since some belong in the mineral department and the other DNA bio cells, which have embedded life? What is the intelligence that makes them go in different directions?
  23. Why is life found only on planet earth?
  24. Is it possible to live forever? Why?
  25. Keep adding your own why questions; it is fun when you have the answers that are all linked to Global Warming in one wholesome concept, if you read further.

I hope we have become aware of the fact that science needs another rail to answer the many why questions applied to Global Warming, as every open question will be answered in Babushka concept books; yes, it is possible to understand nature from a fully rounded 360° viewpoint provided that we allow it to widen our perspective horizon and include the metaphysical point of view, which is now balanced knowledge on two rails, each 180°. We see this when we apply logic.

But if we try to answer those questions from a faulty atheistic fairytale perspective, we see only paintings of an evolved monkey on every museum wall for our kids. We need more stories like the analogy where the maiden kisses the frog and it becomes a handsome prince with a PhD degree, rewarded with big salaries from the atheistic priesthood. That will prove science is only for kids, when we forget entropy laws.

Do not be offended when applying the frog story to our scientists who are explaining Global Warming, and who choose to ignore two fundamental Thermo-dynamic Entropy Laws, which should be taken seriously in our schools, as the laws of physics will become plain.

They should consider that in nature an energy conversion over 100% is impossible. Just visit the many museums exhibiting impressive dinosaur models, but notice the absence of even a simple transposing skeleton, with not even one bone to show the evidence for a faulty evolution theory among millions of fossil bones, as the energy equation conforms to thermodynamic entropy laws.

The laws of nature dictate and allow only extinction, being inferior and less than 100%. Every DNA is controlled by intelligence to form Gestalt or existence, which is proven by your intelligence and by your mind controlling your body also. If you do not understand what your mind is, then forget Global Warming and be entertained with something else.

The story for kids has logic embedded and we should apply it to our intelligence, our mind, in that a frog will genetically always be a frog 100% of the time, even if kissed; try it out. If it does not work, find another maiden. Only laws of physics that can be replicated should be added to our scientific knowledge base, as it will improve our understanding of nature.

Fairytales are not science, but sometimes they contain wisdom pearls that can be applied to science. However, we should grow up and lay aside childish behavior in order to understand our world a little better, which can be destroyed by false thinking, being void of intelligence, like smashing atoms with cyclotrons such as CERN.

It gets worse; we use the light of a match as a scale to measure a lightning bolt or even apply it to the universe, believing it to be 13.7 billion matchsticks. That idiocy was accepted and proven with a Noble Prize awarded to the recipient, a politician and vice- president only educated in how to spend money. He has been appointed now to be the champion in explaining a fairytale Global Warming science.

If you are still not convinced about an evolutionary monkey story painted only for kids on many museum walls in an effort to explain science, then perhaps you should compare it to your laptop computer. Everybody has one now, which will become junk if only one tiny single bit is added to the embedded intelligence, a microcode over 100% which will cause it to crash.

This is proven by thousands of angry people now exposed to the entropy laws of physics governed by the best microcode money could buy. It cost me 60 bucks a year just to find out that extra bit messes up my computer, causing it to crash.

That my friend is the plain truth that is experienced by thousands of people; therefore why is it denied by comatose science teachers, hiding in universities who are only interested in being paid off with money? They have forgotten to think logically and do not understand computers, or perhaps it is more for the love of money?

Fairytales are a big business for the government who is printing massive amounts of money from thin air. They even cheapen the Noble Prize by rewarding fairytales, as seen recently in the Global Warming crowd.

The Metaphysical Information Trail for a Fully Rounded Circle

To fully understand Global Warming, it must be linked to the cosmos as well as the energy source fueling a universe. The Hubble telescope photographed beautiful pictures of galaxies with the lights turned on. Logically, the energy must come from somewhere, or can you explain such things like when you take a magnet and push it through a copper coil and get an electrical pulse.

A lot of coils and more magnets create millions of volts when scaled down with a transformer to 110 volt, which is beneficial for our use. From there, we will learn where the energy comes from, which is now explained better in the Babushkas egg concept books, where all is connected with the laws of physics and governed by the metaphysics intelligence.

I will not fly in an airplane without a pilot. The airplane is controlled by invisible embedded intelligence, which is demonstrated externally with a uniform that I can recognize with my five senses, which indicates to me that he is qualified, according to pre-designed civil laws of aeronautics that I never heard of.

Nature is replicated on dual entropy laws. Some are internal and invisible like a pilot’s intelligence; some are external as defined in physics, like a pilot’s uniform that we can touch, see, smell and feel with our five (5) senses. Yet notice that I did not mention hearing nor had I ever heard of aeronautics laws, therefore, to me it would be an incomplete analogy and it needs another dimension to tell me that something is missing, for a balanced perspective.

When we check out Newton’s invisible gravity energy laws or Fraunhofer’s visible frequency spectrum embedded with spectral lines, they become eventual solid elements that are now collected in the periodic table. All must conform to entropy laws, but they should be cross-referenced with metaphysics to become a solid reality, just in case something is missing that was not detected by my sixth sense, which exists only on the metaphysical.

Mortality is controlled by the mind - SOMETHING embedded with intelligence - and is structured to operate in a mirrored environment that controls the physical five senses level. If you mention the sixth sense, it will get you in deep waters. Try it out with your friends on the other hand, and it could get you a Noble Prize.

 For example, embedded spectral lines teach us what the stuff the galaxies are made of, provided of course, the lights are turned on inside the galaxy. What is dark in the cosmos is now explained as “70% dark energy”. Do not take it seriously. It’s only an opinion from an atheistic perspective, which denies entropy laws, but they do not understand metaphysics because they postulate dark energy, but without any proof or witnesses, they haven’t got a case.

Concepts are illustrated from a faulty perspective of physical science; therefore, they become fairytales to make money by either writing schoolbooks or raising school fees to impress uneducated students. Maybe magazines will publish it to fill up space, since they too are just another business.  

However, if it does not cost money, it is free for educating and if you love science, discover what Genesis reveals in the very first verse of the Bible, starting with a cosmos with the First Entropy law and mentioned as ∞ infinite light emanating from Elohim. As a scientist, I have investigated the ∞ symbol that we use in mathematics. It will reveal the two dual applications of each closed circle loop put together in parallel but interconnected in the center with a DOT.

The symbol resembles a number eight laying sideways, which reminds me of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, Chet, which has an embedded meaning such as corralled-in or surrounded with a fence in a full circle.

Every Hebrew letter is dual in its meaning also; therefore, it predicts “a new beginning”. The two concepts make sense if you visit my ranch. We have an enclosed fenced circle where sheep are driven in at one gate to enter the circle; the other side is a gate to exit into a truck. That illustrates a principle in the cosmos, no kidding, like a hieroglyph ∞ symbol.  

The infinite hieroglyphs symbol is really two independent circles (loops) next to each other. Two entropy laws govern it, which is explained later in this thesis and linked with a DOT, connecting the two loops. It becomes the most importance math concept, as it represents a Time Dimension that cannot exist without the cosmos. I dedicated a whole chapter to this mystery concept, as it is not taught in any university because they deny entropy and the metaphysical domain.

That my friend, was the greatest discovery in my inventor/scientist mind; it was to understand fully how the universe functioned since it is never preached in church and it is not allowed in universities because it is too dangerous for the evolution fairytales.

A lot of people’s salaries are at stake if they would even mention that they read the Babushka egg concept books. It is even avoided by pastors who fear a revenue loss, especially if comatose sheep wake up, which would mean that they could understand the Bible a little better, since many pastors still preach from a Middle Age perspective.

 The time-energy-light-gravity diagram on the cover page is a discovery that took six Babushka concept books to explain. I can only give you a few appetizers here to help show you what the full menu is like.

In another example, let’s investigate what comes from space that can be measured in physics and is central to our world, a phenomenon only found on earth. We do not see it anywhere else as we look at the universe and the biggest reason is because we all share life, which is linked to intelligent mortals who are surrounded with complex life forms in billions of variations.

Mortals have superior intelligence and they are on top of the pyramid of all life forms. Therefore, we are curious as to how it all works so well; yet it is so balanced and runs like a clock.

We wonder how it got started, and that will cause wild opinions forever, like a blind man trying to explain a beautiful sunset. In other words, our five senses are very limited, because there is more and we need to seek it out, using our mind intelligence to expand our vision for a 360° horizon. Even when I say 360°, it was invented by ancient Sumerian mathematicians; therefore, we should use all the information available.

Examining specific problems requires specific answers if you are scientifically inclined. Why not look further at the metaphysical perspective to discover the connections.

Global Warming Embedded in the Metaphysics

Climate change is on the forefront and is mentioned almost daily on TV, but it can only be explained completely from the metaphysical side, where cosmos intelligence is started. One analogy is: if there is a problem in your computer, we need the diagram of the microcode made by the inventor, such as Bill Gates, or ask Steve Jobs. Both became billionaires. When we look at Global Warming, it also conforms to an audit trail, since the universe is orderly and designed by an infinite inventor; that is provided you are able to still think logically.

 Investigating nature is not just random, it is very complex or if you’re so smart and if you know any better, could you please explain to me what the life in you is that controls your mind? What is gravity, magnetism or electricity? And if you should visit so many museums globally, could you tell me what those ancient calculators and stone-bronze-gold clocks measure?

I could make a long list and explain it for the first time to the universities that believe an atheistic ‘evolution’ religion. They should investigate our world from a fully rounded 360° circle of knowledge, which has now been collected in seven forbidden Babushka egg concept books, which is not allowed in open forums.

Ultimately, when we sum up so many facts and the many new discoveries, we realize for the first time that we should use logic and apply the laws of physics (which are mirrored in metaphysics). That will help us to finally understand how the Creator built His universe from only two entropy laws, conforming to a grand design that is replicated a million times with atoms forming galaxies with embedded intelligence, just like computers are replicated from a designer like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who understood physics and became billionaires.

My cosmos model is assembled in the Babushka egg books, which are extraordinary for explaining many mysteries, but it will take some time to assimilate because I was an inventor and made many billionaires because of my invention, which created thousands of jobs in the heydays of Silicon Valley. Your laptop computer still has a tiny disc drive with a miniature flying head, sliding over a spinning disk, on an air film that is a thousand times thinner than your hair. The first disc drive, which had less capacity than a floppy, could only be moved with a forklift; now that is history.

Therefore, when I give you my opinion, tell me your accomplishment and together we will understand Global Warming and include information outside our puny limited sphere, fuelled by many other people’s opinions, which will be like a stone thrown in the pond that only creates a lot of ripples, but we should look at science and the metaphysics domain from a 360° roundabout circle, if we investigate our planet.

Let’s not repeat again what happened to Galileo when they forbid his discoveries and silenced him with house arrest. Therefore, let’s include meta-physics, which has been rejected by ignorant scientists who have lopsided education and are brainwashed, for the most part, into an atheistic evolution religion based on a Middle Age perspective, when science was still in infancy.

The Bible is the oldest history of mankind, written by 40 very intelligent professionals with a much higher IQ, which is not seen in our universities, since they reject it. Therefore, they will never know ancient science that was revealed by the Creator to balance out what we postulate. 

The quest to understand the “why” question is like an invention and must be based on purpose when applying it to mankind’s existence, which can only be answered if we combine the visible Second Entropy laws with the invisible First Entropy law, in order to expand our vision toward a fuller understanding, which will answer the question of why God would create a universe. This booklet dares to explain it.

For example, most conventional scientists believe light to be constant, yet that is not possible if you understand the first and second dynamic entropy laws. Just because we do not see the first entropy ∞ infinite light with our eyes does not mean it does not exist. We can measure light only with instruments on a lower entropy level calibrated to our eyes because it comes with an embedded time dimension, which causes us to be mortal, according to Newton’s laws.

Get in touch with Princeton University and ask what was light measured at recently. You would greatly surprise them when they hear it was discovered at 300 time’s faster velocity? That could make Albert Einstein’s theory obsolete, and I include Newton’s laws, too.

Go to the end of my story and check out the “Evidence Trail Continued” for more information. There is so much mentioned in this little booklet that will hopefully make you think - like looking at light from the seven rainbow colors spectrum, for just one example, which we all can agree on, as there is more when you notice Fraunhofer’s spectral lines.

The First Witness of Global Warming Before 2288 BC

This book will explain a historical event that took place on 5 February 2287 BC that is denied by the atheistic scientists. They rebuff that the earth spin-axis got hit with an asteroid, which created a gigantic wobble. That is not a recorded myth or legend. You can check it out with the many ancient bronze–gold clocks exhibited in museums, or you can dig a little dirt around your neighborhood and become a geologist. We see the evidence of geological change that only a flood could have caused everywhere.

Visit some museums in big towns and investigate the many artifacts and ancient writings that portray an early Atlantis civilization that disappeared, or why has it been recorded that only 8 people were smart, having been forewarned and built a boat to survive. Their names are still known globally after 4300 years, but what happened to the rest of Noah’s relatives, among a population into the billions? All died with the 70% of animal species, from dinosaurs to thousands of tropical animals that are now buried in sand, clay and ice.

We see the evidence globally such as in Alaska, where massive tropical bones of mammoth, mastodons, bison, horses, wolves and lions north of Fairbanks were found underneath ice, led by an expedition headed by Dr. Frank C. Hibben, Prof. of Archeology, at the University of New Mexico. On the other side of the North Pole, they found the famous Beresovka, prehistoric, mammoth, hairy elephants, which were dug up in the Siberian tundra. They were found with butter flowers still in the mouth; they had been instantly frozen. Most had broken bones embedded which were caused when they were tossed like tumble weeds, blown by horrendous winds, collapsing the atmosphere in Kelvin cold. Embedded in the cracks, they became permafrost, buried hundreds of feet deep.

The mystery is deepened as we find massive mastodon and saber-toothed tiger bones, even in Florida [Valentine, quoted by Berlitz, Charles, The Mystery of Atlantis (New York 1969)]. That can only be explained with the Aztec clock exhibited nearby in an outdoor museum in Mexico City, revealing a previous earth axis spin, which prevented rain or snow before the asteroid event. The earth had an even tropical climate on its poles. This fact is recorded in the Bible.

That did not happen 60 billion years ago, but can be measured with the ancient clocks exhibited in museums. An obsolete, faulty carbon dating method is misleading and is only useful for fairytales, which do not need to be proven by an atheistic evolutionary religion. Ancient clocks are much more functional as a dating tool since they measure time.

However, they need to be mathematically corrected to be practical for NASA, since the earth has an axis wobble that comes to rest on 21 December 2012, according to the Aztec calendar. That is not known by scientists; therefore read my Babushka book because I am the first one to crack the mystery code hanging in museums. The bottom line is that anybody can be a Noah today, if they are informed and pay close attention to what is going on.

An ancient fast declining shaking earth axis wobble would cause the oceans to raise high up and cover the mountains. Like an air pump, it would have set in motion, forcing a raging updraft, followed by a powerful downdraft of frigid, high altitude air, traveling hundreds of miles per hour. With temperatures below 150 degrees F below zero, there would have been flash freezing within seconds, in downhill blasts. It would have turned trees and plants into brittle ice statues and flash froze gigantic mastodons and mammoth with food in their mouths. These were found in Siberia. The rapid temperature fluctuation meant the end of millions of plants and animals…but the destruction was only the beginning. Ice was accumulating three miles thick on its poles.

The wobble shock waves triggered enormous earthquakes along their fault lines, erupting furious activity that spewed hot lava across the landscape, splitting and lifting mountains with raging fires and flames that twisted for thousands of feet into the air, in an inferno that raced through forests and into the telltale charcoals that were strewn across the continents.

We will get a repeat when the next asteroid impacts us. We got an example in 2010 recently. Check out the island’s volcanic landscape that shows the deepest fault line on earth, separating two continents that are still moving and have been since 2287 BC. That had consequences in physics and cost billions of dollars globally with the airplanes that had to be grounded.

Back to our story demonstrating a fast declining spin axis after Noah’s time created gigantic glaciers formed globally, with the poles heaping snow and ice three miles deep and erupting with volcanic activity on a gigantic scale. The impact of the asteroid would have unleashed a 1000-foot high tidal wave that raced toward Europe and Africa at 500 miles an hour. The waves would have collapsed hundreds of miles inland, devastating everything in its path, killing every living thing instantly.  Thousands of pockets of water holes would have formed large lakes. Check out north of Minnesota.

Figure AThe previous spin axis wobble in the first 100 years after Noah’s boat experience was reduced from 7 to 2.8, as the Genesis calendar graph shows Figure A, which matches the Aztec calendar as witnesses that establish the facts.

First building 5 pyramids and then another 7 pyramids on top of each other in a different place (as seen in the Mexico City’s outdoor museum) is either very stupid or it has not yet been understood that a global axis wobble messed up a calendar. That also changed a Sumerian calendar, based on a numerical system from 1 to 60, it gives special symbols to 1,10,60 600 and 3600, which is a 60 base system which we still use today, such as in a circle, as well as measuring time by 60 minutes and 60 seconds in a clock of 12 hours, which was instituted by Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory. If you multiply by 5 Chinese dragons, you will get 60, which is explained in my Babushka book, which matches a future Apocalypse, as described in Revelation.

The extent to which past commentaries or an asteroid impact were responsible for civilization cultural change, or even the development of a sun religion, where the sun won the battles against the heavenly gods is not known. The sun was no longer rising up in the west, but switched over to the east several times, only to end up rising once again now from the east, ending with a 23.5 degree axis position that comes to a rest on 21 December 2012. That should no longer be a hypothesis, but can be seen through the eyes of astronomical, geological and archaeological evidences and should no longer be dismissed.

Natural catastrophes during the Bronze Age Civilization were mentioned in the British Oxford Archaeological reports prepared by Trevor Palmer Dec.1997, #30 on pp6-7 and Dr. Benny J. Peiser, a historian and anthropologist in Liverpool at John Moore’s University. Better yet, read the Bible which has a lot more information, such as the sun standing still, where it was no longer moving for a while during Joshua’s days, which led to Israel’s conquest in the Promised Land. Also seen was a sun-clock going backwards by 10 digits on the king’s palace wall sundial, during Hezekiah’s days. Explain that with the science that is recorded by the intelligent leaders in their community?

The third edition of the university textbook Exploration of the Universe by George O. Abell, published in 1975, informed us that Jupiter had 9 moons, but in 2005, it was discovered there were 63 moons; Saturn had 10, now 62; Uranus 5, now 28; and Neptune 2, now 13 moons.

This surge in the number of satellites for these planets is that telescopes have become better, meaning that we can see further, with greater detail. Therefore, passing objects can be detected that were previously invisible and we should not rule out that an asteroid is approaching, which has now been predicted to be 52 Km in size and is on an 825 day orbit around the sun. It was calculated that it will hit our earth. That became front page NEWS in two popular magazines around 2006, but it has now been forgotten.

Yet, it is further dated in my Babushkas book, as I collected more information and applied advanced technology that is linked to ancient prophecies, dating the apocalypse, for those who want to know. If the relatives of Noah would have believed the old man, their names would now be known by everybody after 4300 years too. Think about that.  

In any event, what is perfectly clear is that the story of Noah and the story of Atlantis are apocryphal and will be duplicated again. In order for people around the world to survive the same event that happened 4300 years ago, you have to read the signs that are even seen on TV. There are many discoveries in science that match Bible prophecy. That is for you to find out, if you want to live a little longer and you may need provision like Noah did for his family.

However, collecting information and matching it with prophecy to date the Apocalypse is now revealed. It also can be linked to the reason for Global Warming, which has now become my story, where I explain the two laws of entropy from two perspectives; one from physics, the other from metaphysics, which will broaden the horizon within a closed loop, a 360° circle.

I will be using the ancient Sumerian-Aztec-Hebrew calendar accounting system that is embedded in bronze-gold-stone clocks, which are exhibited in many museums and are now decoded by a Hebrew Alphabet Number System code. That exposed the Apocalypse date, aligning future events that were prophesied.

They are no longer a mystery because it is all assembled, as God wanted us to receive the last warning before God’s Wrath once more appears, and His desire to save His world from total destruction. He will use the cosmic laws, much like we do with X-rays, in order to totally irradiate the evil atheistic cancer of politicians and atheist scientists controlling our second civilization, in order to save humankind from total destruction.

Our scientists on a fast track messing up genetically all food seeds saved from Noah’s boat will soon be confronted with the Creator God who invented it. He is coming back to earth to stop this madness.

God’s plan made provision to give birth to a new third civilization that will last 1000 years, just as prophesied and expected to arrive in just a few years. It will be God’s Kingdom on earth, enforced with new laws of justice, equality for all and where there will no longer be a military force permitted, or any allowance for plundering others for what they worked so hard for.

No more IRS oppressions; atheists or scientists destroying the environment or evil evolution religions. They will all be gone. There will not even be one church or mosque building standing even the Vatican the symbol of corrupting the Gospel morphed from pagan sun worship religion mixed with Christianity enforced by Constantine and will disappear into rubble after the asteroid on 10-17 September 2015, as predicted by science and the Bible.

We will once more experience the same earth axis wobble that I described, as you just read about, only maybe a little smaller, as the Bible and Aztecs predicted a fire storm. That means that the large 52 Km rock in space will explode, pass through our atmosphere and disintegrate into smaller particles, burning up vast areas of GMO planted corn, rice and wheat. All the cities will be leveled by tectonic plates lifting again, as bigger asteroid chunks will shake the earth once more. Just read the Bible where many prophecies are recorded for us as a warning.

That is even dated now as science projections match the many prophecies of both the Bible and the Aztec religion. It could also be the reason why God appointed me as a scientist, in order to crack the code of the ancient clocks. That will prove the warning given, as it connects to the calendars of three civilizations, for the future generation to know about. That I am convinced of, since so much information is now documented in 7 Babushka egg concept books that it is not possible for one individual to invent it all, as I too am mortal with limited understanding. I need metaphysics to make it plain to me.

Please take the time to read for it will instruct you, not only in a logical way regarding what Global Warming is, but it will greatly explain further the mystery in you, such as why you where created and placed on this earth, destined by two entropic cosmic laws. It will be as in nature, where we see a caterpillar going into the cocoon, only to emerge as a totally different butterfly creature. It will even surprise you. That is not a fairytale.

You should consider what the Bible recorded for us; the whole Plan for Mankind, giving us purpose.  We will be elevated to become royalty, the light children of God, where we are invited to live life forever in what we call heaven or the Jod dimension, if you understand HANS. Check out the “time-light-gravity” diagram, an illustration explaining a Time Dimension from a metaphysical perspective, which will be explained in more detail next; a story forbidden in the halls of higher learning and upsetting to theologians.

The discovery of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) will open many scientific principles that the Bible theologians have a problem with. We can start out with a little fun as an introduction, but later it becomes very serious, as it will affect your life.

Grandmother’s story of Noah’s Flood overlaid with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. (Author unknown)

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah’s Ark.

  1. Aleph. Don’t miss the boat.
  2. Beth.  Remember that we all are in the same boat.
  3. Gimel. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.
  4. Daleth. Stay fit. When you are 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.
  5. Heh.  Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.
  6. Waw.  Build your future on high ground.
  7. Zayin. For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.
  8. Cheth. Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.
  9. Teth.  When you are stressed, float a while.
  10. Jod.  Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals.
  11. No matter the storm, when you are with God, there is always a Rainbow waiting.
    (11 = destruction-confusion)
  12. Make sure that God designed your boat.
    (12 = perfection)

Noah’s Children Found in Turkey?

Large, oversized human remains with bigger cell structures where recently found in numerous graves in Turkey, near the cradle of our civilization. They could genetically point to prehistoric times. I suggest that it could be linked to the first civilization after Adam’s children, who probably had much bigger bone structures than modern humans have, considering the genetic laws of recessive genes that appear after 500 years. We can learn about GMO and become more familiar with it, if we read the Genetic Modification Exposed Babushka egg concept book.

Noah's Children?This will surprise many theologians and scientists! That is even reported in Genesis, which confuses theologians, as many are not educated in science. It is not a coincidence that these gigantic human bones are found as complete skeletons with their clothes on, in apparent graves that were uncovered near where Noah’s Ark came to rest in Turkey. Their clothes looked the same as the iceman with a copper ax, found in the Austrian Alps underneath a melted glacier. That will be mentioned later in more detail.

Investigating those fossil bones, they show larger cell structures that were typical of the age before Noah’s Flood, when the speed of light was faster, which also affected gravity. Gravity–light changes will be discussed in the next part of my story, as all must be seen within an endless energy loop and one must circumspectly decide where to start the cycle, since the beginning could be the middle.

Investigating large bones that match with large cell size is forbidden in our universities because it violates an evolutionary religion that compares it to the 3 ft Lucy monkey bones that were mixed with pig remains. They believe them to be human since many scientists make big salaries, but are poorly educated because they have forgotten to think logically anymore, by denying entropy laws that Newton discovered. They even refute the evidence embedded in coal deposits. How confused can you get by believing fairytales?

My opinion strongly indicates that some genetic characteristics would be continued with recessive genes after Noah’s children were born after the Flood. The Bible records gigantism in several places.

People born after the Flood had much smaller cell sizes, as noticed in Egyptian mummies, as light slowed down exponentially very quickly, which ancient clocks tell us about. They are now presently reduced and measure at 186,000 miles/second, as of 2000 AD. We will learn more about that a little later, as light cannot be constant, if you want to understand physics through the application of Thermodynamic laws on the cellular level. 

I saw on TV where some rich kids were looking for Noah’s Ark way up the mountain with an oxygen mask, which is not very smart. Only poorly educated rich kids, stirred up by ignorant theologians would climb high mountains looking for Noah’s boat. Perhaps they should visit a dairy ranch to find out what cows eat. There is snow and ice at high altitudes. It only shows the lack of education that comes from following theologians who are stuck on names, which lost reference in antiquity. The boat will never be found on top of a mountain, since animals that were cooped up in close quarters needed quick access to green pasture in the valley, in order to survive. This is just my opinion that was formed from watching cows.

Placing the Ark at a high altitude, on top of steep rocky cliffs covered with permafrost ice is not scientifically rational. There are no animals nearby nor can you even see any green plants surrounded by rocks in ice. No indication of any life has been noticed to survive in that environment.
We need to check out history as described in my books and pay attention to the fact that the climate after 2287 BC, with a fast-moving earth axis wobble, changed a previously tropical climate into a mini ice-age, with glacial ice building up to three miles deep on its poles and snow reaching down from the 30th to the 45th parallel, with Turkey smack dab in the middle, proving my snowline theory. If archaeologists will look around in the valley where the graves and big bones were found, I think they will also find the Ark nearby. I am sure.

Genesis and the Aztec temple wall murals in Mexico City clearly identify the cause of this Flood as being an asteroid from space. The asteroid strike triggered a chain reaction of superabundant oxygen with the hydrogen left over from the previous formation of the oceans, which produced the 40 days of rain reported by Moses in Genesis and is linked to what Noah’s children reported.

Once more, the extra water seen on the poles must have come from somewhere as no salt is embedded in ice. It came from residual hydrogen in the upper stratosphere from the original formation of the oceans still around. With a tropical climate below, it never rained. The heat and humidity produced oxygen very quickly in a ‘higher speed of light’ environment, thus the growth of bigger cell structures, which is proven with fossil bones and vegetation, imprints in mud deposits, all of which is larger than what we have today.

From science, we know that if hydrogen is mixed with Oxygen, it only needs a spark for the chemical reaction to end in water. That spark was an asteroid from space, igniting the [15 atm] hydrogen-enriched atmosphere and causing it to collapse to our present [1 atm], which is measured now at ocean level. Due to the earth wobble, the condensing water was deposited miles deep and turned into ice in the Polar Regions. The weight from this rapid deposit of ice at the poles further caused a massive shifting of the tectonic plates and as they still shook, it loosed the continents from their foundation, forming steep mountains and wide valleys.

This was all caused by the aftereffect of the initial asteroid impact that jarred the earth so strongly, thereby demonstrating the laws of Newton. The continents shifted, which caused the earth axis to quiver and shake for thousands of years thereafter at a larger earth angle of rotation, as measured by the ancient calendar clocks exhibited in many museums, which are now deciphered in my Babushka ‘clock’ book. How much more evidence do we need for the uneducated teachers with a PhD degree who teach our children the billion years fable?

 If you want some more proof, the after-effects can still be seen in our times. Check out the Iceland eruption on March 10, 2010, which really got our attention and caused us to lose billions of dollars. However, ignorant, atheistic NASA scientists blame it on earthquakes. They should investigate and believe what GRACE satellites in space actually measured, which was a tiny gravity change which can only happen externally by a residual force pushing from the outside our earth.

Newton’s law will verify it. When we have an axis shift, it will erupt along fault lines linked to what is burning deep beneath the glass-hardened earth mantel. Still not convinced? Make a phone call to a New York paper and question them about how the dispute was settled with the astrological (zodiac) specialist who divided the camp when he saw the 13th constellation appear on the horizon.

However, 50% decided to stay with the 12 zodiac projections for your daily happiness as you start a new day. The other 50% insist on correcting it to the new sky interpretations, which could sell more newspapers, as people love controversies. Yet from a scientific perspective, the observation of the 13th constellation tells me that the axis is still not at rest, just as the Aztecs predicted it. However, 21 December 2012 is still in the future from my perspective, or I wouldn’t be telling you this story.

After the asteroid impact the earth wobble indicated that Noah was in the Ark only 6 months + 10 days according to Gregorian calendar corrections. The Chinese three bronze disks indicate that a day had only 16-hour days - much shorter than we measure today. That is affirmed independently by a scientist describing a bronze–gold disk found recently in Germany “Die Himmels Scheibe” - One interpretation concluded a 6-month yearly calendar, but she did not believe it as it is contrary to the establishment opinion depending on government funds.

I further explain the history of Global Warming by saying that it took thousands of years for the earth wobble to come to rest at the present 23.5° angle of rotation. The earth wobble and variation in the sun’s radiation output are the two primary factors responsible for the variations in climate changes, as recorded by various civilizations around the globe. The third has been extensive volcanic eruptions.

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