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Asteroid Answers to Ancient Mysteries after 5 February 2287 BC

We would understand true physics that could broaden our horizons if we built laboratory models to recreate what happened. Some of these models are now seen on cable channels that show the evidence in nature. They just need to leave out that irrational, unscientific evolutionary religion dating everything back to billions of years ago, so that it would be easier to explain the mystery of why an oxygen-enriched atmosphere, combined with left over hydrogen (ignited by the spark of an asteroid intrusion from space) to explosively unlock Noah’s massive rains, which is only possible in recent times as we can measure the polar ice.

That fiery asteroid shook the earth violently and collapsed the ancient atmosphere on 5 February 2287 BC according to the mathematical playback of the planetary sky, as reported in my Babushka books. These prehistoric events not only changed the face of the planet but also caused the earth to wobble in its rotational axis, which can be proven from ancient archaeological monuments and historical records such as the 4,000-year old Bible.

Evolution theories do not provide you with any framework to decipher these ancient calendar systems and clocks, but my hypothesis does so with remarkable cross-cultural confirmation. Read about it in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, the third Babushka egg concept book that is free on the Internet, or buy the book. I make no money; therefore, I am not biased.

The earth wobble from this tectonic rearrangement took some time to quiet down. As it did so, there were accompanying climate changes, as seen geologically in the glaciers around the globe and as recorded in historical descriptions of ancient living conditions or by paleoclimatology research. The glaciers still provide evidence of recent glaciations, with snow miles deep at the Polar Regions, which we can measure.

Precession Snow TableNoah’s worldwide deluge is verified by archeology when we search for the cradle of civilization or the remains from earliest cities and villages, which are found along a narrow ice and snow-free corridor at 30 degrees parallel to Tropical Cancer or Capricorn, which reaches toward the equator.

Why do researchers only find ancient Babylonian artifacts near the cradle of the human race, in such a narrow corridor and not in the more northern regions?

The Bible gives us the answer: snow deposited by the earth’s axis wobble reached as far as the 30 degree parallel. Within this narrow band, the survivors of the biblical Flood spread out.

The “hanging gardens” of Babylon was one of the ancient wonders of the world. It is well documented. These famous gardens are solid evidence for a mild temperature climate at that time, surrounded by a very thick jungle forest. Four thousand years later, we only see sand and temperatures so hot forming a desert, killing all vegetation.

Great Pyramid of GizaIf you do not believe my observation get your proof by looking up the Pyramid in Giza. Please notice that on the top we still see the veneers’ cover plates remaining, and as we continue to look in a horizontal line to the next smaller pyramid, we detect a little left over from the outer veneer on top, too.

Below the veneer, it shows the washout of the flood level, but now only rough stones are exposed, going downward to the basement structure, to the level of Egypt's famous Sphinx, which needed to be excavated too. It was totally buried and covered in silt. Since the amount of water in the ocean measured today has not changed, it is logical that only a shaking earth wobble could produce Noah’s flood. Otherwise, where did the water go, if the ocean was several 100 feet higher?

The excessive water did not run over the edge, as some believed the earth was flat, which was enforced by an inquisition. Do not believe that lie from the Vatican. The flat earth idea was used to cover up another lie, which is that Columbus did not discover the Americas. He had a 200-year-old map from the 13th century, received by a Chinese flotilla that came by, having mapped the world in ships that were four times larger. They spoke of a bronze time civilization with massive pyramids and temples filled with gold.

Murdering 100 million people makes Columbus the biggest mass murderer in history. He slashed burned every village and tortured people to get the gold. That can be verified as the darkest time in history with a bankrupt church system that had gone amuck.

Going back to study more evidence for the Flood, we can find it in the sea shells found embedded in many of the highest mountains, which can only come from ocean floors that are now raised by tectonic elevation tilt-up eruptions that were created by this wobble of the globe shaking violently, which was upset by a change in its axis of spin.

The earth once orbited the sun horizontally, according to the Aztec calendar, with the poles pointing directly at the sun on 7 mini-spins for one solstice orbit, which created a mild tropical climate without rain or snow or ice. Profusion in vegetation is seen embedded in compressed coal deposits and mud shale. After the asteroid strike, the earth axis tilted just like a sailboat’s ballast that shifts in a storm. Over hundreds of years, the tilt wobbling gradually comes to the ‘’near” rest of today’s 23½° angle of rotation in 2012 AD. For more information, read my Aztec calendar clock book.

The reemerging human civilization was restarted by 8 people who built a boat. This event is reported by almost every ancient culture, yet it is denied by the evolution religion. They began a new civilization, squeezed between the snowlines in a narrow band around the globe, up to the 30th parallel. Traces of struggling, reemerging human cultures are found embedded in stone and leftover building structures from a new society.

They did not have iron; therefore they could only use baked bricks or river stones. They had to relearn how to mine and melt metals once again, reinventing iron and bronze. It took 1000 years to reinvent iron again after the Bronze time, as the knowledge of melting metals was lost with the Atlantis civilization, which originally came from Adam, the first inventor of iron and bronze. Check it out in the first page of Genesis.

Additionally, the most ancient Atlantis civilizations before Noah’s time in 2288 BC were knowledgeable in genetics and knew how to smelt iron with electricity, which is demonstrated in many buildings and pyramids with their gigantic stones that are perfectly parallel, fitted with iron-diamond tools, as seen in Peru’s ancient basement building with a church on top. It survived hundreds of earthquakes, as the black rock fit so closely that not even a razorblade could penetrate within the cracks, even after a great many earthquakes. Rocks carved with interlocking tongs matched perfectly.  Or explain those gigantic pictures of animals that are miles long and only become visible from high up in an airplane.

I wonder about Genesis. If Adam had an IQ of a thousand, he must have played chess with God in the Garden of Eden because he needed someone with a higher intelligence to have fun with. When we investigate our brain, we see that it has 95% unused capacity and we conjecture that the monkey has less, when we apply entropy laws. Using all of the brain capacity must have come in handy after Adam started working in the field, weeding out thistles and stones, when he had to work to make a living.

The ground was cursed by God when He said, “with the sweat on your brow you will eat from now on.” No more free lunch if you disobey My commandments. That started the process of inventing tools made from iron and bronze, which were needed to cultivate the ground a little easier. The angel watching in front of the Garden had an iron sword; Adam still remembered. Musical instruments were also invented as Eve complained that they had kids that needed to be entertained. Read the Genesis account. It is amazingly detailed.

Mankind originally used more of their embedded IQ intelligence, which started the first civilization very quickly by gathering highly advanced knowledge that was gathered from a prolific inventor. Adam lived a long time, expanding a new civilization rapidly.

Check out Silicon Valley, which was escalating but with very few inventors that could surprise you. The ancient inventions, from higher IQs became totally lost in sand and silt, which preexisted before Noah’s time. Do not expect Noah to be an expert in everything. He was only a carpenter and not an ironsmith, or someone who messed around with nature by modifying genes.

My question to the highly educated is: Can you tell me where the electrical energy comes from when you just push a magnetic rod through a copper wire loop?  Do you know what the number means that is now stuck on every fruit in the grocery store? If you don’t, check out why so many people die of salmonella and E-coli bacteria, which is suppressed by the government. We should not expect that Noah knew everything such as mixing genes to make half human/half animal beings.

We can see their proud achievements in stone sculptures and paintings on walls around the world. Even writing had to be modernized once more due to the new languages imposed upon the human race when they were scattered according to God’s decree. Although Hebrew writing began with Adam and Eve about 4004 BC, it was restructured by Moses who had nothing to do for 40 years except to watch sheep. God needed someone highly educated and only Pharaoh’s court had an advanced school run by priests. Only divine providence continued the story of creation, otherwise we would know nothing of the history of the beginnings of humankind before the year 2287 BC.

There are so many facts willfully squashed by the controlling education establishment to keep you ignorant. For example, in Texas there are human footprints embedded in dinosaur tracks – something so very contrary to evolution’s fairytales! It must be suppressed because the facts cannot be questioned: the old soft muck hardened to stone pretty quickly. Many other facts could be discussed that disprove evolution as a foolish theory, and I encourage you to do some Internet research on it.

Discovered just decades ago, melting glaciers exposed the well-preserved remains of a prehistoric man in the Italian Alps who had been frozen for thousands of years. Known as Otzi, his clothing, food, medicine and tools, including a pure copper ax, a flint knife, a bow and stone arrowheads teach us how people lived during the Bronze Age in Europe about 3,000 years ago, approximately Moses’ timeframe, according to most scholars. You might catch a show about him on TV. He is a good example of the relearning of civilization. His tools were more primitive than what has been found in previous sites.

Records of climate changes show up in ancient scrolls written by skilled human beings. It requires reasoning with modern methods from the perspective of a dual rail methodology, in order to discover the wealth of information available in ancient writings and monuments.

Why is it only now that anyone has become aware of climate changes on earth? Evidence in geology and history are not lacking! Certainly, the process of transformation to a new climate has been gradual, but that is not the reason. Is it because we worry that gasoline is becoming too expensive, which could change our lifestyle with fewer weekend boat trips?

Chinese Bronze Clock

What amazed me as a scientist working with computers was to discover that a binary computer language of zeros and ones can be seen etched on three Chinese bronze plates dated 2,000 BC, which put us close to Abraham’s time.

Chinese Bagua

I write about these matters, that ancient humans were smarter than we modern humans commonly give them credit. Notice the symbols of dashes and dots, which are clearly identified, like Zeroes & Ones in our computer language, which are also embedded in a 4000 year old bronze plate from ancient times.

I am astonished that the Bible was written by 40 authors over a period of thousands of years, yet they do not conflict with each other. This is a miracle in itself! Just look at any scientific forum and you will find much disagreement. This becomes especially true when discussions of climate change inspire a collection of wild secular opinions that do not agree with each other. It creates a confused picture; never mind trying to reach a real understanding of antiquity based on facts. How befuddled you can get when controlled by fairytales.

The evidence by 40 writers of the Bible alone points to a supernatural director guiding the writing. Their writings came from different ages, cultures and languages to form a masterpiece of literature that can be trusted as authentic and scientific. So when we align events written by ancient eyewitnesses with the descriptions of their natural environment, we can assemble a climate change scenario that is not possible with conventional techniques.

Aztec Witness

The Mayan-Aztec calendar calculated that the earth wobble will come to a final rest on the 21st of December 2012, which matches key events of the Apocalypse prophesied in the Bible. Investigating our world from a balanced two rail perspective gives us sufficient data to compute some predictions now that thousands of years of earth history exist to test the prophetic clock gear cycles. True science provides insights that traditional theology cannot. Many confused theologians, who are scantly educated in science, could never discover these relationships between the Bible and science that make predictions of the Bible’s prophesied events possible.

Let’s look at some interesting data and compare it with science to get a better understanding of why the 2012 date is embedded in all ancient clocks, which gives us a witness about what happened 4,300 years ago when an asteroid slowed down our earth orbit around the sun in Noah’s age.

That asteroid strike influenced the moon’s movements, which is explained later also. Investigating the moon more closely could provide a second witness to substantiate or prove the spin-axis theory to be correct.

Noticing the velocity difference between the earth and the moon shows some discrepancies that we should examine further. My 6th Babushka book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, explains how gravity is produced and fuels every atom. If you read that book, you will understand what I write here much better. It is free to read and download on the Internet.  

Gravity is an invisible force born out of infinite light and behaves like an ocean distributing a powerful energy from the cosmos source like water flowing and penetration everywhere, forming elements science categorized in our element table.

I observed that it has embedded a time dimension (Mem) resembling a rubber band holding it all together and expanding or contracting with the passing of time, which would show up as being delayed. Just as a train must conform to a schedule, its engineer accelerates or slows it down for it to arrive at the exact time analogue watching the waves on the beach in Hawaii.

Ancient clocks point out what the Creator did to inform us that now the “time” has arrived for the birthing of the Saints; the wagon train has already gone slightly past the 13th of the 14 stations of God’s 7,000-Year Plan for Humanity. Check out the schedule.

It started right on time as projected when New York created a global financial tsunami wave just before 2008 ended. When the last wagon train has passed the final station, it is the end for our earth and most of all life as expressed in the hieroglyph Hebrew letter and symbolized it in Taw. God will provide a boat once more for some to survive.

Scientists do not realize that the sun is moving too, hence, the whole solar system is in motion along one arm of the Milky Way, which is rotating around a black hole that could be Taw. When previously investigating atoms with two neutrino polarities, it was stated that in an energy atom conversion only two arms will be emerging from its center.

That is now verified by photographing galaxies, and as previously stated by an astronomer who speculated that our galaxy has four arms is now corrected, just as my Babushka book previously stated, which showed only two arms, as seen by using special frequency filters. It aligned with my Donut atom theory, which was formerly published. Read what the Bible reveals from metaphysics because it will up opening our understanding as we look into the sky and investigate the cosmos. I compare it with atoms that are not smashed with cyclotrons and investigate how they conform to the entropy conversion laws.

Before 2288 BC (Noah’s time), the structure of the Aztec calendar demonstrates that the moon had 12 cycles of 30 days during one earth orbit around the sun, which makes a lunar year of 360 days (30x12).

The Aztec calendar was not oriented to the moon, but on the solstice cycles basis which measured a changing calendar right after the asteroid transferred knowledge from Noah’s children in ancient times. Eventually they discovered that the earth no longer followed a familiar pattern, but they still tried to predict it with the old technology, when they remembered the earth turning (7) seven solstices with 52 cycles and a fraction. The sky no longer looked familiar, but they later found out the earth had a wobble, after building 5 and 7 pyramids on top of each other, as we can see today in the outdoor museums in Mexico City. It corrected a moving calendar, which was very confusing for the Aztec priesthood.

The Aztecs struggled to understand a changing calendar as the new zodiac stars kept moving. They no longer matched familiar zodiac star patterns, but they remembered that they linked to the Milky Way. They counted the Precession of the Equinoxes coming around several times in a solstice Aztec year and recorded each earth orbit around the sun no longer where seven and needed other stars for reference.

Our reference star is Solaris, which you can find at the end of the handle of the big dipper. The stars picked in the beginning to measure the slowed down earth axis wobble eventually ended up one orbit around the sun recorded around the Middle Ages, when the Spaniards asked the Aztec priests what was painted on temple walls to figure it out and see if they would match with Western civilization calendars.

Mixing the two calendars was not in conflict at that time; however, it will not work today from an atheistic evolutionary perspective that believes in billions of years, which was speculated by comatose opinions, like 25,625 phantom years impossible to measure if you are a mortal. Modern evolution religion science does not understand the mystery clocks exhibited in many museums.

The Aztecs remembered and first recorded using the old counting system, when the earth changed direction every 26 days, with the poles facing the sun. However thereafter, they realized that it took many centuries of observation to see that the horizontal tilt of the earth’s axis still had embedded inertia from the old spin, which then changed gradually over to sunrise and sunset. When they remembered, they switched to every 26 days (the sun rising in the West and switching to the rising in the East) and eventually, the sun’s last wobble was then switched its rising from the East, in order to complete a 52-day “annual” calendar system that they recalled. That created a sun worship religion.

Check out the history of Egyptian pharaoh soon after becoming Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) discarded his royal name and loyalty to Amon. He turned away from old ancient faith and began the cult of the sun and introduced a new religion and believed that the sun god won the final war over the others and dominated a Time Dimension. He based it on a new emerging science understanding I will try to explain it now Babushka egg concept books not found in universities. Keep reading and link it to the 2300-year-old Antikythera clock that has embedded those ancient 26 cycles designed around 32 bronze gears. Understanding that will lift the 100-year old museum clock mystery, now deciphered.

The 360-day earth orbit around the sun orbit was a cycle of seven times, but is now changed to 52 weeks of 7 days; it is reversed in our modern calendar. This same observation is made for many other ancient calendar clocks in the third babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, where it is better explained. 

After the Flood, the earth’s solstice cycles varied so much that many calendars then focused on the moon again. Only later did they adjust their calendars to recognize the solar year movements once more, which are divided into 12 months to match the Hebrew holidays again.

This led to the present Hebrew calendar clock that counts years, even as it continues to use the moon cycles. The Hebrew scribes where told by God to record the time and His oracles, which are revealed in the Bible. Israel was set aside for that purpose and therefore received special blessings, but they were also linked to curses if they violated the contract with Jehovah.

Ancient oracles reveal calendars from different time periods and come with a schedule expressing God’s Plan for Mankind, which is dovetailed with extra revelation for the purpose for the birthing of the Saints. The Saints will become the new administrators and teachers of God’s Kingdom on earth when they are resurrected in a new body that is no longer subject to sorrow, pain, tears and death.

Only after Moses’ time (one wobble left) was it possible to use the moon calendar again; therefore God gave instruction and instituted Hebrew holiday cycles to measure one solstice turn around the sun. Calculating wobble time was at first impossible to understand, so in early ancient times, only a priest could determine the beginning of the Hebrew calendar months, based on the observation of the first sign of the new moon.

The moon, therefore, became the time marker used in conjunction with the solstices and equinoxes to count years, until the wobble slowed enough to appear constant and make it simpler to keep track of a solar year by calculating it mathematically. Julius Caesar was known and became famous when he finalized the calendar that we still use today.

Hebrew holiday cycles have a higher meaning embedded into them that reflects the story of creation and the reason why mankind exists. It was designed with purpose, which is explained in my Babushka books. Compare it with nature, which we all understand. Notice that we will follow the illustration of a two-phase human life cycle as demonstrated by the caterpillar-butterfly analogy. I like to avoid the cocoon, but it is necessary to become a beautiful butterfly, pleasing to God.

 After the asteroid strike which caused Noah’s flood, the earth had a wobble, which drove the Aztec priests crazy when they tried to measure it, because they built 7 and 5 pyramids one on top of each other, in two places in Mexico City’s outdoor museum. These are facts that cannot be denied as they match a pattern conforming to a mathematical equation of the Hebrew 7:5 ratio, which is embedded in HANS. We cannot get away from trying to explain global climate change and it needs a reference point witness once more based on history.

The Aztec Precession of the Equinoxes Proves a Different Time Dimension

In order to prove the Earth Wobble, I remembered that the Gregorian calendar must add one day after 400 years for a correction and wondered if the previously buried X-axis would, in an unperceivable way, turn the tilt axis 360° and would therefore gain one day. The 23.5° earth axis would make a circle we are familiar with, pointing to the 5 star constellations, starting with Polaris, Thuban, Vega, Tau Herculis, Alderabim. Scientists postulated 25,625.862 years, which is just an unproven opinion.

Ancient clocks and the Genesis calendar show a wobble which was reduced right after Noah’s time, from a previous horizontal (7) seven spins fizzling out to 2.8 spins - Abraham 1897 BC, and thereafter is declining to one (1) spin at Moses’ time [1400 BC] with the spin axis coming to rest in 2012 AD [Aztec calendar projection].

I believe that one day gained (the last stretch 400 years) is part of the 5.24 days added every year from the original spin of 360° around the sun from solstice to solstice, which was originally 360 days. The earth has slowed down since Noah’s time by adding across a spectrum of 4300 years, 5.24 days (360+5.24 = 365.24 for each solstice orbit). Perhaps this has not been considered yet by scientists as a possible reason for climate changes. Perhaps someone does this research, but it is not popular with the mass media so he does not get any money to expand and promote this research.

Once more the Gregorian calendar was corrected after 400 years by one day to match our calendar. My new calculations should further correct our NASA calendar even more so and add another 4 days (now 18 day) correcting our calendar. It is based on recent light speed measurements to be 300% faster at 186,282 mi/sec.

Give NEC Research Institute at Princeton a call. Even the BC/AD zero point instituted by Pope Gregorian was miscalculated by the Middle Age monk and should be moved to 35 AD. Read my 7th Babushka book for more information that was recently discovered. Just one day added would have consequences when linked to a tilt axis wobble that will cause global warming.

That could occur if the axis pointed to the North Star called Polaris, then 100 years later, it pointed 90° in a different direction. Over time, it would have kept turning through the 360° in 400 years. That would gain one more day in our calendar, too. We never measured such small angular movements, and the matter is still left open for discussion, except it was recently announced that NASA measured a small fraction of earth axis movements with GRACE and blamed it on the recent earthquakes. I do not think so, as I have a different opinion.

Or you could contact the New York papers that are dealing with the 13th zodiac constellation problem. Let’s have an example to reveal what I mean.

Think of lying on a crowded beach. To get tanned evenly, you turn 90° when the redness begins to show to get the other side exposed for a fully rounded suntan. Your tilt axis body position faces the sun as you lie on the beach blanket. Your beach blanket orientation tilt angle was not changed in one day as you are tanned with invisible ultraviolet rays. Later that day, you come home tanned all over. Nobody would suspect that you turned on the beach blanket to show a day’s worth of climate changes because no one was interested to measure it, except some business that sells sun protection lotions.

Think about it from a global perspective. If every hundred years the axis shifted 90° to the same 23½°, it is still a fixed spin axis angle just like the position on a beach blanket, but it moved in four quarters, a sum total of one day added to our calendar. That could be interpreted since climate changes go from very cold to very dry glacier melting. We did not know one hundred years ago where the axis was pointing to or to which constellation star. We also assume a precession of the equinoxes to be changed from Thuban 4488 BC to Polaris 2012 AD, then being 6500 years, when measured with the ancient clocks exhibited in museums.

If we used the previous Aztec calendar from the year 4488 BC [360 days around the sun], which will end in 2012 AD [365¼ around the sun], we get another perspective with the expanding exponential; the 5¼ days precession of the equinoxes difference, but it must be doubled to become larger exponentially from 2012 AD, according to my light-gravity-time curve, which is explained in more detail in the next 7th Babushka book. Here are my math numbers:

400 years (5th day) – 800 (4th day) - 1600 (3rd day) 3200 (2nd day) – 6400 (1st day) + ¼ of 400 = 100 years
Add (6400+100 = 6500) - [2012 AD+6500 = 4488 BC]

That date 4488 BC was calculated 4 years ago in my first Babushka book and is embedded in the Hebraic 7000-year cuckoo clock calendar, which later showed up in various calculations from a different perspective. Check it out.

I am not surprised it appears again with a different approach and we will get more proof in the next section that discusses light changes using 80 billion miles/second, which gets us to the same date of 4488 BC for the Big Bang event. Notice all Hebrew dates ending with a number “eight” (Chet), which are explained in previous Babushka books.

To me, it proves the math, as it all must fit within the HANS design. Look back at 2008 AD which started the Apocalypse and a world financial system collapsing. Check out 2018 AD with God’s Kingdom on earth, laying the foundation of the fourth Temple at the end of Daniel’s 2300 days, or Noah’s family when they got into the Ark on the 21st of December 2288 BC. The beginning of a Time Dimension started at 4488 BC and ends in Taw 3018 AD.

Physics teach us that the Time Dimension must end, which is linked to the Bible. It is guaranteed that you and I will be standing in front of the White Throne. All the dates given end with the number “8”, which is the Bible system to cross-reference our calculations in order to have assurance that the mathematics is correct. It also conforms to the Aztec clock system. Why? Once you understand the mathematics in the Bible, you will find it is fantastic proof because it is from a divine origin.

From another perspective, God said to Noah, “From now on human life will be 120 years.” Using the wobble calendar, Noah actually only lived 120 Gregorian calendar years after the flood, but it is counted by 2.9 spins on an earth axis that was quickly declining and still measured by counting solstice to solstice and adding to that, which therefore becomes 350 Bible years in that ancient calendar (2.9x120 = 350). In other words, the wobble keeps declining to be “one turn” during Moses’ time, which proves that he was not over 120 years old, but the wobble still continues going .8333 turns to finally rest at 23.5° on 21 December 2012 AD.

Let’s validate some information. Abraham was 175 years old, as recorded in the Bible. Previously, God had said 120 years would define the law of physics for the human life span. Look at the Genesis graph and notice that Abraham was actually 120 Gregorian years, when we count and divide it with wobble turns as indicated on the exponential curve (1.45 x 120 = 175 @1722 BC).

No human will get older than 120 Gregorian years when measured with the final Gregorian calendar, with an ancient wobble at rest at 2012 AD, because God cannot be a liar and makes the law. That would now be 11 laws as the 10 Commandment came later under Moses time. That law to limit the age for mortals will be lifter again when Jesus returns the second time as prophecy tells us that people will be living longer once more already proven that light is going faster. Check out those new discoveries postulated and give Princeton research center a call.

My opinion recently got a boost and when I saw on TV that our space satellite, GRACE measured an axis variation shift and blamed it on recent earthquakes. I disagree. The Aztecs predicted that on 21.December 2012, the wobble would be at rest. That is still futuristic from my standpoint, therefore a little fraction is still moving.

But we should consult Newton’s law of gravity, combined with an inertia force acting, thereby causing a reaction, which should point out that the inertia changing axis movement must come from the outside of the earth; or is still the momentum inertia from the last asteroid fizzling out, therefore from what was it measured? You should read the information in my Babushka book and compare the NASA information once more. That idea is worth the Noble prize for explaining Global Warming.

To explain a one-day and four hundred year ‘last’ wobble correction again, I remembered that 1942 was the coldest winter in Germany. Hitler lost half of the army by an early winter onset, which perhaps changed the outcome of World War II. My opinion theory could match scholarly records, too. The European history mentions a food shortage of major proportions at about 1550 AD. The population was reduced to half in Germany, due to an unusual mini-ice age that destroyed harvests across Europe, resulting in the extreme shortage of food.

Going in that direction for a Global Warming model, maybe we can theorize that climate warming will continue for another 58 years (1942+58 = 100 years = 90° or 2042 AD), but should be modified with Bible history. It should still be linked to computation, the same global place around Jerusalem that is recorded in ancient scrolls; a “Forest” (1000 BC) –“deep Grass” (BC/AD), but now we only see “Stone Dry” (2010 AD). This is the same neighborhood, converted to an exponential temperature scale model and calculated by trigonometry calculations from Noah’s Flood in [2288 BC] to [2012 AD]. After 2042, we can expect to see glaciers forming again, perhaps with another 400 year cycle (I doubt it, so check out the dating of the Apocalypse). Or perhaps the earth’s axis has finally stopped, which would make the top astrologers happy, because they would once again be united in their newspaper entertainment.

Check it out from a wider horizontal perspective and do not be befuddled by special interests in the government, hiding under university approved sanctions in order to get another grant. I hope I pointed your thinking in another direction. I do not expect to get recognition or win a Nobel Prize as God will reward faithfulness in the Jod dimension. I hope you will get there, too.

A Time Dimension Ended in “Zero”
35 AD [Daleth] or 3018 AD [Jod]?

One critical point was passed in history where the time was actually Zero, or extremely close to zero for a very short time; a billions times smaller than a Femtosecond. That will be proven with data as a witness, which everybody has heard about and is familiar with, but did not realize it at that time in history; that being that all life forms on earth were very close to death, as the solar system would have collapsed.

I write about it in my next book, What is the Time Dimension?, which is linked to defining light gravity, Strong force and Weak force, a new theory not known by scientists. If that would have happened, we would not have been born as the cosmos, like being SOMETHING would have returned and collapsed into NOTHING in a reversed Big Bang DOT, if you apply logic. Scientists believe that the NOTHING became SOMETHING very quickly and could also reverse with the same speed, since energy is never lost but is only converted, according to entropy laws.

That opens up another can of worms of speculation. Did the cosmos acquire immortality? If so, then by what force? What intelligence directs it to flow? That is just a little appetizer. You will read about it in the next book, when I analyze the “∞” infinite math hieroglyph, embedded in an ancient Tzolkin clock [2000 BC], which has two complete circles connected with a Time Dimension “dot” in the middle. That will teach us a lot in physics and metaphysics, which makes simple science so much fun for me.  

I remember a movie I had seen years ago in the Washington Science Museum that demonstrated how the universe and galaxies are each spaced so far apart. That same space exists inside every atom and electron, circling far around the nucleus. They demonstrated that when all the space and time dimensions were removed, the whole cosmos would fit inside a one pound coffee can.

That would be a cosmos DOT. Our schools no longer teach truth, but instead replaced it with funny stories with the usual monkey that kids like. Check out a number of popular magazines. Every six months they come up with another set of pictures of an alleged monkey discovery, just to keep you happy. I prefer to see reality, like galaxies photographed with the Hubble telescope.

Applying the ∞ concept to the cosmic gravity energy loop, there is so much more data in a closed loop system and it is difficult to pick a point because every event point is related to the next, much like a chain link in a girl’s bracelet. But one of the chain links looks like a lock, which is similar to a dot in the middle that closes or opens the extremely expensive bracelet loop. The cosmos too has lock without it we would not have an energy loop.

Analogy: When a Cinderella shows up with the priceless bracelet, it has value because the linkage works in a closed loop. Conversely, an open loop chain becomes instant junk in a second, if the linkage is broken when going to a party. Therefore, a Time Dimension is connected with an energy loop and should be investigated closer, if you are scientifically inclined. If the bracelet cannot be shown at the party, it would therefore because of “one” chain linkage, which starts the loop, which the entire bracelet depends upon. If you have many lights embedded in the bracelet, sparkling and flashing with electricity flowing inside a wire chain to indicate an energy flow, it would expand our bracelet analogy.

The cosmos is like a precious bracelet and is fueled by an invisible energy like electricity, which rejuvenates and causes many sparkling galaxies to shine and an earth energized with life embedded, in order to continue to exist, just like in a closed, looped system. That same energy flows in your body concentrated in your mind all conforming to the same laws. Only a divine energy exchange-two loops linked to a DOT can keep the cosmos going.

We fear when the energy light - DOT is turned off in our body, which is no different than the most expensive car running out of fuel in the middle of a desert. That is equal to interrupting a linkage which would stop the energy from flowing. Ask any medical doctor to explain the principle.

It is the same principle as your wall switch that turns the light on or off, with a switch linked to the energy source. That could mean life or death illustrated if your head is under a French guillotine that simple.

That, my scientist friend, happened 2000 years ago, where time was near Zero = Taw for a cosmos to collapse. That event could be interesting to mathematicians but will be a hard nut to crack not understanding the laws governing the metaphysics; guaranteed! Let’s open the science widow for some fresh air, which could wake us up from sleep to discover more of Global Warming.

Fossilized Customs-The Pagan Source of Popular Customs, Lew White, Strawberry Island Publisher,2303 Watterson Trail PMB 26, Louisville, KY 40299 USA

Femtosecond pulse 15  (=a millionth of a billionth) reveals how quickly nuclei of atoms rearrange during a reaction. Ahmed Zewail, Caltech 1999-Nobel Prize.


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