Reflections on Global Warming

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Section 4 – Second Witness Speed of Light Changes


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Speed of Light Changes

Visible light frequency which we recognize is calibrated only to our mortal eyes, but the invisible infinite energy coming from the cosmos is transformed on the second entropy level, which is converted inside the sun in a nuclear energy exchange reaction.

The sun was designed on the fourth day in the creation cycle and works like a transformer for a complete system; such as one side having the infinite high potential, while the other side has the lower finite energy side that shines visible light that is not dangerous and is useful for fuelling all bio-cells which are only found on earth.

As we analyze light from the sun, we see that it comes to us embedded with a certain frequency that we can measure with instruments. However, it is positioned in the middle of the frequency spectrum infinitely small, like ten billion times billions in size - a tiny narrow sliver, which is exactly in the center of the frequency spectrum. It is visible and seen with our eyes and we can all agree that it has the seven rainbow colors embedded in it.

On one side, it becomes infrared, which is invisible to our eyes and is on a downhill curve. We use it in technology like TV, telephone and government communications, right down to the lowest sound wave frequency for Wales to talk with each other. Yet notice that all those frequencies below are not dangerous to life.

The other frequency site of visible light spectrum is also invisible, becoming higher, like ultraviolet killing bacteria, X-ray killing cells and Beta and Gamma rays, which kill everything. We should take notice that it will kill us too and think about it. Why?  

Life can only exists and flourishes with billions of life forms at that tiniest frequency sliver, which is so small that only the most expensive instrument can measure it. However, there is more beyond gamma rays and beyond technology, but only mathematics can quantify it because it touches the infinite metaphysical realm; which is another universe superimposed on the visible universe.

Yet ultimately, when investigating the evidence, we have no other choice but to conclude that there must be a designer; provided of course, that you are not comatose but using your built-in intelligence, which can get a lot more questions answered. For some, it is ecstasy discovering a treasure; for others, it makes no difference since they settled for a monkey story. Denying so much in nature and believing lies enforced by the atheistic establishment should be linked to metaphysics, which will be much better at defining nature and the cosmos.

 Either we know our destiny, that our existence is meant to be elevated to a saint, or we become denigrated with what is painted in every science museum that postulates a theory with the beginning of mankind being illustrated with a monkey fairytale that was never proven with science. The evolution theory is not possible; not if you apply entropy laws and if you are honest. Otherwise, it therefore only becomes another religion.

If you want to know the reason behind Global Warming from a fully-rounded perspective, you should include the energy source beyond the sun, which has embedded laws of physics and is still guided by the law that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  

We can follow the trail of embedded intelligence and apply it to our civilization which is heading for a collapse once more as predicted and can therefore prove science with metaphysics for a better understanding. I summed it up in a fully-rounded perspective, which never has been attempted by science or church, which caused many feathers to be ruffled, like Galileo experienced when trying to educate the establishment, even upsetting theologians.

Check it out and expand a horizontal 360° view, which includes the forbidden metaphysics.  Here is just a list where you can check out the information later. In a nutshell, I just highlight what caused Global Warming from another perspective, which is forbidden in universities.

I will quote recent science discoveries, which were copied from the Internet or magazines, just to contrast it with metaphysics, and let you be the judge and decide what you can put your trust in, since it is linked to your life, which is only found on earth. You should know its destiny; it’s not a fairytale, but do check it out with logic and science for a fully-rounded perspective.

We all know that light is needed to grow food that is linked to a bio-conversion system within the cell structure. If very little light exists, then only a mushroom will grow or nothing at all, but if we add light in the greenhouse, then tomatoes grow faster. However, if we understand the Thermodynamic entropy laws, we will understand that light from the sun is the fuel of all life forms, but it is only from the second entropy level, averaged at 186,000 mi/sec; cascading down to a lower speed.

Yet scientists do not know the first entropy light level, which is invisible and cannot be measured with instruments. We notice that our sun burns in atomic fusion and exchanges energy from a higher level to a lower level and from Hydrogen to lower Helium, which is categorized in the periodic table. Where does the higher energy come from? If you figured it out, you will understand Global Warming, which is explained further in my report.

Investigating cells from fossil bones under a microscope, we will see that they are larger because the light speed was higher in ancient times, which will be proven later. However, notice also that in amber, bubbles formed from the sap of trees three times larger. We measure twice the oxygen percentage in the atmosphere, since oxygen is the fuel, which keeps you and me alive. Then, in geology, we find the evidence of prehistoric animals and plants that are also larger, buried in mud and shale.

Noah's Children?Summing it up once more, we are investigating an ancient time that reveals that everything was bigger, vegetation growing in profusion and in numbers exceeding the 70% mark, before the extinction caused by Noah’s asteroid. Fossil bones of dinosaurs, surrounded by a global tropical climate, were even discovered under three miles of deep ice and the massive coal deposit tells of a catastrophe of recent times. As a matter of fact, in the Midwest, a substantial river comes out from a mountain. Venturing inside to find its source, one will find vaulted chambers full of ice. Question: How did the ice get inside the deep mountain?

In my report, which we will repeat here, there are some interesting but forgotten observations, which are linked together in a theory to help it all make sense, since much confusion exists, having been blinded by an evolutionary religion that is not based on science. Foremost, ancient clocks that are now decoded reveal an earth-axis wobble and a number of calendars from ancient times.

The Aztecs seemed the most confused as they kept rebuilding pyramids one on top of the other, to align with the stars, 5 and 7 times, which are displayed in the outdoor museums in Mexico City.  But thanks to them, we see that only our scientists are confused and that they do not understand why the Aztecs were so crazy, spending all their money for nothing and sacrificing thousands of victims, believing that it was the reason the gods messed up a calendar. It did not fix the calendar, yet someone invented a replacement; someone who got tired of the senseless killing of people, so they invented stone skull-heads and aligned them on a wall. I counted 105.

I am sure that was a cheaper way to measure a declining wobble, rather than building yet another pyramid on top. Now stone skull-heads revealed an earth axis wobble calendar, which still has the residual of a previous earth axis travel around the sun, divided into 7 times in 52 days. This is reversed from our perspective of 52 weeks, with each at 7 days per week, which is only an accounting difference, yet fundamentally it reveals what the Global Warming was before the asteroid hit the earth on 5 February 2287 BC.

An accounting system must conform to physics, as we measure our time reference from solstice to solstice, which has not changed, if the solstices are the same because our earth is still going around the sun in an orbit, creating a calendar in order to measure time. That is the problem with our thinking. We are denying the history embedded in the Bible and reject anything linked to it, proving that an evolutionary religion is only based on unscientific facts and should only be treated as an opinion, unless you have 3 witnesses to establish it as facts.

A Bible Witness for Global Warming

For example, in the books of Kings and Chronicles in the Bible, 1,000 years before Christ, it reports that David was hiding 20,000 of his warriors in a forest, in order to avoid fighting against 40,000 Philistines. Notice it mentioned “forest”. It would take a real forest to hide 20,000 armed men.

A thousand years later at the same location, Jesus had 7,000 people gather in lines of hundreds on the deep grass to feed them. No forest is mentioned, but deep grass is.

Go visit Jerusalem in the 21st century, and you will not even find the deep grass anymore, just desert. That scenario is a climate change incremented over thousands of years by trustworthy witnesses recording what they saw.

The ancient Babylonian hanging garden was surrounded by a thousand lakes and forests and was bathed in mild climate; now only hot sand is seen today, as it all disappeared, buried under baked brick foundations.
Therefore, from 2287 BC we can, with the help of computers and trigonometry sine-cosine tables, very accurately calculate correlations of history and environmental conditions. Basically, one needs to apply a half circle representing our globe.

Look at it from an equatorial perspective toward the poles and track the history of European tribes and nations by following the snowline. They emigrated further north, as recorded by eyewitnesses. Avoid the speculations of brainwashed scientists who believe in fairytales, which will cloud one’s perception and reasoning regarding climate change possibilities.

I feel sorry for Mr. Gore, but nevertheless, he got some money postulating fairytales for gullible people. His ignorance of the Bible is so obvious that it contributes to his errors about global warming. My spin axis hypothesis teaches fact from a different perspective, like an iceberg, which remains unseen underwater, so they create more lies. But global warming will reveal more in time, guaranteed!

Scientists are not always serious. They can have some fun, too.

The KG Standard Weight IPK Prove Climate Change

The proof that light is changing was recently discovered in Princeton University but can also be linked and demonstrated in Sevres Cedex France. We have learned that gravity affects light as the speed of light generally known to be approximate 186,000 miles/sec./@ 2000 now measured to be 300 times faster @2010.

There in France secure in an extreme climate controlled fault is a perfect kilogram safeguarded for every weight measurement in the world. It is the original shiny platinum-iridium alloy metal cylinder dedicated to be the standard where all others kilogram weights are measured against it. It was created in 1879 as an official standard of mass. Read that special article written by Dava Sobel in the Discovery Magazine, March 2009–Field Notes-Within a secure, climate-controlled vault in France, the perfect kilogram watches over every weight measurement in the world.

Its conclusion as panic set in to discover that IPK weight is on a diet and lost or gained some weight depending from which perspective the original standard measured against its 6 sisters, that change weighted about 30 micrograms or 30 billionths of a kilogram in a hundred years. It is analogue like losing 30 cents out of $10 million stack of pennies. What happened in an ultra secure environment not possible for someone to mess around? This alarming show of instability is driving global efforts to redefine the kilogram so that mass need not depend on the safety or stability of some manufactured item stored in a safe place.

But before we spend billion Dollars flowing into somebody’s pocked read my Donut Atom book, which is redefining how an atom really works as platinum and iridium is a metal containing atoms. In it I state that light is affected by gravity slowing down as discovered by Dr. Albert Einstein, which redefined gravity with light bending around a galaxy. However gravity is a force we all can test just jump off your computer-chair. A change in gravity will change your weight about a potato chip in one year measured by the moons gravity moving slightly away from earth, hence can now be measured in France another way by using an over hundred years old IPK which lost or gained some weight worth 30 cents. That addition science can be consolidated for those not educated in an evolution religion prohibiting science discussion in universities because it is embedded in the Bible. Anyway it is a free book of sixth Babushka concept book series (A Donut Atom Nuclear Story - How the Universe was Created) to educate those interested in science from a Bible perspective. Scientists are baffled by that changed weight discovery and I link it to climate change.  

Previously, I described climate changes caused by an axis wobble over a range of 4,300 years. That by itself will slowly melt the ice deposits on the poles at a certain rate. Yet in the last 15 years, we noticed an acceleration of the melting rate. That acceleration has caused heated discussions in scientific circles: is it manmade or is it caused naturally? My opinion is both and that is explained in the second part of my story, proving that the speed of light is changing.

The IPK Standard really measures gravity influence on a certain element, which in this case is platinum, that being of a certain size in relation to the earth-moon gravitational pull. Gravity pulls the standard towards the center of the earth, but it is also influenced by the pull of the sun.

The velocity of the earth prevents us from being sucked into the sun’s fiery furnace. Therefore, a change in gravity changes weight. But what could cause gravity to change? Is the cause manmade or is the cause another asteroid? No such occurrence has been reported in the last 15 years, yet what caused the change in the IPK standard, that is, was it its gravitational pull?

Previously, I mentioned that the slowing speed of light would increase gravity. There is a teeter-totter relationship mentioned by Dr. Albert Einstein, but another phenomenon influenced by mankind can add to the equation. In the last 15 years, we have been sending junk into orbit around the earth. Space stations, hundreds of satellites and debris from old experiments like Sputnik are still circling the earth. Seeing it from space, there is a lot of junky stuff floating around, which makes the earth look like it has grown like a soap bubble full of debris.

That could change the sum total deflecting gravity, as it creates a bigger diameter for the earth’s mass orbiting around the sun. If higher weight changes of the IPK were influenced by gravity change, then perhaps the earth has moved closer to the sun. If so, then it gets a little warmer on earth. It is obvious that the only changes recently noticed on earth have been the satellites in orbit, along with a declining axis wobble. All of this stuff in orbit pulls on each other, just like a rubber band does in a slingshot. That is explained a little later.

Another manmade climate change possibility is explained in my next 7th Babushka book, which was seen recently on TV. The governments have built large microwave installations in Alaska, Norway, Russia and China, which seems to be a new weapon to alter the jet stream. When pointed to the upper jet stream, microwave will heat up and deflect, which causes drought in one area and flooding in another. This was recently tested numerous times and it works. America recently experienced horrendous floods, unheard of before, which were countered in China.

This was all seen on TV. The Russians are in the middle messing around too. The experimentation of the Norwegians had a backlash. Watch the NEWS about Iceland’s volcano, which resulted in revenue loss into the billions across Europe. Microwave even pointed into the ground can turn earthquakes on and off, as demonstrated on the National Geographic Magazine TV channel in 2010. Global Warming is a mixed bag; just look around. It seems like a stretchable rubber band model that is influenced by a flexible gravitational relationship, which should also include atmospheric pollution and the variable sizes of holes in the polar ozone shields.

Read my Pearl #125 on a changing IPK to understand this principle. If I were God, I would put a stop to any human activity polluting the earth in space, as it is changing our climate at an increasing rate, causing extinction on a massive scale, which will be very detrimental to the next generations. The Apocalypse 2008-2015 is certain, as Jesus said watch the signs of God’s correction to save his world once more, read Noah’s story. Now you have three more witnesses added to a Global warming discussion. One is microwave installations and the other is the debris of previous satellites which are still circling the earth, added to the IPK all indicating gravity changes that are linked to the climate changing. Remember it when you read more later.

A Moon Witness After 2287 BC

Pondering it once more from the perspective of how gravity affects the moon’s orbit around the earth, I decided to check how ancient calendars recorded the time of its orbit. Due to the moon’s relatively large size and proximity to the earth, any changes in the earth’s movements would affect those of the moon, and vice versa. If one slows down, the other will too. They are connected by a rubber band of gravitational force, which delays the reaction to any disturbance like an asteroid strike, so that it is indicated in the movements a little later.

If ancient clocks tell us that the earth wobble will come to rest in 2012 that means the moon follows a little later in becoming totally synchronized to the earth’s new position. Unless disturbed again, prophecy and science together predict another asteroid strike from a sizable rock that is already near and is in an orbit of 825 days. Its rendezvous with the earth is the Apocalypse’s prophesied end, which I have calculated to take place on 17 September 2015.

Why does the pre-Flood 17 September 2287 BC match to the day with 17 September 2015? The answer comes as the X-axis changed to a Y-axis that comes to rest on 21 December 2012 at a 72° precession of the equinoxes. Only Bible prophecy gives a full answer to that overlay.

When the original asteroid plunged into the earth in 2287 BC, it added a little mass, but it also caused a much bigger reaction by transferring horrendous energy inertia, which changed the velocity and direction of our earth’s movements. In a rubber band gravitational relationship, the moon is affected also. This is proven in the 100 BC Greek Antikythera clock mechanism that is made with bronze gears based on a 13.368267 ratio, reflecting the motions of the moon.

If you check out the Aztec calendar, it started with a 14.30 ratio, which improved as the bronze gears calculated to 14.305789 with more fractions. If we compare these three witnesses for a wobble, this is what I get:

    1. Aztec and Antikythera clock changes - (14.305789/13.368267 = 1.07)
    2. Moon to earth cycles in days - (30.5/28.5 = 1.07)
    3. Earth orbit days - (365.24/360 = 1.01)

As the moon has not come to rest, the fraction indicating our earth orbit is like a gravitational rubber band and should have been 1.07, too. Yet notice the smaller fraction also in 2012/72°; therefore, the moon will catch up a little later. This calculation requires scientists who are more educated than me to figure it out. So observe that the moon orbit is still changing and must catch up to our earth cycles.

How is that possible, given the assumptions of evolution’s fairytales? The moon moves away from the earth 2 inches on an average per year, changing its gravitational relationship to the earth, which may be expressed as being equal to a weight change measured in potato chips, or the IPK World Standard weight change in micro kilograms that were recently documented by science.

All those facts, when investigated, are causing Global Warming which is now hopefully better understood. Some scientists measure the change at 1½ inch as seen on TV and should include the gravity changes measured by tidal variations that are influenced by the moon gravity. Moon velocity cycles can be compared to a train. We all know the train (earth) now travels 365.24 days around the sun. But the moon is a little different when viewed from the velocity perspective. There we notice that in half the cycle, the velocity will go faster, relative to the sun and in the other half of the cycle, it slows down, relative to the earth’s motion around the sun.

It is like a long train orbiting around the sun and the passenger is the moon. He is not sitting on a bench but walks around, going first in the direction that the train is traveling and then turns around to go in the opposite direction of the train’s motion. This should be linked to the wobble, too.

Both actions affect the passenger’s relative velocity in regards to the destination or any reference point. In this case, the moon has been turning around endlessly for 4,300 years from the asteroid strike disturbance. Its motion is affected in a way similar to how a clock pendulum is thrown off and shakes a little when it is disturbed by a child.
From the velocity perspective, when we add it to the train speed, it goes faster. Yet turn around and walk in the opposite direction and it becomes slower, making up for lost time.

That is the clock adopted by the Hebrew scribes, except for the train’s speed change. Since we are inside the train without windows (or like being in a closed elevator) we do not notice velocity changes. However, if we have some reference points from history, we could use mathematics to determine it. This is what drove the Aztec priests crazy when they saw 260 days passing by for a solstice year and not what was originally measured in the calendar that they inherited from before Noah’s Flood, a clock of 360 days. The reason behind it was a backwards moving wobble, which made one year appear shorter.

It took centuries to get smart enough to make the bronze Antikythera clock mechanism with 32 gears and mathematically capture it in a constant 14.305789. It was designed by a genius to measure flexible calendar clock time as it slowed down. Julius Caesar got smart and changed the calendar from 10 months to 12 (December). November means 9 and October means 8. Later, Pope Gregory added 14 days to correct it, as fractions of days add up.

The Pope and Caesar were big shots who had the power to change the seasons, as well as make the farmers happy because it was easier to grow food and make a profit, which advanced civilization. Today, we believe in fairytales and need another authority to make some changes. That is why I trust the Bible to explain scientific facts much more than what is printed in schoolbooks and edited by an atheistic evolution religion.

They are a bunch of liars, the worse kind; when you watch our environment destroyed and the genetic modification of our food, so that it will never reproduce again for the next generation.

We tolerate crimes committed in our midst, right on up to the largest corporation cartel like Monsanto who is genetically screwing up what Noah went to a lot of trouble to preserve, which were the original seeds and animals he placed in the Ark. Watch God; we do not have to wait very long, as we look forward to God’s Kingdom on earth, which will put an end to such evil destroying the food for mankind and causing much extinction seen globally everywhere.

Back to our story… the spin of our earth orbit is a mean average of 30.5 days compared to the moon’s 28.5 days. The difference is 2 days and acts more like a rubber band dragging behind, rather than what it should have been. The earth slowed down 5.24 days with the added mass and energy inertia from the asteroid. That caused a delayed reaction of the moon as influenced by the earth’s gravity.

While modern science can measure the gravitational forces and orbits of the earth and moon, it could not figure out ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums. This is because they believe in evolution fairytales. They probably will not measure the changing moon cycles to test my theory either. They could use positioned satellite instruments to prove my point, but my ideas incorporate the Bible, so this idea will not be tolerated by evolutionists.

Let’s review how the exponentially parabolic slowing earth axis wobble influenced the earth’s orbit velocity around the sun by 5.24 days since ancient times, as well as its implications. We have some reference points recorded for us from ancient times that are embedded in geology for us to overlay by applying modern physics.

Earlier, I stated that the scientists measured the moon’s gravity pull on the earth. They discovered that it is changing due to a slowly increasing distance (about 2 inches/year) from the earth or 8600 inches since Noah’s time, which also means the moon is taking a bit longer to orbit around the earth. It is as if we become one potato chip heavier every year.

Adding that difference across 4300 years, we get the number 8600 (inches), which should be exponentially projected from our time. It will therefore accelerate much higher, such as the ratio of light changes, which has been explained in recent times. Only a NASA computer could tell us more.

If the earth’s velocity was significantly slowed, it would eventually get sucked into the sun. On the other hand, if it circled faster, centrifugal forces would push it further away from the sun. Changing the earth’s distance from the sun would cause horrendous climate changes. If it gets too close, all the snow and ice would melt because temperatures would increase. If it was further away, then ice would form miles deep on the poles and reach toward the equator, since global warming indicates gravity changes (IPK) are moving closer to the sun.

History reports and science verifies that in ancient times the Polar Regions collected miles of deep layers of ice through the larger earth wobble. Then the physics model above tells me that the earth experienced a velocity change. That is proven historically by the changes in calendars around the world. Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory had the power to change a calendar, even if the priestly establishment was against it.

That is not always the case. Just ask some Orthodox Monks from Russia. That split is not even settled yet. They have two calendars in parallel, but they must now be forced together by NASA research, which is better equipped with computers and modern instruments, which was not possible during the Middle Ages.

But science today believes in many ‘evolution religion’ fairytales that are enforced by an academic priesthood controlling the universities. This oppression of open discussion causes horrible confusion and bitter in-fighting over issues like global warming. That could end if we look at all of nature and compare it logically with the history of the Bible from a dual rail perspective.

Just follow the path of geology to witness an embedded speed of light reduction, ancient mystery clocks in many museums ending in a NASA calendar and lastly, how it’s linked to a Donut atom theory of how the universe was formed, along with a great many other facts that are on the table.

The moon’s increasing distance from the earth in its expanding orbit tells me some things about global warming from another perspective. Think of the moon and the earth as one unit, as all forces add up and become a mixture of the two. Let’s see what happens to the pair when something happens to one of them. Once more, the moon is on an elliptical, not circular, orbit around the earth. Its path takes it farther, rather than closer, to the earth.

Ask the questions, “Why is it not circular? Did an asteroid influence and jerk the moon also by zipping by too close? Now what happens when the moon is closer to the earth?”

Its speed from horizon to horizon increases and conversely when it is farthest from the earth, its speed decreases. What happens, then, when you try to compute the Molad with a fixed length of day? Jewish scholars missed the mark. 

Time variation of this means Molad versus the actual new moon can vary by as much as (plus or minus) 17 hours at 2010 AD.  God has specified an easy way to establish the beginning of each new month: New moon, new month - a much easier calendar to start the Hebrew holidays, which were instituted by Moses. To explain the laws of physics using my kid and his looking at the moon, could broaden our knowledge horizon.

As a kid, I had a slingshot, which taught me physics. If I had a longer string, the inertia would be bigger. Inertia is influenced by a mass (my stone) kept in motion (velocity). If the mass is the same, the inertia would change when the velocity changed: my slingshot stone would be circling faster.  A change in velocity produces less or more force, even if the mass (stone) is the same. At higher velocity, the stone would fly further, but think, if my string were a rubber band, what would happen? The same inertia would be present, but now we have introduced a time dimension, which would take a little longer to get the mass going (my stone). The basic laws still apply as in the example of my slingshot, but the reaction itself is spread out and delayed a little.

In this analogy, the rubber band is gravity. That is the model of the moon being pulled by the speed of the earth, which slowed from 360 to 365.24 days to complete one orbit around the sun in about 4,300 years.

In 2288 BC, the earth experienced an asteroid strike that decelerated its inertia and caused a rotational wobble. Ice formed miles deep on its poles, but the moon, connected with rubber band gravity, stretched a little more to compensate. Due to this inertia, the moon runs a little behind (2 days), which explains the change in its rotation pattern when compared to the earth.

Read the first witness again and compare it to the rubber band sling shot/gravity relationship. When the earth slowed down, it would shift to orbit a little closer around the sun as the change in velocity was influenced by inertia. The climate on earth would get a little warmer.
That change will melt the ice caps from three miles thick, which was initially formed when the wobble was twice the angle [94°]. It then declined to one mile thick in about 4,300 years as the earth decelerated, in order to add those extra 5.24 days a year and to rest with an angular position 23.5° (47° wobble) axis, which is now half.

The angular direction impact of the asteroid near the equator determines if the earth is nudged to go faster or slower. In our case it was against the daily earth rotation. That piled up mass in the front as the inertia kept going and it cannot be stopped on a dime. That would cause a high tilt-up of the mountains, as mass cannot penetrate a glass-hard substrata which uplifted tectonic plates like frost on top of liquid metal. Some slide more easily, while others are more anchored at the base.

In California we see a wavy blanket, but check out your paper globe and compare the Chile mountain range, which was lifted in the same way in North America as the Rocky Mountains were in Wyoming and Colorado, considering the impact in the Gulf of Mexico, I postulate. The declining velocity changes of the earth did not happen all at once. You have already noticed an ancient cause for global warming. I end my story by explaining an asteroid impact possibility.

Check out the physics and play with a rubber band slingshot in order to get a feel for what happened. Global warming should also be studied from this new perspective. Have you ever wondered about why the earth travels in an elongated ellipse and not in a circle around the sun? Only an asteroid could change the earth wobble and influence it into an elliptical orbit, which is verified by science.

Other planets have perfect circles, so I conclude that there must have been a cause for such an effect, as Newton teaches us and we still apply logic. Then it occurred to me. The circular path must have been disturbed by the asteroid strike in 2287 BC.

Do not assume that the orbital path is fixed and that it comes back to the same spot as in the rubber band slingshot analogy. Or explain the global mountain range on the West Coast of the Pacific, which did not happen 60 million years ago, if you still believe in unscientific fairytales.

Fun with Raw Chicken Eggs

As a boy, I had some fun with eggs. Mark a 3x3 foot window frame with some tape on your garage door and start an experiment. This will teach you a little more than a slingshot, if you do not mind the mess it creates. This time, take a dozen raw eggs (if you feel like a baseball player) and throw an egg toward the center as fast as you can and aim at your marked window frame from 20 feet away.

Try it and you will discover that if you ever hit the window, the egg will be all over the wall and not where you pointed your throw. That teaches you physics, but it might get you in trouble with someone, seeing as eggs are splattered all over the garage door. Why didn’t the eggs hit the center of such a large target? The inside of the egg is liquid, which will be offset by the velocity acceleration. Similarly, the center of the earth is liquid, too.

That is also the reason for the spectacular volcanic eruptions, occasionally seen on TV, which will show the flow of hot liquid lava, just like the one in Iceland in April 2010, grounding all airplanes for a time, with the ash shooting high up to the stratosphere. That causes the earth’s orbit path to never come back exactly the same, even over hundreds of years, which therefore changes a climate. The earth never retraces its orbit exactly where it traveled last year or any previous year. That is what my egg experiment taught me, and I linked this observation to global warming.

We must put that into the equation too, but I am not that smart. I need someone from NASA to insert my egg experience into a computer program to get a better picture as to why the earth center ballast is now offset by 23.5°. An elliptical orbit with a wobble, with a rubber band to mimic gravity acceleration, will always be cyclic. In mathematics, we know the time factor is 4300 years, when the earth changed an axis wobble and came to rest and we know the deceleration force. We could therefore even calculate how big the asteroid was.

The rubber band gravitational force would also slow down our earth and should be added to that equation, like a flywheel that loses inertia by another cause and will therefore vary in temperature, being closer to the sun-oven, hence becoming warmer globally. Ultimately, the rubber band and not evolution fairytales will be revealed mathematically, when the solar system has run out of energy to Taw. See the picture again from the Hubble telescope that shows our galaxy from space and compare it with my new donut atom theory; a good model for understanding the metaphysics that comatose atheists do not allow you to read.

Do not take it for granted that the sun will burn steadily for billions of years. Science measured the diameter of the sun, which is getting smaller. If you use that amount each year and mathematically multiply it with the 13 billion ‘fairytale’ years, it would make the sun so large that it would be impossible for life to exist or evolve, as likely as being kissed in some cosmic Cinderella frog story. It would change gravity that is holding our earth and moon in orbit, which would be outside the very narrow range for life to exist on earth.  

Calculating the sun’s diameter, where life would disappear on earth, does indeed point to a very short time, which I estimated to be 10,000 Gregorian years, thereby proving the Hebrew-Aztec date of 4488 BC very reasonably, and would also demonstrate a creation model. I can just see my scientist friends’ feathers ruffled, just mentioning 10,000 years, because an evolution religion is so ingrained that they can no longer see the trees in a fogged forest. Explain your Global Warming version to me because it’s already causing extinction in my neighborhood. Read the next story, “Australia’s Big Dry”, which is filled with information from a lot of scientists who live there.

The assumption that light in prehistoric times is the same as what we measure today is another fairytale and will be covered in my next 7th Babushka book. Even today, scientists get different measurements and cannot agree amongst themselves, which creates confusion. They do not realize that when light goes through a filter (our air and gravity), it is not the same around the globe as light is to gravity.

It is related to a teeter-totter law embedded with a time dimension, which is a totally new concept affecting Global Warming. Explaining a parabolic time-light-gravity curve pictured in my next book may hopefully open up some discussion, if you want to know about Global Warming from a metaphysical perspective and make it visible in a physics spectrum.

Tree Ring Evidence

I have another proof for my theory, besides the IPK weight in France. In going to church in Comptche, California, which is a tiny community with only one store and a firehouse large enough to have a party, sometimes people are more interested in studying science than in listening to the pastor. Sitting at the end of the pew, I noticed and investigated the rings of the wood left behind. The bench was made from solid redwood with 3 x 24 inch side boards. The rings across are very visible, showing some seasons as fat and some as lean, based on the rainfall for that year.

This end piece of the bench represented about 300 years, if I count the rings and allow one year per ring. What I noticed was that some rings were very fat, about 1/8 inch wide and others were much thinner.  Some were as small as one paper sheet thick and barely visible. From fat to thin and back to fat, the rings that were counted were about 60-90 bands. Even all the fat ones varied in size. One would be 3 inches wide, while another was doubled. That indicates a climate change in my neighborhood, which is surrounded with redwoods that need lots of rainwater.

The Anderson Valley is now covered with vineyards, whereas 100 years ago, only apple trees grew. Some apple dryer sheds are still around as a tourist attraction. Now wine tasting is fashionable. Grapes could not grow in my neighborhood a hundred years ago because it was too wet and cold, as verified by my observation of the redwood pew boards in my church. A dust bowl recorded in history is the other side of the coin, which is all connected to a changing climate.

This story is never ending, as it is like a mini babushka egg or an iceberg that is mostly underwater. This kind of study could reveal more about global warming. The sun and earth and moon relationships are absolutely critical, and their changes must match history across 4300 years and is even recognized in new discoveries, written about in A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. You should read it.

My new atom theory could overlay perfectly with what we see in the solar system. Compare the sun to represent God, only as a type, for example. It is like an infinite gravity energy center that attracts and propels the proton (earth) around and around, much like a proton, as I explain its behavior inside a donut atom. But the moon is linked like invisible neutrinos, or externally analogue, such as electrons around the atom similarly interacting with a regulating pendulum in my cuckoo clock, or as I mentioned, inside the moving train, walking up and down the aisle.

The moon, which is similar to the pendulum of a cuckoo clock and parallel to a nuclear station controlling an energy reaction conversion, has the function of dominating the time dimension. They overlay perfectly in the donut atom system theory, which tells me only a divine architect could have invented it.

The same intelligence model is embedded in the donut atom, forming elements. This also describes the earth-sun-moon system that expands to fill a universe replicated; with all galaxies having the same laws modeled and simulated as systems.

The moon, therefore, becomes the control mechanism for the biological energy emanating from the sun, doled out in increments. It became the basis for calendar clocks used by cultures around the world since ancient times. Without the moon controlling the earth cycle, life would not be possible and it can even be connected to a woman becoming pregnant. Just as the human monthly cycle is not a solar one but a lunar one, so Eve came out of Adam, like the cycle in the ocean coral reefs or turtles in the surf, exploding and spanning at the right moon, which the tide sets in the cycle for endless reproduction of millions of other specie creatures. That reveals the purpose in God’s Plan for humanity and explains why we have such a complex system, fine-tuned to the second. God promised that as long as the moon caused seasons, mankind will be around.

The Alpha (+one) force, such as the sun is confined and regulated by a moon surrounded by it. This would illustrate God’s command to bring forth seed and multiply, filling the earth. It ends with the Saints embedded in God’s design for mankind. His handiwork is replicated wherever I look, seeing it from a dual rail perspective which gives us a 360° view of what the Bible proclaims. Check it out and have some fun discovering more on a new perspective, scientific journey.

Australia’s Big Dry

I have added a magazine article for you to compare with my new theory:
“The Big Dry” Prolonged drought threatens Australia’s people, wildlife, and economy, by Emily Sohn, Science News October 27, 2007,

The headline on page 266 of this magazine screams out how severe global warming will become worldwide. This is only one example out of hundreds that I could report about regarding climate changes that affect our worldwide 21st century civilization. However, the scientists are very much divided over the cause. Most scientists are educated in an evolution theory, which became a religion. Therefore, they cannot see the forest, as too many trees obstruct surrounded in a science fog trying to define scientific observation.

I will quote some important points made by the author who wrote what is confronting people in a survival stage. There is no longer any time left for millions of people to discuss a cult evolutionary religion perspective, which distorts facts and invents fictitious but sacred theories about how the universe evolved.

They are not helpful in solving the massive water shortage problems that are now noticed around the world. The only way to delineate fiction from truth is to study human history, which can be dated. That gives us reliable data points on the exponential climate curve, starting from the last ice age reported in the Bible after Noah’s time 2287 BC. Just measure the rate of how thick the polar ice was in the last century.

Maybe now it is time to become serious, as economics will force us to reevaluate any information available, as millions of people and skyscrapers will be abandoned for lack of water. This has happened before. Historically, large towns in ancient civilizations relocated, leaving only ruins and temple buildings buried in sand. Do not think for a moment that modern technology is exempt from nature because the atheistic university priesthood says otherwise.

Australia is locked in a drought of drastic proportion. In recent years, rivers have reached record lows. Temperatures have spiked to record highs. Cities are running out of water. Wildfires are burning. Ecosystems are suffering. Climate models are predicting more of the same and worse, for many years to come. It seems like the Apocalypse has already started for the Australians.

As climate experts struggle to apportion blame between natural cycles and human activities, technically-minded researchers are looking for innovative ways to keep Australia’s tap flowing. Their struggle may provide important lessons for the rest of a warming globe.

“Australia’s ‘Big Dry’, with water precipitation declining 15-25 percent over the past decade,” says David Jones, head of climate analysis at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s National Climate Centre in Melbourne. What more is to come? Every 10 percent declination in precipitation leads to 30-40 percent in the decline of water that runs off land into streams and rivers. The runoff recession has greatly reduced the amount of water ending up in catchments, reservoirs, and dammed lakes. So the question on top for Australian economy is, WHY SO DRY?

Disentangling the numerous factors contributing to Australia’s extended drought is difficult for a continent that has experienced dry spells for a long time. Scientists educated in evolution myths postulate that Australia’s climate alternated with wet times over a period of millions of years, while using an obsolete carbon dating system.
Their theory goes like this: An interglacial period lasted from tens of thousands to millions of years time period, which has never been proven; therefore, it remains an opinion that is subject to change. Many notice that our earth is still relatively wet, even though a lot of water is tied up within ice.  My question is this. Where does the ice come from? Does it come from hundreds of thousands of years ago? That question can be answered with the data from the ancient bronze–gold clocks exhibited in museums, which are now deciphered.

Australia has a climate that is heavily driven by the warming of tropical waters in the eastern and central Pacific Oceans. The cooling of the same waters is called a La Niña, which comes in cycles ever 5-25 years. The big question is, does global warming bear the blame for the recent surge in El Niño that scientists cannot explain?

Global warming is a reality, and we cannot neglect Australia’s water crisis. Scientists must look at all available information like human activity, land clearing and clear cutting of the rainforest for agriculture. A Bible-centered climate change story, historically reported by eyewitnesses, should not be thrown out by an atheistic priesthood that controls our universities. We should look at every source of information available to make a climate computer model we can trust, or we will just run out of time squabbling about speculations from a cult religion that is the top dog in the bunch and only exists by being fueled by government grants.

The consequences of the evolutionary closed-minded bias are twenty-one million people in Australia without sufficient water. Nearly 90% live on the coast in the 5 largest cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The population has increased 25% since 1990 and is still growing. That will put stress on the economy. Compare the average water usage in America of 1,325 liters/day in 2006 to 350 liters/day for Australia.

Patterns of animal extinction and disappearing wildlife are speculated to range over 45,000 evolution years. There is a movement in some university quarters to correct those long ages as the evidence is now aligning with the appearance of the first humans on that continent.

Read the Australian Journal of Earth Science 2006 to notice that the data shows a long gradual decline of both large and small animals. The article describes a scenario with no signs of hunting, with a transition from lush forests to dry grasslands. This is a conclusion that is very controversial for unbalanced monorail scientists, educated in an evolution cult religion. A two rail system applying physics linked to the metaphysics is better for balance.

Using therefore the many Bible historic facts describes the same scenario over a 4,300 year span. This correct time span could help true scientists find ways to avert the same catastrophe in the future. Mr. Pitman cautioned, “You’ve got to be very, very careful what you blame on global warming” or other phenomena caused by humans, which needs policymakers to make the right decision. I add, “…not based on a pet evolution theory, which is not possible when it’s scientifically controlled by monorail universities that are not very balanced.”

That would solve the problem headlined, “What now?” Scientists around the world must sort out possible causes of world water shortages. Australia’s model could take the lead in fixing the problem by asking Israel to help in desalinization projects, as the price of water will surely go through the roof. Australians are rising to the challenge of living with less water, but they must continue to grapple with an environment that they don’t recognize anymore, “We really will run out of water if it doesn’t start raining,” Webb says. “It’s spooky.”

It gets worse saw on TV more information presented in a program by the National Geographic Magazine, April 2009 further describing “Australia’s Big Dry”. Farmers for century growing rice, wheat and corn, a major supplier in the food world market are out of business totally. Their large vacant farms for sale across the wide country site as water disappeared, the rivers are permanently dry. It created cheap real-state cannot find a buyer. That is replicated in America my neighborhood check out the collapsed real-estate made worse by crooked bankers.

Global Warming should be viewed from a dual perspective within a 360° theater in the round perspective and should include the history of the Bible. It will highlight our biases that have gone the wrong way. You be the judge or be spooked out with an empty glass of water. That would settle the climate warming, as postulated from the fairytale perspective, which is so popular today.

Evolution is so wacky and shaky that it requires massive enforcement on the general populations by teams of lawyers and police on school grounds all over America. My hope is that they will not burn my Babushka books. America is throwing out a historic Bible and other Christian books from school libraries, similar to what Hitler did in Germany. He did not last very long and America follows the same path when it should have learned from history.

I ask you to look into the Bible like a mirror. I encourage you to become wise, as described in Daniel 12:10. Daniel prophesied that there would be some wise people in the final days of our civilization, which would otherwise go totally corrupt and atheistic. The membership of the Wise Club is still open.

The information is available and is presented free on the Internet. It is assembled in my 7 Babushka books to subsidize what is no longer allowed. They give you the answers to the big questions and laid all our questions out on the line; questions we all have: Where, Who, What, When and Why.

I hope that you will become as pleasantly surprised in your discovery as I was during 2007. I can now look back and see that not one event or date needed to be revised. That is a miracle that is only explained by the metaphysical dimension.

That alone should shock us puny mortals into enough humility to bow before an eternal Creator God; especially One who has been so incredibly patient and loving towards us. His hand is yet open to offer each who would accept it, the incredibly generous gift of Eternal Life. You can change from the lowly caterpillar and put on some gorgeous butterfly wings; one of my favorite analogies used several places in my books. I encourage you to accept His offer and do your best to apply His Word in your everyday life.

Fossilized Customs-The Pagan Source of Popular Customs, Lew White, Strawberry Island Publisher,2303 Watterson Trail PMB 26, Louisville, KY 40299 USA

Science News, October 25, 2008 - Cooling climate “consensus” of the 1970s never was - Myths often cited by global warming skeptics debunked: by Sid Perkins at -

Two Satellites collide in Earth orbit Impact generate more debris than any other in recent years. SCIENCE NEWS, March 14, 2009.

I used 28.5 = the mean average of a 27.5545 anomalistic month and a 29.5358 synodic month (since they do not synchronize from ancient 2288 BC) in a declining wobble calendar. The range for this clock is 2288 BC to BC/AD.

The range of Earth’s orbit days from 2288 BC to 2012 was not constant. See the early chapters of the third Babushka book. Today, the earth takes a mean average of 365.24 to orbit the sun, which was not the same before the Flood.

Join OCA's Campaign to Mobilize One Million Consumers to End Monsanto's Global Corporate Terrorism,

GRACE in Space, A pair of Satellites map subtle variations in Earth Gravitational Field, revealing secret craters, undersea mountains of Climate Change. By Sam Flamsteed DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 2008, page 44.

More information is available in Geographic National Magazine, April 2009 further describing “Australia’s Big Dry”.

Gregory Webb, Geologist at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane

Climatologist McGowan presents a climate model in Geophysical Research letters.

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