Reflections on Global Warming

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Section 5 -
2015 and the Next Big Changes


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Predicting the Next Climate Change After 2015 AD

As previously mentioned, newspaper astrologers have a fight amongst themselves discussing a new phenomenon which divides their camp into two parties. There looms a new 13th zodiac sign, which has recently appeared. The fight is real, as 50% will adhere to the old zodiac system, which is pitted against from the upstart as it defends modern science. They need a referee like Mr. Gore is to the climate changing champions.

That political football is very profitable for some, but not necessary when it is connected with the truth about climate change. It may get lucrative money grants from governments and corporation cartels, but it will not lead to better understanding regarding what is really going on. Instead, it just transfers money from the taxpayers to someone else’s pocket.

The spin axis of 23½° has never really been investigated thoroughly by the science establishment since Galileo. I cannot find any reference that our earth axis is not moving, except in the newspaper columns written by astrologists, who are upset with each other over zodiac changes. This tells me that the earth axis is still not at rest.

By applying Newton’s laws, what we see linked to the earth axis today must have been different in ancient times, which is now verified with ancient clocks, exhibited in museums. Only an asteroid can change an earth axis. Depending on the size of an asteroid and inertia transferred, it would take hundreds of years to slow down a wobble. The Aztec calendar told us it would be 21 December 2012 for the axis to be at rest, which began 4300 years ago on 5 February 2287 BC, as calculated by other clocks.

Investigating a moving earth axis should be linked with the many facts presented in this paper to broaden our horizon. More discoveries showed up in the meantime, which are explained in the 7th Babushka book.

What is the Time Dimension? will define a new theory from a scientific and metaphysical perspective, which is all related to the fact that ‘light’ is changing. It seems to be polarized also, like a neutrino energy source that could reverse, heading into the Jod Dimension. Also, looking in that direction has tremendous possibilities that match up with Bible prophecies. It has even been mentioned on the Dr. Phil TV show that people are getting larger in size and living longer. Nature feeds 7 billion people. To supplement answers, many new concepts appear, such as my Donut Atom theory, replicated in galaxy pictures that match my new science model, corresponding with so many examples that are all linked to Bible prophecy.

This can be applied to climate warming, in that as we investigate the Bible to see things from the metaphysical domain, it was predicted that people will be living longer in the third civilization after 2018 AD. We could use repeated history as a model since it is linked to the consequences of the second civilization, where the climate changed drastically, as demonstrated by an asteroid in 2287 BC.

Now the Bible announces a climate change once again, when God’s wrath is poured out upon an atheistic, evil One-World-System that is destroying His creation. That civilization will experience the same fate as the Atlantis people, which is to be terminated and totally destroyed after the birthing of the Saints, just like a placenta is discarded and burned. God the Elohim will use the same tool again very effectively to cause changes with a second asteroid, which is already in orbit and is predicted to strike the earth once more on the 10th-17th of September, 2015. That could cause a flood again.

However, as we investigate Bible prophecy which is history written in advance, we now see a 52 Km rock orbiting in space, which has been tracked by science, which is much too large and would totally destroy our earth and must therefore break up in pieces and fragments. This matches with both Revelation and what the Aztecs and Toltec recorded, stating that the fifth cycle ends in a fire-rain.

Otherwise, as physics teaches, we will have another destructive flood, which God promised would never happen again. He signified His contract that He made with mankind with a rainbow, which we still see today. That is recorded in Genesis, but the knowledge is no longer allowed to be taught in our schools. I explained it all from two perspectives and put it together in Babushka egg concept books for the next generation to remember.

Although, seeing so many applications embedded in the Bible that match true science, I can postulate a scenario that the imbalance of a tilted axis, created by the first asteroid could be reversed from another asteroid. Yet it must come from a different direction so as not to trigger a gigantic wobble again, causing continents to shift which would end with an ice age. Yet again, prophecy after the Apocalypse projected a warm climate growing plants and vegetation in profusion, much like it was before Noah’s days when rain was still yet unknown.

This can be explained by light speed going faster again, causing bigger cell growth in a shorter time, but we should look further by looking at the gravity center of our earth, which was dislocated in ancient times. It ended up tilted, like offset ballast in a boat, at rest in a 23.5° axis position. It will no longer be moving on 21st of December 2012, as calculated from the Aztec calendar perspective, which is now better measured by modern GRACE satellites more accurately.

Read my previous egg-throwing experiment again, as it will reveal more, such as the interior of the magnetic nucleus of our earth being surrounded in a liquid that acts like a gyroscope inside an airplane instrument.

For the last 20 years, French scientists have visited the North Pole and measured its movements at 40Km per year and will be heading toward Siberia-Russia in the next 50 years.

The gravity center of the earth is just waiting to go back where it was originally balanced, just like a rubber band that has been stretched, which has a built-in memory that wants to go back in place when the forces are reduced.

Check out my rubber band-slingshot illustration again and try visualizing it as when the earth is nudged again. Just like a stretched rubber band needs to relax, it would happen when an asteroid hits the earth once again, only this time the inertia forces are directed backwards and must now come from a different angle, striking the earth on the south side of the equator.

Prophecy dates the precise time, which is focused towards the winter equinox axis position, when the North Pole is tilted away from the sun, when our earth is most vulnerable.

The predicted asteroid from space is attracted by the great sun gravity, but will be interrupted by an earth orbit crossing by. At that precise point in time, the earth is also positioned in-line with the spin angle direction turning in the same direction, because at that southern location (below the equinox) our earth is pointing directly toward the asteroid belt direction.

That would have two consequences, being based in physics that follow the entropy laws of Newton. However, as prophesied on the metaphysical side, it will therefore happen at the precise time and precise location because the Plan for Mankind was laid out before the earth was created and put into orbit. It is linked to the laws now governing and that were established on the fourth night-morning creation cycle. 

That event was not very long ago (4488 BC), which was proven with true science. It is based on ancient clocks and many witnesses, which oppose the modern fairytale opinions and which are controlled by an atheistic university priesthood who need billions of years to prove their theory, which has never been proven.

Finding a Possible Asteroid Impact Location on Earth [5 February 2287 BC]

When I saw a simple book for children showing our earth and planet relationship to the sun, I was impressed by how big the sun is and how very close our tiny ball, the earth in relation to the sun is like a pea seed to bowling ball.

Immediately, I thought that any asteroid coming from space, regardless of angle, would mostly hit 99.999 % of the sun first because of its size, distance relationship and attraction force known as gravity. The exception would be if we project an imaginary asteroid coming from outer space and moving horizontally towards the earth equator, or just bypassing it to then hit the equator of the sun. That gives us a very narrow angle of impact possibility on both sides of the earth equator.

Solar SurfaceI believe that the hugely amplified energy solar flares and sunspots are caused by asteroid strikes from outer space. We cannot see the speeding asteroid only the aftereffect. These outbursts indirectly cause climate change and telecommunications interference. Electricity blackouts occur as energy is transferred through radiation and temperature changes.

Focusing on the sun outburst looks like the shape of an inverted trumpet similar when you plunge a stone in the water pool. Space is Kelvin cold. It would immediately cool down debris and crystallize what was ejected under great pressure 1000 miles from the sun, but it is sucked back by immense gravity force which turned into a big ark because the sun keeps rotating, too.   

We must not forget that the outer planets all work like a shield against asteroids coming from space, which was even recently photographed, as we saw a number of huge asteroids, one right after another impacting Jupiter. Our moon is the last shield and we can see the impact craters with our bare eyes. However, I realized that only something close to the equator could produce an axis shift and to prove my theory, I started to look a little closer at my model globe. A paper model of our globe (earth) is a very useful tool to check out my theory and investigate different angular positions in order to find a possible location that an asteroid might have impacted in antiquity.

Let’s use the concept of architectural drawings, but they must show three side views to define a body in three dimensional space. Let’s take a pencil and some paper and sketch three-way positions of an imaginary stone coming horizontally from space, which would affect our earth. It is drawn like a small circle with a cross-line to indicate polar positions.

Finding the Asteroid impact area or angle let’s sketch a horizontal line that represents solstice positions, showing two small circles on either side of a big circle that represents the sun.

Asteroid Impact

Step 1 - Top View

Then we mark the Northern and Southern solstice in circular positions on either side of our two small circles representing the earth on the horizontal line. Since the earth axis does not gyrate and is fixed, we must mark the North Pole that appears to be offset on left side, and the South Pole offset on the bottom, which cannot be seen on the right side bottom circles. Looking from this top view enables us to visualize the tilt axis of our earth from a dot pole with a vertical center going through the equator of the earth.

According to the cause and effect rule, we can now see from which direction something must come in order to make the dot move closer to the sun in relation to the pole dot axis, which must be quadrant in order to effect a spin change. In conclusion, there is only one quadrant on the northern equator, or one quadrant on the southern side of the earth which is vulnerable, in order to be hit in such a way as to cause a spin axis to move and end, eventually changing to a 23 degree tilt angle.

Step 2

Expand that illustration. Now imagine turning the polar axis counter-clockwise and moving the axis horizontally, which is one quadrant; then repeat three more times and we are back. Comparing this with the Step #1 sketch, we can identify which quadrant could cause a possible tilt axis.  

Now we need a side view, like any architectural drawing have. Using the same top view sketch for a side view, we pencil in the same picture, but it now becomes the side view for finding a crossover point. Again, on either side we have two little circular balls and in the middle we have a big circle representing the sun.

Now let’s draw an imaginary line from the earth equator to the sun equator on both sides and we will have an angle projection within the path of an imaginary asteroid coming from space. Any object outside that angle does not affect the earth. However, in order to influence a tilt axis force, we will imagine an asteroid hitting the earth on the inside angle, which must be in a position close to the Tropic of Cancer line or Tropic of Capricorn. Both are shown on both sides of the diagram of small circles.

So in the original Aztec earth spin axis, we could imagine an asteroid shooting toward the sun along the horizontal North Pole/South Pole axis to align with the horizontal line of the earth-sun-earth circles. From this, we can form a conclusion from the two possibilities that exist.

If an asteroid shoots along our horizontal line and would hit the South or North Pole, no tilt axis change is possible. Remember the little circle is turning, which is the “X” axis. The day movement twist would not change either. The other possibility is if the asteroid hits close to the equator of the earth inside the angled line projection. Then again, the day twist would not necessarily change, but the polar axis can be affected toward a new spin location, ending with 23rd degree.

Step 3

We have now found the only two points of possibilities to affect a tilted axis change either on the northern half of our earth or southern half. Together with the one quadrant possibility of the first step, we must now look for the cause and effect side to determine where along the Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn could be the candidate of an impact site, depending on the “X” axis earth spin at the time of the quadrant of step 1 step first, and coming together in the second equatorial possibilities.

Now I am ready to look for the effect side. I am looking for fractures of land after the impact like a trailing tail and in front there will be crinkles or uplifts of huge mountains. So take your paper globe and look down on the North Pole and check out the equator all around the globe, and then do that with the South Pole as you look at the raised mountain ranges.

Here is my best guess:

  1. Best GuessNorth Pole projection – Gulf of Mexico.
    Only one choice exists along the Tropic of Cancer. The asteroid would have a scattering trailing effect on the North Pole and go across Canada, Hudson Bay, Victoria District and Greenland.

  2. South Pole projection - two possibilities:
    1. Along the Tropic of Capricorn, from Madagascar to the western edge of Australia, with frontal effects shoving mountains that would be lifted up in Northern India / Nepal / Bhutan.

    2. Along the line of Tropic Capricorn, from Archipelago in the middle Bolivia-Argentina, with the mountains lifting up in Chile.

Any projected impact will have different effects, either going into or against the direction of the earth’s axis spin. Going against the earth’s velocity will result in horrendous tectonic changes. If the daily velocity movement of our earth is just stopped for a moment by the front of the impact, it would cause a sliding action on the top of the harder earth surface like dross floating on a very hard plane. It would pile up landmasses as they still moved and raise the landmass, forming mountains, according to physics.

Look at the picture and notice the mountain range on the west coast. As the energy force from the impact is transferred to the interior, it will cause a continental shift behind the impact, as the mass will keep going on top of a very glass-hardened surface.  A resulting wobble was measured by many ancient clocks, exhibited in numerous museums globally. Check out the Antikythera clock from Athens that has 32 gears, which allow mathematics to prove the date of an Asteroid Impact in 2287 BC, in the center of the Gulf in Mexico.

The next predicted asteroid (52Km) has already been in orbit 825 days around the sun. It would create an in-line impact force and therefore a much smaller wobble, which could add velocity a little faster to the daily turn of our planet. That is consistent with Bible prophecy and therefore brings much physical phenomena into alignment, thereby fulfilling prophesies which must conform to physics.

The impact on the exposed southern location would nudge the earth just enough for the axis to straighten back out a few degrees, to the point where it was before. It will still keep the calendar going 365.25 days for one orbit around the sun, but perhaps a little faster, which would make the climate milder. That is also prophesied. If it creates a smaller wobble, it would further increase the ice on the North and South poles, perhaps lasting a thousand years for another cycle; like it was around BC/AD.  I think it is connected to the parabolic time-light-gravity curve that is linked to Jesus Christ (now corrected to 35 AD), which is my new calendar adjustment center point and where it divides BC and AD time line matching ancient clocks and the Hebrew 7000 year calendar.

I am positive that much of that huge, approaching asteroid will explode in our air space, into a thousand fragments as prophesied by the Aztecs and Revelation, which is very detailed. It is said in the Bible that everything needs two witnesses to establish facts. Prophecy conforms to mathematics, just as surely as when we send a rocket 10,000 miles away, it will hit a bridge in Bagdad. We would not expect to call a technician a prophet, who would push the button and tell us in 5 minutes that the bridge is history. Don’t you ever think God is not as wise as a technician!

Jesus the Creator of the cosmos and the earth will restore a perfect climate again, so that polar bears and the thousands of fish will reappear and flourish around an ice environment and multiply in abundance. That way a previously prolific eco-system would be reborn with thousands of creatures efficiently reproducing all over again. Only this time, a previous evil, atheistic predator scientists and corrupted politicians will be prevented from interfering, thus causing extinction in the environment because he will no longer be permitted to be around. It will take Israel 7 months to collect their dead bodies polluting the land, read the Bible.

That will be guaranteed by the resurrected Saints watching, as they will be appointed to govern with the King of kings, Jesus Christ, who will rule all the nations with wisdom and an iron rod during the thousand years of Gods Kingdom on earth. They will apply good judgment gained and learned from the consequences of having lived in evil, atheistic, destructive time periods causing much extinction.

It was predestined for the saints to be appointed and for a new administration to be elevated into many leading positions, thereby guiding a new third civilization. They are well-qualified, since many graduates experienced great suffering from a Satan-controlled civilization that killed many Christians and Jews throughout history. They will qualify to be employed and trained on a new job assignment, which is based on a divine metaphysical perspective, to control mankind’s golden 1000-year period of unparalleled prosperity for all nations, which will no longer permit anyone to steal and rob from their neighbors and spend their money on military hardware of destruction. A time of peace lasting a thousand years, as war will be forgotten and will no longer be remembered by the next generation of mortals. 

A true Sabbath rest was planned before the earth was created, as I describe in the Babushka concept books in a more detailed way. It now becomes reality as the Hebrew 7000-year time-train arrived right on schedule and is heading towards the 14th station, the last station, which is called Taw in 3018 AD. The Time Dimension flywheel at that point has run out of energy, existing NO MORE.

It will start the cosmic movie again, which will run forever, expanding into a Jod dimension yet again, at a juncture similar to a time calendar that is divided into BC/AD.

A new earth shows up with a new heaven promised. We will no longer need calendars because time is no more. It will be within a balanced cosmos, for eternity, never to become corrupted again. However, what is important to me today is that I have noticed that the train has arrived at the 13th station; the APOCALYPSE has started. It has been predicted that it will end our atheistic civilization that is destroying God’s creation.

A warning was previously given which was ignored, such as the Atlantis civilization that perished. The same message is spelled out again “do not mess with God which has consequences”.

 My Babushka books describe much from a scientific perspective, as theologians are mostly confused and divided since the Middle Ages about what the Bible teaches.  Now for the first time, it can be better explained in the Babushka egg concept books because I use the ancient Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which corrects false thinking. New understanding came just in time to explain the apocalypse without a dark colored filter postulated by denominational biases.  

My last Babushka book (7th) exposes the Time Dimension coming back fully. Turn to the 1st Babushka book for understanding that which was never understood by science. It is connected to metaphysics and linked to God’s Plan for Mankind. It had initiated the reason, as well as the provision to end, which is what the Elohim wanted.

We can now understand for the first time what the ancient “∞” hieroglyph math symbol means, which is embedded in the Tzolkin clock and is also linked to my first cuckoo clock diagram concept, which is designed in a pyramid base. The Hebrew letters (HANS) have much more embedded, which I should mention additionally for those who have never heard about it. Some sell a substitute, calling it the kabala mystery, in order to make some money. Ersatz (substitute) or the fake is spiced with lies and created an evolution religion, which was invented by Satan, so that more money could be made in order to finance his evil system that is destroying the environment.

Summed up - 10 Reasons For Global Warming:

  1. Gravity is like a rubber band affecting the earth and moon. Before 2288 BC, the earth orbit was 360 days. Now, it is about 365¼ days. Slowing down the velocity gets the earth orbit closer to the sun and that will make our climate warmer, I am sure. The wobble calendar was modernized by important witnesses, Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory, as they noticed the wobble getting smaller.

  2. Polar ice receding from a 30° Parallel to a 60° parallel in a declining earth axis wobble was the major contributor to global warming over a range of 4,300 years [2287 BC – AD 2012]. It was witnessed by many scribes in the Old Testament before BC and after AD, written in the gospels, describing forest-high grass surroundings, spaced 1000 years apart. Today’s barrenness, only 2000 years later, is an obvious climate change, if you are able to think logically. If a three thousand year range of ancient calendars is not enough to convince the skeptic, take notice of the mathematic gravity-light-time graph to formulate a good global warming theory. Additionally, there are a number of witnesses like the Alpha [+One] force witness. Checking out European history, many tribal nations moved northwards following the snowline that was receding and exposing land to grow forests, which opened up agriculture. This is now dated from other sources.

  3. The IKP world kilogram was recently measured across a period of 100 years and a 13th constellation was discovered, which makes New York newspaper publishers happy. It becomes a witness that the earth axis wobble is still not at rest, causing gravity to change and become heavier due to orbit changes. A tighter orbit around the sun would produce higher gravity moving closer to the sun, hence higher mean average temperature.

  4. The moon took 30 days to orbit around the earth before the asteroid strike and it has not caught up since, affecting the earth which is still lagging by two days. The moon orbit is still changing and getting longer by 2 inches/year so everybody gets one potato chip heavier. That also contributes to gravity changes and the shifting orbit around the sun.

  5. The ancient clocks exhibited in museums around the world show a constant 14.305789 compared to the Antikythera clock constant, which reveals a gravitational relationship that acts in the same direction. Mathematics will explain the difference measured across 3,000 years, which is expounded upon in the next section.

  6. Space debris has increased the diameter of our earth’s mass like a soap bubble and could change the orbital relationship to the sun’s gravity.

  7. A 13th Zodiac constellation appearing in the sky is upsetting to pop astrologers. This event demonstrates that the earth axis is still not at rest and likely won’t be until perhaps the 21st of December 2012.

  8. The earth’s accelerating velocity in an elliptical pattern with a liquid center and an off-center rotational axis, which means that the same orbit pattern is never repeated. It also oscillates like a second resonance every 100 to 400 years. Read my egg-throwing fun story to be convinced.

  9. Environmental changes caused by air pollution, the reduction of the rain forest area, and increasing asphalt/cement covering the green belt will accelerate the model for global warming.

  10. The mean average gravity around the globe is now tracked by two satellites (GRACE) that can penetrate below the icecap. It measures gravity fluctuation caused by tidal waves and especially tectonic pressure released from ice melting. It tracks those tectonic movements that now cause frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and underwater steam vents, heating ocean water (recent outbreaks in Iceland), as well as the tsunamis and horrendous storms seen on TV. Expect more of the same to increase every year.

Winding Up This Short Section

Climate changes can be predicted from the Bible, and if you have added manmade causes, it only accelerates the predictions in an exponential curve a little. If the magnitude of change were to exceed the permissible range, then God, who invented the system, will adjust it at the source.

Check out how key dates in Bible prophecy have been identified in the structure of ancient gold–bronze calendar-clocks. This research confirms the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which deciphered a Rosetta Stone ratio of 7:5 that can be used to organize and align the gears of Bible prophecy. It conforms to a Hebrew hand rule for simple math concept explanations in order to understand our world a little better.

Incidentally, the 7:5 ratio, matches the ancient pyramid mathematics, without which we could not travel in space. This ratio echoes the “Seven Royal Numbers” and “Five Mathematical Equations” that are special cosmic laws in mathematics, including the pattern for all human history, which is embedded in the Bible. If you do not read it, then you are an uninformed fool, blindly accepting lies from Satan without even knowing it.

Climate change from a Biblical perspective is more trustworthy. As a retired scientist, I have not found one scientific impossibility or wrong assumption in the Bible when reading it from a scientific mindset. The Bible even explains paradoxes that modern science has problems with.

I would rather use old-fashioned logic, even though it is no longer fashionable with the atheistic education establishment. It makes more sense to me than acting like a dog chasing his tail, which is what it is like trying to explain the present phenomenon of global warming without its proper historical context.

You be the judge. Please think about climate change from the balanced perspective of two rails, physics and metaphysics. Climate change will end on the 17th September 2015. This is my conclusion from becoming educated in ancient clocks, HANS and comparing them with Bible prophecy. The next 52 km asteroid will strike earth as predicted. It has already been tracked through space by scientists. It has an 825-day orbit around the sun. When it hits the earth, all speculation about climate change will end with the Apocalypse, now dated; then we start a new civilization.

The next Section in my little book that explains Global Warming is the heavy hammer for scientists, as what is revealed will cause upside-down commotion and ruffle some feathers, as light speed measured at 186,000 mi/sec can go faster at 186,282 mi/sec, which is now measured. Check it at Princeton University. This was recently demonstrated by ancient clocks, but using mathematics, we can even point to the speed of light [80 billion mi/sec], which makes the Big Bang appear sooner, as the Antikythera clock measuring gravity indicates this, pointing to the same date again at 4488 BC, which is proven with three (3) witnesses.

In my last 7th Babushka book, we will first explain what a time-light diagram is, starting from (+Heh) Dimension, a parabolic fast declination to BC/AD and increasing again to the Jod Dimension, derailed with two options ending in (-∞) Taw to run out a Time Dimension, like when a flywheel uses up all its energy. That will be proven with science.

But much more is embedded in the first opening verses of Genesis, starting out by only quoting one verse in the Bible linked to Global Warming.

Bereshyt ∞ ELOHIM < > Heaven and Earth

If we analyze the word Bereshyt-in the beginning ∞ bara-created from the perspective of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) in just one verse, all the laws of physics and metaphysics are expressed how the cosmos was created never preached in any church and not allowed in universities. That was my biggest discovery and well worth a Nobel Prize surely because I will have answered Global Warming for everyone.

More information is collected which will end our journey in the next 7th Babushka egg concept book to investigate a Time-Light-Gravity curve coming full circle around to 360°, which was invented by the ancient Sumerians who are linked to the Aztec-Hebrew calendar, the oldest of the world, which was decoded in ancient mystery clocks from a Hebrew Alphabet Number System perspective.

That opened Bible prophecy and various dates embedded with a schedule made for mankind to understand God’s creation a little better from a physic-metaphysic perspective like a dual rail road, which is better designed for balance. Have fun reading further. It surprised me greatly how much physics is embedded in just one Bible verse, so it’s definitely from divine origin. Before we go on, let’s sum up what we learned thus far about Global Warming.

More to come in the next book, where I will be further analyzing Global Warming from gravity-light-time dimension, which is a physics perspective that is never taught in universities and ending in the first application of a creation example. By dissecting the first four words in Genesis, I discovered a lot of science and metaphysics embedded, which is never preached in church.

Global warming for various reasons stirs up great waves of big money to flow like water in somebody’s pocket, without changing any of these 10 reasons, as the Nobel Prize is only given to those who believe in evolution fairytales. Please read the Bible and free Babushka books for a balanced understanding of global warming from another perspective to widen our knowledge horizon 360°, in order to understand nature a little better.

It took 21 earth days, travelling through billions of light years for the angel to find Daniel. Does God know your name and have your address? Read my Babushka books to get some answers.

This material was published four years ago as more information was discovered thereafter. The fact that light is not constant is now proven, which has consequences in science that opens a science horizon wider to understand Global Warming. As the Apocalypse is accelerating toward its end, which is now dated with many proven data bytes based on physics and metaphysics, I did not waste more time trying to clean up this text, which is free on the Internet anyway. The message may be duplicated here and there, but feel free to write a better book because in 2015 on September 28th all that you read will either be obsolete or it will no longer matter anymore.

God’s focus on safeguarding the earth since creation is logical. The earth is protected against asteroids by 10 orbiting planet-shields at different speeds along with the size of the sun to earth from a gravity perspective. But the earth was still hit by two asteroids in 2287 BC and 2015 AD. This seems a impossible mathematical probability, which tells me it was willfully caused by the Elohim pouring out his wrath.  Find out why.

Parabolas of TimeThe 7th Babushka book explains through physics what a Time Dimension is, based on entropy laws and expanded to a meta-physical domain for a panoramic perspective.

When the (+∞) infinite time-light-gravity curve crosses over to the (-∞) parabolic curve, it’s divided to the mathematical DOT, which is about BC/AD, which means Zero-Time and that has a big meaning scientifically in mathematics. You will find out next. It is guaranteed that it has never been found in any book. It is totally original. The implication will shake up a lot of people, comatose theologians and scientists alike, just as it did me.

The Hubble telescope reveals much of God’s creation a wonderful tool to broaden our horizon. New discoveries will be continued in my next Babushka egg book so that we come around full circle to find the lock for the girl’s precious bracelet, which gives it value. Have fun reading more in the next section.

Additionally, let’s not forget the Readers’ Forum as people around the world ask questions, which always are answered with science and technology linked to the Bible. I will guarantee that it is never preached in church nor allowed in the halls of higher learning. If you avoid reading the Babushka concept books, which are free on the Internet, you will never know the other side of the precious coin; therefore, you will remain ignorant about what life is and why we were designed mortal, using the correlation of a caterpillar-butterfly, two-stage system my favored analogy.

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